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16 Aug, 2009

Member’s Camaro awarded best in show 5th gen by Camaro’s Chief Engineer

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Good things happen when you wear your Camaro love on your sleeve, especially when you demonstrate it to the Camaro’s chief engineer, Al Oppenheiser. This is what site member scrming experienced when he attended the Pre-Woordward Dream Cruise Kick-off Camaro Car Show on Thursday night.

Scrming chatted it up with Al Oppenheiser after noticing that Mr. Oppenheiser looking over his 2010 2LT V6 Camaro. After discussing what scrming most and least liked (engine and exhaust, respectively) about the V6 Camaro, Mr. Oppenheiser was offered the keys to the car to experience the custom aftermarket exhaust fitted on the car… an exhaust which had taken scrming an entire day of test fitting different options to finally settle on. Mr. Oppenheiser was smitten with the sound. Fortunate for scrming, Mr. Oppenheiser turned out to be a judge of the best-in-show awards to be handed out for each Camaro generation. When the 5th gen award was announced, to his pleasant shock, scrming’s Camaro was the winner.

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