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  1. All-New 2014 Corvette LT1 V-8 a Technological Powerhouse
  2. Guesses at actual certified Corvette Stingray HP/TQ numbers?
  3. Primer on the LT1 V8 Engine (by Automotive Engineering International)
  4. Separate Clutch Reservoir
  5. Do we know gear ratios?
  6. Interview w/ Corvette Chief Engineer explains why 6 speed auto (and not 8) chosen
  7. Corvette LT1 engine mods and bolt-ons
  8. What are y'all choices of C7 Corvette exhaust systems? Thinking of straight pipess
  9. Here's what I want in a C7
  10. Rev Match Question
  11. Hughes Transmission
  12. Lingenfelter: New LT1 Engine a Challenge for Tuners
  13. Faces of GM: Jordan Lee, Chief Engineer and Program Manager of new LT1 V8 engine
  14. Official LT1 Picture Thread
  15. Enthusiasts of the C6 with auto trans / paddle shift please provide feedback
  16. Z51 different gearing? faster acceleration?
  17. Possible Issue With DI (direct injection)
  18. Who wants headers for the C7?
  19. Looks like the LT1 will start with a paltry 470-475 HP
  20. Why are they rehashing the LT1 moniker?
  21. LT1 HP seems it is going to be 465HP
  22. bolt patterns on LT1
  23. 1000HP upgrades in the plans
  24. Z51 final drive ratios
  25. Exhaust: 3" vs 4"..?
  26. 2014 LT1/Gen 5 engine development well underway at Livernois Motorsports
  27. Would a Cold Air Intake do the trick?
  28. Detailed Look into the C7 Corvette's Tremec TR6070 7 Speed Manual Transmission
  29. Finally shows Gear Ratios
  30. Not a single test on the Automatic transmission C7
  31. C7 MAG Ride System
  32. 411 hp at the wheels and 407 tq!
  33. Livernois Motorsports 2014 Corvette Stingray Z51
  34. Livernois Motorsports Tuning
  35. Baseline A6 dyno numbers....
  36. Stingray Camshaft
  37. **NEW** C7 Hurst Short throw shifter!!!
  38. C7 Corvette Plate Kit
  39. a little giggle gas
  40. Lashway Motorsports C7 Corvette nitrous testing!
  41. First C7 Stingray with Long Tube headers at LG Motorsports *VIDEO INSIDE*
  42. Lashway Motorsports Before/After Tuning Results - Stock Engine
  43. FASTLANE in houston has head,cam,tune package for new C7
  44. WOW new head/cam package for C7
  45. Sneak peak at Vararam C7 CAI
  46. Race Proven Motorsports C7 Results!!
  47. Get 20HP & 33 TQ! *** Ready to Ship!***
  48. autro trans fluid pump noise
  49. Which Intake Are You Leaning Toward?
  50. L99 guys
  51. Wheel hop
  52. 2014 Stingray || Kooks Longtubes, X pipe, Lashway Tune
  53. 2013 Corvette Convertible 427 Build at Livernois Motorsports
  54. Computer Aided Gear Selection (CAGS)
  56. 2300 miles ENGINE REPLACEMENT
  57. For those not happy with NPP, check out BORLA
  58. Some facts about Tri-Y Headers vs 4 into 1's
  59. Diablo released their tune and it works
  60. Blown Stingray makes over 700rwhp!!!
  61. Shutdown?
  62. skip shift eliminators?
  63. Comprehensive review of the LT1
  64. Check out Lashway Motorsport's Turbocharged C7 on the dyno!
  65. Monster Clutch Co.
  66. Twin screw superchargers
  67. Oil catch can
  68. weaponX power packages - the arsenal UNLOCKED
  69. Corsa C7 update!
  70. Lingenfelter being a tease
  71. Poll: Current views on getting a cold air intake.
  72. Livernois Motorsports Stingray Stage 1 Package Video
  73. Supercharger options?
  74. Performance Exhaust
  75. C-7 Engine Noise
  76. Stingray 0-60? 3.8 sec
  77. ARH Headers Before and After
  78. JRE C7 specific catch cans N/A and F/I
  79. JRE ECS supercharger install complete with dyno
  80. C7 catch can
  81. Upstream exhaust valve
  82. Dual Tip Exhaust/Muffler?
  83. NPP Exhaust again
  84. Gforce C7 stage 5 axles headed my way!
  85. AFM
  86. Pulse or vibration at high speed
  87. Corsa exhaust install
  88. Corsa exhaust install
  89. CARB compliant tuners
  90. Those with kooks 2in headers, no cat midpipe
  91. Lashway Motorsports 650 HP *Boost* Package is now available!
  92. Lashway Motorsports 650 HP *Boost* Package is now available!
  93. Kooks headers no tune cause to lean?
  94. 2600 Miles Motor Knocking Already!!!!
  95. Starting in track mode
  97. Where to find the engine number
  98. Heavy vibrations around 2200 RPM
  99. 2015 C7 Specs
  100. Livernois Motorsports Past C7 Customer Projects
  101. Z51 auto trans overheats
  102. Livernois Motorsports New Product Release
  103. Leaking gasoline
  105. 2014 Z51 Manual - 48000 - Transmission Nightmare!!
  106. Installed Lingenfilter 160 thermostat
  107. Hmi module set upe
  108. Gear for SS with supercharger
  109. 2016 Corvette 2000 miles Engine Died!
  110. engine noise at idle speed
  111. Katech 427 Attack in a C7 Vette
  112. Cruise Control "shudder" & not constant
  113. Another supercharger build at Livernois Motorsports
  114. ★ Attack Blue Dry NANOFIBER High Flow O.E Replacement Filter
  115. Race Proven Motorsports | 1200 whp+ C7 Z06 Procharged ERL 427ci 6-Bolt Build
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  118. RPM Heads Cam F1-A Procharged C7 Z06 | 922whp, 13psi Pump Gas