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15 Feb, 2011

Camaro ZL1 Gets Deck Plate Honing, Treatment for High-End Engines (ZR1, Z06)

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GM has released info confirming that the Camaro ZL1 LSA motor will receive the same deck plate honing process which only the Corvette ZR1 and Z06 are blessed with. What’s deck plate honing you ask? [Full Details INSIDE]

In short, it’s a cylinder block machining process where aluminum plates are clamped to the block, simulating the cylinder heads, before the final bore and hone of the cylinders takes place. While the simulated cylinder heads, or deck plates, are attached to the block, a boring machine does its work boring, and then honing each cylinder…. resulting in near perfect cylinder bores. The ultimate result is maximized engine life, reduce friction between engine parts and increased horsepower.

Read more about the ZL1′s deck plate honing at the following LINK

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