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Conversation Between 95RedCamaroz28 and edog
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  1. 95RedCamaroz28
    02-17-2010 08:03 PM
    Hey i just got ur message, i havent been on the forum in a few days i just called and booked my room. Just wanted to say thanks for organizing all of this, its gonna be a awsome week hope we get some good weather by then. I heard they got some snow down there. We got blasted with snow up here in Rhode Island.
  2. edog
    02-13-2010 10:12 PM
    Hows it going? Just to let you know, I posted the hotel info. Those who have given feedback say it is real easy to reserve the room. Also, took your advice and re-routed the trip for Friday. We will go down 84. The Valdosta hotel is on 84 as well.
  3. 95RedCamaroz28
    01-27-2010 10:15 PM
    I asked a few friends to come. Gotta see if they can get out of work that week. If I think of anything ill let you know, keep me posted if anything comes up as well. Thanks
  4. edog
    01-27-2010 09:48 PM
    It looks good to me. I will do a little more research then add it to the route. I will add you to our list as well. Anyone else cruising with you?
  5. 95RedCamaroz28
    01-27-2010 09:16 PM
    yea it looks like a scenic route like one big back road where you can just cruise and enjoy the drive. As for time takes about the same ammount of time to get there but it is a shorter disatance. I just figured it would be nice to cruise on a country road and get off of the interstate for a little while.
  6. edog
    01-27-2010 06:31 PM
    I am open to ideas on Friday. This looks good. I was trying to determine what it was like to drive it. I was looking for lights and such. I could see it was a split hwy, but not whether it had many lights. Any idea from what you see?
  7. 95RedCamaroz28
    01-27-2010 03:41 PM
    I will be driving from rhode island I plan on meeting up with you thursday morning in Fredericksburg. i was looking on google maps and when we get to Savannah there is a better route to take it is about 100 miles less than the route that you have planned it bi-passes Florida and cuts right across Georgia straight to Valdosta. here is the link let me know what you think.,3.510132&z=8

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