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Conversation Between khabboub and khalsa013
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  1. khabboub
    04-29-2011 10:09 PM
    anytime mate, im glad i could have helped. take a few pictures. you will love the extra visibility.
  2. khalsa013
    04-29-2011 06:11 PM
    hey thanks! i got it installed today, they put it in fuse number 15 like you said!

    thanks a lot!
  3. khabboub
    12-12-2010 12:11 AM
    yes everything is plug and play. all you have to do is put the headlights in, and plug the harness between the factory plug and the headlight. the headlights will work the same way that your current headlights work, and the fog lights will come on when you press the fog light button just like before.

    the harness will include a wire for the halos, and you can choose to plug that into the ignition fuse in the fuse box (which is what i did) so that the halos are on whenever you turn the car on, or splice it into another wire to give it power. and no i dont have a video, but i can take one if that will out you at ease.
  4. khalsa013
    12-09-2010 10:23 PM
    oh its all plugand play? do yo have a video on how it works now after the isntall? i dont want to mess around with the switch i just want the halos to be on all the time automatically and the headlights are on auto(because i set that)
    arent the fog lights the same?
  5. khabboub
    12-08-2010 12:59 AM
    all you need to have are the RS headlights and the harness from ottobody. thats all you will need to give the dealer. i did mine in my garage and it was really easy. i recommend trying to do it yourself, its a fun project. you dont need to replace your fog lights, you dont even have to touch those lights. and the RS lights become your daytime running lights. what a few people have done is take out the little spring in the light switch so that the switch stay in the off position, and then you can turn the lights on and off manually. but if you need anymore help just go ahead and ask.
  6. khalsa013
    12-06-2010 11:34 PM
    hi i have some questions on how you installed and what you need for the rs headlights and fog lights? i just want to purchase the headlights (rs ones) and the fogs and take them to my dealership.would i need to give them anything else because mines a 2ss w/o rs any adapters programming for the halos/eagle eyes daytime running

    thanks a lot

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