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13 Apr, 2010

Edmunds: Camaro is Burnout Winner against Mustang and Challenger

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It seems that automative publications may finally have run out of comparisons to make between the Camaro SS, Mustang GT, and Challenger R/T. But, this comparison is a lighthearted and fun one – which of the three modern muscle cars can lay the longest tire stripes on the pavement. Winner?? The Camaro SS of course! ;)

So what was the testing technique? That one’s easy – drop the clutch and stomp the throttle. In the Edmund testers’ own words “At some point the “science” of this experiment was thrown aside in favor of the giddy giggles to be had from such indulgent nonsense. Yeah, this is immature and pointless, but it’s a joyous and rocking immaturity and there aren’t many other pointless things that are so emotionally satisfying.”

That said, make sure to check out the footage of the joyous and rocking immaturity!

Read about this comparison at the following LINK

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