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30 Sep, 2009

First double din screen fitted in 2010 Camaro

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There has been no lack of performance modifications for the 2010 Camaro in the 6 months since its availability, but the audio/video aftermarket has been slower to develop. This was expected, as the Camaro is a performance car above all else. But for those looking to spruce up and technify (yes, made up word) their interior, these images of a double din LED screen fitted in the stock headunit location of the Camaro should prove to be some nice eye candy! Many members’ wishlist for the 2011 Camaro includes a navigation screen, which current owners could easily accomplish with an LED screen unit like this.

Not much details yet from ltlaudio regarding functionality, installation, and availability of the screen unit, but we’re expecting a full writeup soon so keep checking the THREAD.

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