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Conversation Between haleyd and Cricket912
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  1. haleyd
    09-05-2009 08:25 AM
    ha! i love that. my cousin is the same way. she has a cat that she named robert. he's the funniest cat ever and we call him all kinds of stuff. rob, robs, bob, bobby, bobs, robert the man cat... people always laugh at his name! it makes me happy LOL!
  2. Cricket912
    09-04-2009 10:29 PM
    I like naming animals people names, I get a kick out of it for some reason. But our son picked the middle name after his famous Indiana uncle. For kicks though sometimes we refer to him as Jimmy Stuart LOL!
  3. haleyd
    09-04-2009 08:39 PM
    so i was "eaves dropping" on your convo with kingsnakes and saw that your dogs name is james stuart. is he named after the actor? he's my favorite that's why i was wondering lol!
  4. haleyd
    08-24-2009 03:04 PM
    hmm well i don't know why, but you look really familiar to me. i went to ball state but i graduated from there in '04. maybe you just look like someone i know!?!! lol
  5. Cricket912
    08-24-2009 02:57 PM
    Yes, I'm from the Muncie area.
  6. haleyd
    08-23-2009 01:20 PM
    this is going to sound really weird, but you look really familiar to me. i thought i read taht you're from indiana.... is that right?

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