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  1. Swirls in freshly painted black stripes
  2. Dr Colorchip works!
  3. Got my car detailed but...
  4. Clearcoat my rally stripes
  5. Haze Marks on Stripes
  6. Polish/Wax
  7. NEED opinions! About paint chip repair.
  8. Hello all new here and have a question
  9. Scratches on the windows
  10. Car Wash Soap
  11. Meguires Ultimate quick wax or detail spray on stripes
  12. Gill Paint Chips
  13. Starting to regret buying black...
  14. windshield
  15. Soap gets into my window
  16. Interior Detailing...
  17. Removing Rear GM GFX?
  18. Car blow driers ?
  19. Swirl finder light ??
  20. Just got my baby clear bra'd
  21. Car care
  22. Finally got em out with PC!
  23. How to Adjust Hood Fitment?
  24. Touchless Car Washes - The Good and the Bad
  25. I'll be checking out Junkman at the fest, but until then.... I screwed up bad.
  26. Maintaining my Black Camaro
  27. Polishing the MacBook w/ Adam's (56K Warning)
  28. Not to start a war but I'am ditching zaino for-------
  29. Those using the Porter Cable and Adams products
  30. Investing in a cover
  31. Hey MILK, heres mine!
  32. Help, light scratches!
  33. clear bra install
  34. Thank god for clear bra
  35. Claybar and Carnuba ABM 1
  36. stripe ?
  37. You want WHAT to paint the GFX and Stripes!?!
  38. anyone tried FW1?
  39. Attaching SS emblems over Zaino
  40. Junkman, your the man! question though...
  41. Junkman, Camaro5fest & Paint Chips
  42. Colorado Camaro Car Club Visits the Adam's Polishes Warehouse!
  43. Going to wash the Camo this weekend!
  44. Brushes? or Gloves?
  45. Non Gm stripes
  46. Car Cover Question
  47. Detailing Experts help me out
  48. help removing spots in paint
  50. Adams Users look here
  51. Tried out a new foam gun
  52. Rear tail light bezzels
  53. Car wash soap with wax built in?
  54. Washed in record time
  55. Orange leather seat getting dirty help
  56. Removing the "Camaro" emblem off the side
  57. Lok's eXtreme car detailing (my own Camaro)
  58. Polishing Car next week
  59. My First Adam's Polishes Detail
  60. how to use zaino...
  61. Another Black SS came my way....
  62. The Absorber
  63. Dealer Swirls? Is there a Junkman in the house?
  64. did i wax my car too early?
  65. Detailing my daughter's ride..
  66. What should i do?
  67. StretchBra or Colgan? Pros and Cons?
  68. Foamer opinions
  69. Decided to give her a wash today
  70. Door Ding help
  71. Window tint
  72. Adams Detailing Clinic in SW PA
  73. Rear window delaminating?
  74. Decals over clear bra?
  75. need help with adams plz
  76. Wheel well dings from throwing rocks?
  77. Removing dealer swirls
  78. Wax in Between Body Panels
  79. Foam Gun
  80. Had heard stories, but man were they tru..ADAMS HANDS DOWN!
  81. Junkman Attacks Some Paint Damage at Camaro5 Fest!
  82. need input about car covers
  83. Black Camaro 2SS: Modern Muscle renewed
  84. Cleaning/waxing/protecting Rally Stripes
  85. Borax powder to soften hard water?
  86. Bug stains in clear bra
  87. Rear bumper where exhaust is painted??
  88. Porter Cable washer
  89. Paint Correction Question
  90. Meguiar vs zaino
  91. Watersticks? In-line water softening - anyone here ever used one?
  92. Questions for the experts
  93. Cleaning your rags?
  94. Radio Display....
  95. Cleaning exhaust tips
  96. Claying and Detail Spraying!
  97. BIG Question: What color brake pads
  98. Air freshener
  99. DIY - Langka Chip Repair: Fixing the gill chips.
  100. Junkman need help....bird dropping issues
  101. Does Adams gice a C5 discount?
  102. Something wrong at dftowel.com?
  103. Thanks for the wax tip!
  104. Clearcoat a brand new Camaro?
  105. temp link
  106. Grease and tar, etc
  107. Scratch Help!!
  108. First Ever Zaino Experience
  109. the people who have or have had before.
  110. Best Detailing Tip/Trick
  111. Chemical Guys Rant
  112. Pillar pods?
  113. Paint Scratch Question
  114. Gilmour Foamaster II - Will be here tomorrow- I have a question...
  115. Looking A Place In Raleigh, NC To Get A Clear Bra
  116. Junkman, you rock.......... check this out (flash test pics)
  117. Best Tire Dressing
  118. Doc's First Wash!!!
  119. Something gouged my stripe...
  120. Experience with 3M polishes/glazes?
  121. First coat of Zaino is on! Pics inside!
  122. Summit white w/ black leather bra pics?
  123. claybar stripes
  124. Best microfiber/cotton towels?
  125. Body shop messed up this 2010 Camaro.. and I fixed it!
  126. DIY 3M Clear Bra?
  127. Adam's Machine Super Wax for Wheel Protection
  128. What car cover are you guys using??
  129. Tell me how bad I messed up...
  130. The real difference between spray detailer and spray wax
  131. new nose
  132. Is it safe to....
  134. What are you using on your plastics ?
  135. Adams switch over
  136. Painting experts - need to paint splash guards
  137. dent in door
  138. Adams/Zaino Thoughts.......
  139. Black Camaro upkeep
  140. Water spots?
  141. Polishing question
  142. Clear bra protectant - good or bad?
  144. Zaino Z5 or Z2?
  145. Strech Bra easy install
  146. Plexus (Read before it gets moved.)
  147. Where to buy Plexus plastic polish locally?
  148. Center console radio screen scratches?
  149. Washing/Clay Bar/Polishing/Waxing
  150. For those that have used the PC on the Camaro
  151. Please help...can't seem to get the streaky haze out of the finish after waxing
  152. Scratch in glass?
  153. Does anybody else feel that they're taking away the "originality' of the Camaro?
  154. when applying wax do you guys rub it in or just ???
  155. Terrible scratch on door with ding
  156. Detailed a Stang
  157. New Rims cleaning and care question
  158. Junkman, need help
  159. detailed dads truck
  160. Good deal on Adam's Essesntials Detailing Kit?
  161. Car Cover and New Paint
  162. What splitter and hood are these?
  163. ALL Camaro Paint Codes - list inside.
  164. Its about to begin duh duh duh!
  165. My first pass at paint correction using Adams.
  166. Greetings All! 1st Post = ? removing wax from matte black stripes
  167. Clear Bras vs Removable bra
  168. Starting new with Adams PC system..Junkman?
  169. Washing car in the rain
  170. what Ferrari uses on there cars.
  171. Restoring Headlights with Headlight Armor Lighting Protection
  172. Car Covers/Dust Cover
  173. how much does dealer charge for aerosol paint?
  174. Ding on Rear Bumper - Need advice
  175. The Junkman is Coming to New Jersey for a Free Detailing Clinic!!!
  176. Custom Painted Engine Cover
  177. Flat black stripes
  178. The Baggie Test.......thanks junkman!
  179. Front facia/bumper question.
  180. detail spray or waterless wash??
  181. Long Drive and Splattered Bugs....
  182. Foam gun ?.........Junkman
  183. Mike Phillips writting about the Camaro Clearcoat
  184. Adams pads...can they be stored overnite?
  185. dealer decal removal
  187. What's this for?
  188. I know what wax I'll be using...
  189. PC and Vinyl stripes
  190. Gill Graphics
  191. Black Tar on Carpet - Advice Needed
  192. Did I mess up?
  193. Rock Chips
  194. Car Cover
  195. Foam Gun Deal
  196. Cleaning Products
  197. Carry and store your cleaning supplies like SSOOCH!
  198. Thanks Junkman and Adams posts
  199. Waterless wash vs. Full wash using adams kit
  200. clay bar ?
  202. Paint Chips
  203. Best Car Cover
  204. How to get ink out of leather?
  205. Interior Protectant recomendations
  206. Best place for clear bra?
  207. Wax Pad Care
  208. wax on my matte black stripes....??
  209. Drying ?
  210. Adam's In & Out Spray is Coming Back!!
  211. question on meguiers quick detail spray
  212. Junkman...SHR?
  213. Eagle One
  214. First Scratch !
  215. Meguires or Mothers clay bar?
  216. put some paint sealer on her
  217. clean windows
  218. Remove Wiper Scratches using Lake Country's Glass Kit
  219. ABM painted splash guards, engine cover
  220. Removing Swirl Marks using a Flex and Meguiars M105/M205
  221. Camaro gets spa treatment!
  222. Washing the Car (time lapse)
  223. claying\waxing striped camaros?
  224. Wax before clear bra?
  225. Just clayed the car, do I have to Wax?
  226. What to do about minors scratches and swirls all over the car.
  227. another adam's / zaino comparison
  228. Zaino leaving a oily film?
  229. Car polish or car wax? Both? What's the diff?
  230. Removing antenna??
  231. Overspray of interior product
  232. Adam's pc problem need help!
  233. Not a Camaro, but help on glass in fender! :(
  234. A Novice + Rotary Polisher = Step Inside...
  235. >>>NEW VRT... Big News @ Adam's
  236. Mindz' 2010 Supercharged SS detailed (pic heavy, no 56k)
  237. Another Clear Bra question. Any pics?
  238. Minor Swirl Marks
  239. can't get windshield waterspots off
  240. The Porter Cable, Adams and a Friday Afternoon, Thank You Junkman
  241. My new custom headrest embroidery...TFE
  242. bug and tar remover bad for paint
  243. Anyone bought Camaro Satin Stretch Indoor Car Cover??? Have any pics?
  244. Extra clear coat - will it help prevent chipping?
  245. Adam's love
  246. Clear Bra
  247. Gila Window Film Application Solution...
  248. Paint sealer vs claying/waxing
  249. Tape Adhesive Removal
  250. 8 hours with adams and my PC