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10 Aug, 2010

About fbodfather . . .

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Scott Settlemire’s dedication to the 5th generation Camaro and the Camaro community has been tireless and without comparison. But what has struck this Camaro community about the “Fbodfather” is not just his passion for the Camaro and its enthusiasts, but his compassion for the people. He has struck us as someone who doesn’t see the individuals he meets as just Camaro owning people, but real persons who happen to own Camaros.

This story from forum member JustAGuy is a perfect example of this.

Good afternoon everyone.
I want to tell you a little about our experience with Scott Settlemire and what he’s done for us. For those of you that don’t know, my son Dawson passed away in February at eight years of age. A while after that, I sent a PM to Scott to thank him for the memories that his hard work and dedication brought to my son – at the time, I was hoping to simply thank all those that had an impact on Dawson’s life.

To this point, I’ve kept pretty quiet about all of the things that have happened since that simple email but I think all of you should know what an amazing person Scott really is. Yes, there are lots of threads on here about him being a God (and I know they’re tongue in cheek) – there are many that speak about his efforts on the Camaro – many that thank him for all of the information he’s passed on through the years. And there are many, many of his ‘preaching’ threads about being safe in your Camaros. I’ve read some where we’ve tested his patience to the point he’s actually ‘fought back’ a little and to be honest, I’m surprised how thick his skin really is… [continued here]

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