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30 Aug, 2010

Eric Berry’s EPIC National Speed Super NZ1200 Camaro Build

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This 60 million dollar NFL player can have his choice of any car, but he chose a Chevrolet Camaro because as he puts it, he’s a Chevy guy. What Eric Berry chose was a National Speed NZ1200 Camaro. What is the philosophy and concept of a NZ1200 car? [Full Buildup Photos and Info]

The NZ1200 build concept is based on a 427ci (7.0 liter) engine, twin-turbocharged, 1200hp on pump gas, bullet proof drivetrain, world-class handling suspension (capable of 1.3gs on the skidpad), full braking upgrades, etc. The theory is to upgrade all performance aspects proportionally, and over engineer everything. This vehicle would be capable of sustaining 2,000hp+ without issue, that’s how over engineered this vehicle is. The result is a bullet proof performance package that is OEM-like reliable and drivable at this level.

The epic buildup of this monster Camaro can be followed HERE.

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