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17 Jun, 2010

Aftermarket Camaro T-Top in the works!

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A convertible version of the Camaro is due to hit the market next year, but that leaves one variant which some Camaro owners still pine for — a T-top version.

And although GM has announced no plans for a Camaro T-top model, we may soon see one on the road due to Droptop Customs. They have begun prototyping their very first custom Camaro T-top build and here its first photos. Still under consideration is whether the roof panels will be metal, glass, or carbon fiber, so make sure to share your opinions.

Besides providing a unique look to the car, T-tops allow for open air motoring without having to compromise with a canvas roof when the weather does not allow for roofless driving. We personally can’t wait to see the final results of this most unique Camaro project!

Follow the Camaro T-Top build HERE.

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