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Conversation Between Chad's ZL1 and 66DeuceLS1
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  1. 66DeuceLS1
    03-16-2010 11:31 PM
    I picked up the x-pipe on e-bay. check my you-tube comments and I listed out the model number there if I remember correctly. I picked it up for 71 on a best offer order. Then picked up the clamps through summit.

    If you have any plans for going with long tube headers....I wouldn't mess with swapping out the mufflers on the LS3 cars....they are straight through designed with holes cut in the tubes to relieve sound pressures in the can. I ended up pulling LT's on my car and found that it to be way too loud so I swapped the magnaflow back out for the factory mufflers and now it has the sound I was looking for....sounds much like an old school now..just need a bigger duration shaft to get that lope! :-)

    Hopefully the weather will warm up soon and I will video the new configuration and post it up.

  2. 66DeuceLS1
    03-16-2010 11:30 PM
    Chad - I bought the competition version, which does not use mufflers and has a mega phone design that amplifies the sound. Adding the x-pipe always produces more power than the H pipe and reduces exhaust tone 3db too (half the power). Your car does not need them, but you may want to check with your local inspection friends to see if they will pass it for you..some states mandate others don't and if some stations are hard fast for having mufflers and others are not...

    I had no issues with the exhaust at all. There is no way a muffler can cause a car to drop cylinders...they are BSing you. About the only way to hurt anything with a muffler swap is to put on on there that is so restrictive that you generate back pressure and that will only limit the HP output and not have fouling issues.
  3. Chad's ZL1
    11-18-2009 03:52 AM
    Chad's ZL1
    your exhaust sounds great. I have the 2010 Ls3 2ss and am looking for an exhaust very badly for the car and am leaning towards the magnaflow. I didn't see any mufflers on yours. Do you have any, Do you need them? Have you had any issues at all since you installed your exhaust. The dealer told me that flowmaster was having issues with their exhaust on Camaros with the car droping cylinders. Any issues like that with your magnaflow. Thanks for you info. Awesome car by the way. Also can you give me info on the x-pipe you added on like where you bought it. I deffinately want the x-pipe.


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