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Conversation Between VictoryMuscleCars and camaroitalia
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  1. camaroitalia
    08-29-2010 07:17 PM
    ok cool thanks! after i shift up in 3-4k range. How do i know when to go again? lol
  2. VictoryMuscleCars
    08-29-2010 06:23 PM
    Hey amigo. Here's something I posted in a thread ( ) that might be of interest/help to you:

    Give it a try... it's totally fun. When starting out just tap shift up when the tachometer gets to 3-4k RPM. When stopping the A6 will downshift for you. Once you get more comfy with the tap shift try downshifting.

    FYI- the tap shift A6 computer will not allow you to either shift up or down at the incorrect time. The DIC shows a message that says, "shift denied." So it's super safe and worth trying/playing with.

    I'm pretty certain there's a rev limiter at the red line too, so don't worry and if you get confused at any time simply move the main auto shifter on the console into Drive mode. You can move in and out of Drive - Sport - Manual at any time and it will not hurt anything... it's designed that way.

    Have a blast!!
  3. camaroitalia
    08-27-2010 12:24 PM
    Hello, in regards to ur post on the tap shift. im 16 and just bought this car and scared to mess it up lol so i have some questions. When do i know to shift up thru all the gears? and down? Also when should i start using it, like at a red light put it in? And if i have it Manual do i take it back to D then M to put it back in sport mode?

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