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29 Aug, 2009

Number 3′s capture test fleet Camaro to return to GM

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A Sad Day for Camaro5.

One of our most respected and valued members, Number 3, has been asked to return the CTF Camaro 296 to GM on Monday, Aug 31.

Mr. and Mrs. Number 3 have both been long time GM employees until Mrs. Number 3 left the company. As such, both of them have had CTF Camaros and have most graciously shared them with our members numerous times. They have regularly taken time out of their vacations to display the cars, all the while representing GM in the very best possible way. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of meeting the Number 3’s will always express gratitude and compliment them on their willingness to show off the car. They are car people at heart, enthusiast to the core and it shows when you talk to them.

We are sad to see 296 return to GM. We are grateful to Number 3 for sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for the car with our members. The Camaro5 community is collectively crossing our fingers that the next CTF car will be a 5th gen convertible… - GTAHVIT

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