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The 2014 Camaro has ranked the highest in the Midsize Sporty Car segment in J.D. Power’s Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS), a reliability study which asks original owners of 3-year-old vehicles how dependable their vehicles have been during the prior 12 months. Read more on this story at the following LINK

16 Jan, 2017

Camaro Fest VII – Official Announcement

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We’re THRILLED to announce that this year’s event, CamaroFest 7 (more details), will be hosted at Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, KY. The event will be held on Friday, July 14 and Saturday, July 15. Camaros of all generations are encouraged to join the festivities. Firebirds and Corvettes are also welcome to attend!! SAVE [...]

26 Sep, 2016

COTW: TT Inferno Camaro

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Introducing our current COTW pick, a Twin Turbo 2013 Camaro 2LS V6. The owner’s goal is to ultimately have the fastest street legal 5th gen V6 on the East Coast and break into the single digits. Follow the progress inside!

Introducing our current COTW pick, a 2014 Camaro ZL1 dubbed “Therapy” by its owner, Chad. This ZL1 has come a long way from when Chad first brought the car home thinking “there’s really nothing I need to do to this car” to its current state, which is far from stock! Check out Chad’s impressive ZL1 [...]

25 Aug, 2016

Big 5th Gen Camaro Turnout for Revyfest V

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Revyfest V, the gathering for 5th gen owners held in British Columbia was another huge success this year. The Saturday night car count at the Hillcrest hotel was 71 cars of which 61 made the ferry trip to Nakusp for Camaros in the Park. Attendees hailed from BC, AB, SK,WA, ID, OR, and MT. Check [...]

15 Aug, 2016

COTW: 1LE Daily and Weekend Track Star

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Featuring this week’s Camaro-of-the-Week pick, a 2013 1LE that dutifully performs both daily driving and weekend track star roles.. Check out this Camaro’s build thread at the following LINK

18 Jul, 2016

COTW: Blown ABMLS3 Camaro 2SS

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Featuring this week’s Camaro-of-the-Week pick, a supercharged Aqua Blue Metallic Camaro 2SS. Check out this Camaro’s build thread at the following LINK

You may remember EVO’s Track Car of the Year competition (see thread) from a few months ago. EVO has released a this more insightful feature video focusing on just the Z/28, explaining how it’s certainly more capable than its lap time would indicate. They have some great things to say and there is some great [...]

On September 26, 1966, Chevrolet introduced the world to Camaro. And for millions of people, it was love at first sight. People have written songs about it, made movies starring it and told numerous Camaro stories in the years since. So to celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of history’s most epic cars, GM has [...]

28 Jun, 2016

Camaro 50th Factory Fest: REGISTER NOW

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Today marks a significant milestone in Camaro history. On June 28th, 1966…Chevrolet general manager Pete Estes announced to the world a brand new car that was a “small, vicious animal that eats Mustangs”; and was to be called the Chevrolet Camaro. Now on that same day, exactly 50 years later; Chevrolet, in partnership with, [...]

Once again, Alberta Camaro5 members show us how a proper cruise and meet is done! Here are some great visuals from the recent 7th Annual Alberta Camaro Cruise Event. Great times were had by all!! Read more on this story at the following LINK

22 Jun, 2016

Very First Legally Licensed COPO Camaro

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To our knowledge, no one has successfully and legally licensed a COPO Camaro… until now. 5th gen COPO Camaro owner Andre Miller, from Pitreville, Louisiana, wanted something new for HOT ROD’s 2016 Drag Week, to participate in the Street Race class. Drag Week means it must be street legal, but COPOs aren’t. So, Andre thought [...]

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