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Conversation Between lee and TexesBlue
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  1. lee
    04-08-2010 08:51 AM
    so you signed on to this site just to ask me a ? umm ok
  2. lee
    11-01-2009 06:51 PM
    i got mine from champion in austin it was one of those deals they wanted like 4 or 5k over sticker cant remember which but i only gave them sticker , i had a headache pain in the d**** when it came to financing the car with them but thats another story , other wise it was allright i guess they did the typical after you burn a tank of gas heres another and first oil change is on them, as far as don hewlitt goes i have driven by there and they have a pretty good selection of ss's and v6's, i bet they have 15 or so, i havent stoped and seen if they want sticker or not , if you have any ?s i can try and help you out , also i know a guy in hutto at covert that will do msrp if you have any problems with the other 2
  3. TexesBlue
    11-01-2009 03:45 PM

    Iam purchasing my car from Don Hewitt up in Georgetown. where did you get yours and do you have any thoughts or comments to share?


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