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Duel power foot well lights
#10. The diodes wired and heat shrink proteced. 
The end at the top will be connected to the footwell lights. One of the bottom wires will go the dimmer. the other will be conected to the gray int...
#11. Just a pic of dimmer when I had it hooked up on my work bench for testing.
#12. Here you can see the hole I drilled to mount the dimmer.
#13. Here you can see the dimmer mounted.
#14. Here is the dimmer knob.
#15. This is the diode pack. The two red wires on the top left are the power wires going to the footwell lights.
#16. The dimmer and the wireing. Wires from left to right are, Black - the ground wires from the footwell lights. Red - is conected to one of the diodes. Blue - is conected to ground. Red - Power...
#17.This is fuse box on the left side of the dash. There is a unused power lug there. This is where the power comes from for the dimmer. A 5 amp fuse will work fine.
#9. Wires sodered to the diodes. The wire at the top will go to the footwell lights. the two at the bottom, one will be conected the the gray wire from the computer. The other will go to the dimmer.
#8. This is what make the duel power work. The two diodes must be wired so the ends with the band are conected.
#7. Two fuse holders. I ended up only useing the one on the right.
#6. T-tap conector used to tap into the gray wire for the int. lights.
#5. Wire and some heat shrink tubing.
#4. PWM Dimmer
#1. Just a pic of all the parts .
#2. The led light strips.
#3. Two diodes. I got these from Raido Shack.

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