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  1. Lowering with PFADT coils and factory ground effects (IPS Brandon)
  2. BMR Launches New Product - Rear Cradle/Diff Bushing Kit - Street Version (BK020)
  3. question regarding install of Eibach springs
  4. bent my one of my front sway bar links
  5. Looking for less wheel hop and more Traction?
  6. gonna install pedders sway and coilovers
  7. End links compatibility
  8. Dropping my car?
  9. Ceramic Brack Pads
  10. Coilovers
  11. Finally..bmr springs installed
  12. Best deal on Eibach sways for the SS?
  13. Speed Bleeders --Anyone?
  14. Removing Brembos???
  15. 1.625inch drop with Pedders XA's
  16. lower before you exhaust...
  17. Which Coilovers?
  18. pedders Xa coilovers and track full HD install
  19. friend is goin to watkins glen, upgrade brakes?
  20. Ridetech Shockwave Performance Airbags?
  21. What Springs are you guys using for 22 inch wheels?
  22. Brake Pads - Best Bang for the Buck
  23. Hearing a weird noise...
  24. SLP springs and sway bars
  25. Looking for a lower center of gravity or a more aggressive stance?
  26. DBA Rotors
  27. Where are the aftermarket shocks??
  28. Pfaft springs without sways...Am I missing out?
  29. A little help with some noise
  30. Sub-frame Connectors
  31. Camaro Owner Finally Happy with his Suspension
  32. Xtreme Innovations K-member in 9 sec Lingenfelters Camaro
  33. BMR launches New Product - Rear Cradle/Diff Bushing Kit - PRO version (BK030)
  34. Pfadt Über-leicht development contest!
  35. Installed my Pfadt Coilovers Tonight
  36. How are the C5 brake rotors?
  37. does eibach make the SLP SPRINGS & Sway BARS
  38. h&r springs + noise..Help!
  39. Pfadt Drag Coilovers featured on 9 sec Lingenfelter Camaro
  40. fair price to install h&r springs?
  41. BMR vs Eibach sways
  42. Cross drilled rotors
  43. Betty got Lowered
  44. ? about lowering with springs
  45. Pedders suspension has arrived
  46. Camaro Tracking at New Jersey Speedway With Suspension
  47. H&R springs vs. Eibach springs-help.
  48. squeaking noise up front with eibach pro-kit springs
  49. [VIDEO]Camaro race car wins on Pfadt suspension and sets track record!
  50. Cant beleive what the guy that installed my springs did!
  51. Guys who have installed springs only, in here please....
  52. Lowered with PFADT coils, before and after pictures.
  53. Eibach sway bars installed!
  54. Billet arm and toe link video.
  55. Pfadt hands the keys to GM Racing's Johnny O'Connell
  56. Lowered car? Noisey springs?
  57. This Is War! No Holds Barred WAR!
  58. How soon after lowering should you get the allignment done?
  59. Pfadt Coilovers Trailing Arms Install
  60. PFDAT or Eibach?
  61. Justice paackage for 2010 Camaro
  62. Brakes Lock Up after washing the Car
  63. New Suspension for Daily Driver/Autocross/Drag
  64. Best Suspension for the $$$
  65. What will coilovers do for me?
  66. How do you adjust the adjustable suspension kits?
  67. Adjustable sway bar setting for daily driver?
  68. New BMR Durachrome Sale!!!
  69. D@#n you Pedders - why?
  70. Do you have to get new struts if you get lowering springs?
  71. BMR Launches New product - 2010 Camaro Total Suspension Bushing Kit - PRO Version
  72. ECS Motorsports Hawk ceramic performace pad (easily) upgraded
  73. Harrop Driving on Pedders in AU!
  74. Pfadt vs. Eibach. vs. HR....
  75. Lighter Sway Bars?
  76. What Are Some Of The Ways To Jack Up The Back Of The New Camaro? (Higher Ride Height)
  77. lowered camaros
  78. BMR Launches New Product - 2010 Camaro Front Suspension Bushing Kit (BK022)
  79. SSOOCH is planted like a MOTHER ******!!
  80. Questions about brake upgrade
  81. Future suspension upgrade...
  82. Pfadt lowering springs...help
  83. Pedders Xa coilover questions help
  84. Pfadt spings installed!
  85. BMR Fabrication Vids..
  86. Pedders XA Coilovers Installed/some pics
  87. Aftermarket V6 Brake Lines??
  88. Dust Free Brake Pads: Long Term?
  89. Wretched on Facebook
  90. How much should I expect to pay for..
  91. BMR Launches New Product - 2010 Camaro 4-Point Strut Tower Brace (STB014)
  92. Wanted - Shock Tower Brace
  93. Breaks going bad already?
  94. installing H&R 1.5" drop on my V6. New cups?
  95. core exchange on calipers
  96. Drilled rotors help
  97. How To: Install BC Racing Coil-Overs on 2010 SS
  98. Endlink question.
  99. O'Reilly's Ceramic Pads
  100. GMPP Announces Camaro Suspension Licensee
  101. Well I decided to go with the BMR 1.4"/1.0" drop....
  102. Poll -- Camaro vs Mustang Supercar Shootout
  103. Pedders sways, Xa's
  104. What Color to Paint My Calipers??
  105. Got End-Links
  106. Serious Problems w/ Pfadt Coilovers? Update: Pfadt is working to resolve
  107. V8 lower than a V6?
  108. V6 Rotor Help, RUST! Drilled or Slotted
  109. Alingment for all you who just used lowering springs?
  110. BC Racing Coilovers
  111. Have you done a brake upgrade for road course use?
  112. Anyone install Solid Differential Mount Bushings? ANy comments?
  113. Pedders Track II install cost
  114. Front Suspension Squeaking
  115. Pfadt Sport Suspension Installation Cost
  116. Pfadt Springs/Sways/Endlinks Installed - Photos Inside
  117. Lowered on Eibach Pro Kit...curb clearance issues? Tire rubbing?
  118. Are Lowering Springs a Good Idea?
  119. WTB eibach prokit
  120. LSR products in Jegs.
  121. Meet Craig; another Pfadt Development partner
  122. Pfadt Coils/Sway Bars/ Trail arms/ Subframe bush installed - pics inside
  123. Another Happy Phadt Customer!
  124. How LOW can a V6 go before I start dragging?
  125. What about lowering rear only?
  126. Pedders Coilovers Made in China?
  127. What are you guys using to push out Outer bushings?
  128. wich coil over to get?
  129. Coilover FACTS.
  130. Pfadt end links popping?
  131. GM Upper Rear Strut Replacement Part Numbers
  132. NM
  133. roll cage
  134. Pfadt Coilover Issue Resolved
  135. What I am Missing..!!
  136. anyone purchased parts from brakeperformance.com?
  137. Best Source to Purchase EIBACH PRO PLUS KIT
  138. Extended wheel studs?
  139. Those that are lowered - what low profile jack are you using?
  140. BMR vs Hotchkis chassis brace
  141. Prototype Penske shocks are in for our 2010
  142. Brake sticker size
  143. BMR strut tower brace and Edelbrock E-force supercharger works!
  144. Pfadt sway bars and adjustable links set up?
  145. BC Racing Coilover Review
  146. Powder Coating calipers?
  147. Questions about gravity Bleeding Brembos
  148. Camaro Coilover Comparison Facts
  149. SPi Billet trailing arms
  150. Suspension help!
  151. Painting calipers + track days, good or bad?
  152. BMR 2010 Camaro with a TH400 transmission! (pictures inside)
  153. Drag Racers: Suspension for best 60fts?
  154. Crash Test Videos / Chassis Stiffness by GM Design
  155. CTS-V Brake swap
  156. ZR1 brakes
  157. These guys are looking for the first USA customer......
  158. Z06 Rotor Compatibility
  159. Pedders Street I Package
  160. Looking to drop 1". What is the BEST option for daily drive?
  161. Hotchkis Expands to New, Larger Facility!
  162. Pedders Lowering Amount?
  163. BMR pulls 1.53 G's at the track!
  164. Got Pedders coilovers installed.
  165. Pfadt Drop springs, Swaybars and adjustable end link installed!
  166. Pfadt endlink assembly..Help to confirm oddity
  167. Pfadt endlinks. actual length
  168. If you painted or had your calipers powder coated... step inside
  169. Differential Bushings
  170. Looking for new takeoff Brembo brake set..
  171. V6 Suspension Upgrades
  172. BMR Launches New Product - Adjustable Sway Bars (SB030)
  173. Pfadt trailing arms
  174. Brake Pad Upgrade...Is it Really Worth it????????
  175. Trailing Arms
  176. Torq and Pfadt getting ready for the LSFest!
  177. Davenport Motorsports 2010 Camaro on the Road Course, Pfadt & Baer (video)
  178. Burning brake smell from my Hawk ceramics
  179. Buying Springs
  180. Bleeding Camaro Brakes
  181. Brembos
  182. Racing Brake rear rotors
  183. stock Brembo brakes, What are these on my brake pad, i think?
  184. Lakewood Trailing Arms and toe links Vs...
  185. Pedders
  186. Vengeance Racing Install Pfadt Coilovers/Swaybars/Trailing arms on 2010 Camaro...
  187. TCI Line Lock
  188. Rear Rattle
  189. Brake pads?
  190. understeer help
  191. Wheel Alignment Questions
  192. Possible damage?
  193. TCI Line Lock
  194. [VIDEO] Pfadt Fall Coilover CAMARO5 EVENT, only for members!!
  195. Pfadt Suspension - Weird Sounds??
  196. Driver side strut issue
  197. Amazing result for Torq and Pfadt at the 2010 LS Fest! Full report inside with pics!
  198. Front pad modification? (1 or 2 SS only)
  199. 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS: Suspension Walkaround
  200. At what point do I need adjustable suspension pieces?
  201. Big brake kits
  202. brake issues?
  203. Brembo caliper upgrade from MTI Racing
  204. Rear two piece rotor from Racing Brake
  205. Expers opinions wanted on suspension setup
  206. Negative camber and loose steering after repair/alignment
  207. Who Makes Light Weight Rotors for The Brembo Calipers. What Are The Weight Savings
  208. PEDDERS.XA or supercars. who has. your opinion
  209. Too many options for springs!
  210. Installed Springs...... Weird Noises
  211. Brembo brakes piston size?
  212. brake upgrade for 2LT non-rs
  213. Want to make a slight change, help please..
  214. C5 Community help needed for Suspension Upgrade
  215. Pedders dealers order quotes
  216. Race technology making it to the street
  217. Brembo Style Brake Caliper Covers
  218. Quick shots after the Pfadt treatment
  219. H & R Springs ordered!!! Yayyy!!
  220. Red Calipers and black/white "brembo" decal
  221. BMR 2010 Camaro Wins Speed Stop Challenge at LS Fest
  222. Actual Brembo Calipers
  223. Another Pfadt drop
  224. brakes
  225. Raymond's\Pedders at silver state
  226. line lock question
  227. Camaro Video Collection
  228. 609RWHP Hooking Up
  229. Trunk Access for KW Coilovers?
  230. Got PEDDERIZED!!!!
  231. How come nobody has made a coilover comparison test so far?
  232. Drilled rotors installed
  233. Trailing arms and sub frame bushings
  234. brakes keep screeching
  235. Xtreme Innovations true street Camaro 10"tire
  236. H&R Super Sport Springs
  237. Springs for my 1LT?
  238. Roll bar Install
  239. Don't want to lower, but want to upgrade suspension
  240. Review on SPOHN Trailing Arms and Toe Arms. Highly recommend to everyone
  241. Swerving feel....
  242. Suspension? Help power etc???
  243. lowering springs that make NO NOISE.....
  244. Pfadt Stage 3
  245. Spohn Rear Lower Control Arms
  246. V6 Brake Lines FOUND SOME
  247. Camaro makes a heavy metalic popping sound
  248. clunking after bushings and lowering
  249. Hotchkis 4 Point Strut Brace Installed this morning. We like it alot.
  250. Camaro Pulls 1.4 Gs - Wins Supercar Shootout