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  1. Oil leak????
  2. clank sound when going from 1st to 2nd
  3. Stock Mufflers Sitting Uneven.
  4. Spoiler Bolts, Oil Leak & Moron Service Advisor
  5. Squeaking sounds Coming from the tires or Suspension System
  6. Feel MISS IN ENGINE at cruising speed along with JUMPING/LURCHING when giving it gas.
  7. Buzzing at 1400 and 2100 RPMS?
  8. Unusual Noise/Feeling
  9. Inside Air Flow
  10. Filling up gas tank
  11. Need help with check engine light
  12. Loose E-brake Anyone??
  13. Bose TSB - Amp / Front Speaker replacement
  14. Well not even a week old and need service
  15. Software update?
  16. Remote start Problem
  17. Anyone have issues with Bluetooth/OnStar mic volume?
  18. possible tranny problem, shifter maybe?
  19. Click when shifting to reverse?
  20. Bad paint job
  21. just noticed my HALO! WTH!
  22. Insane rattle/grind noise
  23. recalls/updates
  24. Break squeal-without break pedal applied
  25. Dust spots in clearcoat?
  26. Had 2SS for 4 dyas and Heater Hose goes out
  28. Both rear shocks need to be replaced
  29. TPMS Not Reading at ALL!
  30. Cooling System problem?
  31. Radio changes station by itself?
  32. Warranty Dispute . . . . advice?
  33. Serpentine belt problem
  34. WARRANTY ?
  35. What has broken on your new camaro? Why? And what did you do to fix it?
  36. Pinging sound coming from exhaust when I turn car off. Advice Please
  37. Car shutting off while driving
  38. Government Motors scam
  39. Ticking type noise - "from drive shaft"
  40. Help needed
  41. A/C not cooling? Anyone else have this issue.
  42. Oil pressure gauge reading max?
  43. Window hits when openeing door?
  44. Intermittent Noise from Front Right Side? Playing card against bicycle spoke sound?
  45. Metallic noise from vent fan...
  46. Advice needed!
  47. Squeak from drivers seat or console?
  48. Starter runs but car does not start
  49. Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) Search Site
  50. Multiple check engine lightss - solved!!
  51. m6 guys need HELP
  52. Arrg, 87 Octane... Sometimes I hate living in Oregon
  53. Rear Park Assist Shuts Off
  54. What A night...engine codes and all those problems.
  55. Wow, I should have payed more ATTTTTTENTION!
  56. Blue tooth issue
  57. Paint lifting at corner of windshield
  58. Blower motor noise???
  59. The leather is cracking/peeling on steering wheel #2
  60. Config settings missing
  61. Power Steering
  62. center console
  63. Herky-Jerkies Revisited
  64. Paint bubble on front bumper
  65. Front tire wear 2SSm6
  66. Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) re exhaust metallic vibration
  67. Whistling Sound from Driver's side mirror
  68. Front end shake/shimmy when on brakes
  69. A few problems...Any fixes?
  70. Found over 25% Leakage out of cylinders 1,2,6,5 and 7
  71. Noise from rear end
  72. *Thump* From drivetrain?
  73. Who has the most up to date TSB files for camaros?
  74. Whistling noise from air vent?
  75. Can't turn the key?
  76. FUEL PUMP issues...
  77. Alarm Question - My Windows got shot :(
  78. LS3 rough idle
  79. Anyone Getting 2nd Gear problems?
  80. Multiple problems with Camaro
  81. Sheared Universal Joint Bolts
  82. factory GFX
  84. Screeching noise coming from rear of 2010 RS LT2 Camaro
  85. HID's do not work
  86. Moisture in my headlights?!
  87. My dealer is a fking idiot.
  88. Loose screw rolling around in the car someplace?
  89. Warning: Splash Guards rubbing paint off!!!
  90. DRLs burning out
  91. V6 Automatic Transmission Problem
  92. v6 ticking sound from motor.
  93. Aux Input/USB Option missing from Stereo Input
  94. CLUTCH PROBLEMS????????????????
  95. Homelink Issues
  96. 2010 Paint Issues
  97. loose seat?? popping sound?
  98. Alternator being replaced after only 1000 miles
  99. Camaro cant tell the time
  100. STILL noise from console, seat, ???
  101. 1800-2000 RPM noise
  102. Hmmmph sound when shifting
  103. GM doesn't care about my clutch issues
  104. Clutch Petition! Lets see how many there are?
  105. Good news about tranny output shaft replacement
  106. Cruise Control issues?
  107. Anyone with AC noise new bulletin out.
  108. Clutch clicking?
  109. Compass indicator
  110. Bee Bee comes back more damaged then when she went in :(
  111. Halo light issue--one different color than other
  112. Power to Car Completely Dies?
  113. Camaro 2010 Issues
  114. discount gmpp warrenty
  115. Window switch randomly quits?
  116. Service Stablitrak?
  117. Clutch :)
  118. Long Problem(s) GM techs or someone needed here...
  119. Intake and Check Engine Light
  120. Late model year build and questions...
  121. P0532 Fault Code
  122. RS stripes screwed up
  123. Popping Noise Coming From Drivers Seat
  124. Problems already...
  125. Drivers side seat coming apart
  126. Clutch engagement
  127. RPM GAUGE
  128. whistling from alternator?
  129. Brakes Squeaking at 250 miles??
  130. boggs on take off
  131. Strut rod problems?
  132. Floor Board Noise
  133. First Problem - door mechanism
  134. My baby has gas !
  135. Recalls per VIN
  136. StabiliTrak Problems with Camaro (help please!)
  137. Clicking/Flaipping sound at cruising speeds
  138. Buzz/Rattle From Rear Deck
  139. What can you mod and still stay within the warranty
  140. My drivers side Halo ring went out along with my LED DRL on my 2SS RS Camaro
  141. I have my first problem
  142. Service air-bag!
  143. I spoke my .02 cents to GM about the crappy paint on the 2010 Camaro - kinda sorta...
  144. Leather seat wear...
  145. Camaro Problems - M6 Bucking bronco!
  146. revving while in park.
  147. Rear End Noise when enabling/disabling TC/Stabilitrack
  148. Different clicking noise
  149. Got the old rear spoiler nut fall off issue - question inside
  150. While I Am at the Dealer . . . Making a List?
  151. DRLs not working, pushbutton not pushing in- <200miles
  152. Auto Transmission Problem
  153. Weird sound in the low rpm range...
  154. Holes in sheet metal from the factory
  155. loose rear spoilers tsb on ss
  156. Loud tick/klunk when applying brake's
  157. heater won't shut off
  158. Noise from engine compartment (not the ticking or gurgle)
  159. ac belt problem
  160. E-Brake problem
  161. Rear seatback popping open..
  162. bottom end engine ticking noise!!
  163. Any word on a TSB from GM regarding the miscolored halos?
  164. 1600 mile road trip, 19 paint chips
  165. Losing paint on BOTH quarter panel by the doors...
  166. Paint peeling at corners of bumpers
  167. Do Your Brakes Squeal?
  168. Plastic cover behind rearview mirror driving me crazy
  169. Weird noise when engine is off. Try doing this... See if you hear the same thing...
  170. My Toy Broke--Diff Went BOOM! Diff Is Now Metal Shavings
  171. first issue....brakes !!
  172. My AC has quit working
  173. Vibration from 58-68.
  174. Vibration from 58 to 68 mph.
  175. Trying to get a handle on this warranty thing.
  176. How is your IOM interior holding up?
  177. traction control not turning off???
  178. Service Stabilitrak message
  179. Bad power steering pump and the police.
  180. Engine tick and cam pitting
  181. Polished Aluminum Wheels Losing finish!
  182. Front Bumper Screws?
  184. 2010 2SS M6 popping out of first gear
  185. Gauges quit working
  186. O2 Sensor Problem
  187. Halo Headlights
  188. Need Help! Brand New Camaro is Falling apart!
  189. break away fill tube on radiator
  190. Ticking sounds when engine is on?
  191. Should GM officially make the clutch issue a recall
  192. L99 Lifters
  193. Paint Chipping
  194. False Indication Of Low Tire
  195. recall notice, engine compartment fire...
  196. Unhappy Car has only 3250 Kilometers on it and already issues
  197. Oil leak!
  198. need help finding a part
  199. Won't Start
  200. oil leak
  201. P0556 Brake Booster Pressure Sensore Performance?
  202. snapped rear axle
  203. Back Bowtie
  204. chevy dealer giving me a hard time
  205. Window tint nightmare/ Replacing both quarter panels..... Need opinions
  206. Popping sound from back when turning right???
  207. Repainting bumper and hood.
  208. Does a 2SS have a 16gal. or 19gal. gas tank?
  209. Clutch Disengage
  210. Outside temperature readout off after rain or wash.
  211. Turn Signal Indicator doesn't sound
  212. I-Pod won't change songs
  213. Smoke
  214. Camaro is awesome... but fallin' apart
  215. Holy (bird) Crap, this paint is fragile!!!
  216. rear bowtie chrome peeling
  217. Very loud fan noise under hood with A/C
  218. Intermittent Vibration From The Rear
  219. Window Indexing Issue
  220. A6 grinding/metal noise under acceleration
  221. Did your car come with any paint defects? Lets find the commonality.
  222. Onstar light turned red
  223. L99 Tap shift
  224. Rear Parking Assist (URPA)-sound vs lights
  225. Low Oil Pressure: 3,600 miles
  226. My Camaro Surgery isn't going as planned
  227. Are dealers dumb or is it GM?
  228. DRL reflectors different?
  229. Exhuast Condensation
  230. Warranty
  231. HELP Dead bird stuck behind grille
  232. I can smell my clutch.
  233. Clunk or Pop in front end after parked
  234. Parking misshap, please help.
  235. Warning indicator: A/C off due to high engine temp
  237. My L99 Died today
  238. replacement tr6060
  239. Low 3qt of oil
  240. My transmission whines...
  241. Instrument Panel Dont Work On Hot Days...
  242. Heater Core Gone Bad....
  243. weird noise maybe from cai
  244. Anyone else with A/C problems this summer?
  245. I think I'm gonna need a new exhaust... AGAIN
  246. Resolved : Warning indicator: A/C off due to high engine temp
  247. Busted Door Window (due to sun / heat & high humidity)
  248. Drivers side window doesn't seal?
  249. Mine was driven in the salt
  250. Not covered under warranty...