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  1. Which Short throw Recommended???
  2. Old school shifter for autos?
  3. Do I want a Hurst short throw?
  4. Transmission Cooler - Best Mod For The Money
  5. traction control question in a v6 m6
  6. Can't start in 2nd?
  7. skip shift ???
  8. just lost my clutch
  9. One wheel peel
  10. Barton Shifter
  11. M6 Shifter side-slop???
  12. Question on gears.
  13. Just "tested" my Richmond 4.10's
  14. Rear End Gears 101
  15. Clutch squeak??
  17. MGW short throw shifter ordered!
  18. Shifting into Third Question
  19. trans tune
  20. Any one else break a tranny yet?
  21. Who's broken an A6 tranny?
  22. Shifting into 1st VERY notchy with short throw
  23. Clicking Sound when shifting
  24. HURST SHIFTER change noticeable?
  25. Pfadt Über-leicht SHIFTER development contest!
  26. Strengthened Driveline
  27. Barton Shifter Installed
  28. Tremec Missed 1-2 shifts, Notchy
  29. Anyone using an adjustable master?
  30. LG Motorsports Short Shifter the choice of Riley Technologies
  31. MGW race knob for V6
  32. Driveline Loss at High HP
  33. Hurst Short Throw Installed!
  34. Barton Short Throw Review - V6
  35. gears install pricing
  36. Missed shifts with A6
  37. Dealer changed the clutch, totally different feel
  38. MGW vs Hurst
  39. whining in transmission
  40. hurst v6 shift patern
  41. MGW vs Hurst (gmpp) vs Barton
  42. 2010 Camaro Gearing Plotted (RPM vs. Speed) Stock and Aftermarket Gears
  43. Gear shift points in 2011 LS
  44. Notchy third?
  45. Wheel hop?
  46. Broken Half shaft
  47. MGW Shifter Review
  49. Does The "Jannetty Racing" Fix For "The One Wheel Burn-Out" Work? See The Pictures!
  50. SS short throw shifter onfo
  51. Anyone need a TR6060 upgraded transmission?
  52. The New and Improved Hurst Shifter
  53. lsr shifter
  54. Need a driveshaft badly
  55. Any 1/4 mile times with l99 3.73 gear swap only?
  56. Aftermarket Shifter ?
  57. Rear Axles
  58. Trans upgrade??
  59. shutter?
  60. Best aftermarket clutch???????
  61. Removing Centering Springs from Stock V6 Manual Shifter
  62. i,m sure its been done but what is the best shifter
  63. Clutch replacement V6
  64. Whats the best clutch for 1000+ HP?
  65. V6 vs V8 transmission bolt pattern
  66. Replacement Stick for my Hurst shifter
  67. Clutch Question
  68. Anyone esle have a problem with MGW bushing intsall?
  69. Fesler Moss Single Piece Driveshaft. Anyone have it or knows specs?
  70. New Shift Knob
  71. Testing new Pfadt shifter
  72. Adjusting clutch engadgement
  73. Barton Shifter - Pics and Review
  74. Clutch stuck for first time
  75. Skip shift eliminator problem
  76. quick question about thread sizes of the hurst shifter
  77. V6 Auto trans.
  78. looking for the best clutch
  79. Auto Shifter Modification
  80. Trans fluid plugs
  82. looking for a price on a zr1 clutch
  83. DIY Transmission Fluid change V6
  84. Torque Converter Video Explanation
  85. Brought car to dealer for repair, clutch doesn't feel the same
  86. 3.73 for manual?
  87. Protorque converter on the way...
  88. is there a screw on shift knob adapter for the push on shifter?
  89. Need a new clutch for the V6 manual
  90. LSR Shifter Installed
  91. Hurst shifter option?
  92. Factory Hurst shifter
  93. How mutch hp and torq will the A6 handle
  94. MGW shifter ordered!
  95. Help with Barton Shifter Install V6
  96. Protorque JRE Torque converter is worth 4-5 Tenths
  97. Bolt size for V6 M6 shifter?
  98. Rattle noise when engaging the clutch M6
  99. Ford 9" going in at East Texas MUslce Cars
  100. 2 Piece Driveshaft or 1 piece? Can anyone explain pros and cons and design issues?
  101. Clutch Reservoir another part # ???
  102. i need help chosing the right t converter....
  103. Hurst Shifter Question
  104. How many quartz for LS3 Tarnsmission
  105. 6L80e Ticking
  106. The great debate (RP or M1)
  107. GM Performance parts short throw shifter
  108. rear differential blowing up
  109. making loud clunk noise when down shifting into 1st....
  110. Talked to Hurst Today
  111. V6 Skip Shift Eliminator Unboxing (Apex Motorsports)
  112. Gear change question
  113. Barton Industries = Integrity and Professionalism
  114. What kinda' beast is a Liberty tranny?
  115. Lingenfelter install kit for Camaro ring and pinions
  116. Tap shift problems
  117. Leaking fluid from rear of Trans
  118. M6 Owners..Where does you clutch engage/disengage
  119. Barton Shifter Side Slop??
  120. Loud shifter linkage
  121. Did I just ruin my clutch?! Help please!
  122. Dot 5.1 Non Silicone fluid
  123. BMR 2010 Camaro with a TH400 transmission! (pictures inside)
  124. If I do nto flash
  125. anyone here using Trifecta Performance for
  126. Benefits of short shifters?
  127. What is the deal with the V6 Manual Trans?
  128. Noise when shift
  129. Barton Industries Shifter handle
  130. Barton Shifter Vibration Disappears w/ windows down
  132. short throw questions
  133. LG Motorsports Short Throw Shifter Details
  134. mgw shifter
  135. WTB 3.73s
  136. Proper Shift RPM
  137. M6 clucking sounds
  138. Installing clutch reservoir, want to make sure I have everything
  139. Axel help..
  140. How normal/acceptable is chatter on this clutch?
  141. Different Stock Axle Diameters??
  142. Looking to buy a skip shift eliminator
  143. Shift Knob for v6's?
  144. Converter VS. Gears, help please!
  145. B&M Shifter
  146. Need some advice (clutch issue update)
  147. Frustrating rear end rattle?
  148. 4:10 for A6
  149. Adapter question
  150. My Camaro's first upgrade! New Hurst shifter
  151. Manual Tranny Drivers..RPMs starting out in first gear?
  152. Better Posi?
  153. subframe connectors
  154. 3.73 gear in 2SS
  155. tr6060 has a transmission cooler?
  156. What is the best throw shifter?
  157. Beefed up clutch
  158. not going into second!
  159. Husrt shifter 391 6030
  160. how much HP can the stock clutch, axles, and heads handle
  161. 3.73 Gears Installed on Manual V-6
  162. Clutch smell on startup new 2011 ss
  163. Stock Gears Broke
  164. Clutch Feel Question
  165. 2011 Camaro RS auto 6-speed (w/paddle shifter) Transmission problems
  166. MGW Engraved RS Knob
  167. Shifting an auto to feel like a manual
  168. A6 Stuck in Park
  169. FULL THROTTLE 2nd gear grind LS3 / M6
  170. how do u bleed the clutch?
  171. Spec Clutch and Flywheel Installed - Gear Problem
  172. Anyones clutch get stuck w/o launch ctrl?
  173. Driveline Guru's anyone have adjustment specs (driveshaft center bearing adjustment)
  174. 3.73 Gearing ??
  175. How much did you pay to have gears installed?
  176. Please describe Hurst shifter noise
  177. Fctory-style hurst shifter?
  178. Vigilante 3200 triple disc stall
  179. Changed to Mobil1 syn ATF, didn't help
  180. Torque Converter bolts question?
  181. shift knob adapter question
  182. save your clutch
  183. 6M Clutch Linkage Rattle!!!
  184. Noise from rear of my camaro
  185. The truth behind the "clutch problem"
  186. "Transformers Camaro" Transforms The DriveShaft Shop 1000hp Axles To Metal Shavings
  187. Automatic MGW Shifter
  188. Driveshaft anyone?
  189. Question about remote clutch bleeder kit install
  190. odd smell when heater is on
  191. Hats off to MGW
  192. Torque managment system or clutch delay ?
  193. what shop to use?
  194. stinky clutch
  195. Hurst Shifter From GM Parts Department
  196. MGW shift knob styles
  197. Purchase Hurst shifter from Chevrolet parts.
  199. Questions for guys with Automatics:
  200. Recommended Drive Train Upgrades?
  201. 4.10 Gear Failure Info
  202. Trans brake, good idea?
  203. Think i have a problem with my M6
  204. Gears and Converter
  205. Firmer shift for L99?
  206. Launch control - "dump clutch"..really?
  207. hardened halfshafts?
  208. V6 AT Problem?
  209. Went to the DRAGS tonight! What should I do??!!!
  210. drivetrain strengths and weaknesses
  211. Drive Shaft Shop 1,400 hp axles....
  212. Clunk in Passenger Axle, Please view video and post comments here.
  213. Best short throw shifter
  214. Problems at 25mph
  215. Raising the Diff.
  216. Any M6 guys looking to do gears....
  217. Factory Hurst Shifter
  218. Who wants to see my rear?!?!
  219. clutch sticking halfway fix?
  220. ACT twin disk clutch install by Mike Norris Motorsports
  221. My Clutch is Toast
  222. Any A6 60's with a 4.10 gear??
  223. L99 A6 - Looking to do a Gear Swap
  224. Supercharged SS goes into Version 3
  225. New ACT Twin Disk Clutch "Shudder"
  226. OMG How Did I Drive Without A MGW
  227. Installed..
  228. After Market V6 Clutch
  229. Shift holes in trannies.
  230. Weird stock clutch engage?
  231. Shorter MGW Shifter Lever
  232. 4.10s with drag radials
  234. LG Motorsports Short Throw Shifter for M6 cars
  235. Best trani and dif fluids?
  236. Clutch being replaced
  237. M6 owners with gearbox rattle...READ THIS!
  238. Varying brands of aftermarket grear
  239. 4.10 gear ET
  240. Transmission cooler: Anyone?
  241. 6L80E with stall converters tcc fix
  242. MGW Installed
  243. MTI short shifter - what tools do i need???
  244. My Clutch Stinks
  245. Does anyone know where I can find a shifter like this?
  246. Replacement Driveshaft and transmission options
  247. t56 clutch fluid reservoir
  248. Will this fit on an M6 SS? (Shift knob)
  249. Hendrix 9" pic's !
  250. anyone has Synchronizers for camaro ss for sale?