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Conversation Between LS3SSRS and bluch
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  1. bluch
    08-20-2009 07:09 PM
    hey dude. check out this thread

    be sweet if you could make it
  2. LS3SSRS
    07-12-2009 07:49 PM
    ya man, pro tint did a sweet job. i've referred everyone i know there. probably 10 different vehicles of mine and friends. they didnt go joyriding in it either. i reset the trip meter #2 and it was .3km, so all they did was take it through the back and around the building. congrats on the car man, we'll have to cruise 1 night sometime soon
  3. bluch
    07-12-2009 10:41 AM
    sorry. it wasn't the whole hood. it only goes up about 25% of the way. You can see the line of where is goes to on the hood, if you look reeeeeeeaaal close. I am happy with the job they did.

    So would you recommend Pro Tint on the Southside where you got your windows done?? I want to tint the back window and the small triangle ones. If you liked the job they did I will use them.
  4. bluch
    07-10-2009 01:31 PM
    it is the whole hood, front bumper, front fenders and back of mirrors for $600.
  5. LS3SSRS
    07-10-2009 01:28 AM
    i'm really considering 3m on the front and a little patch behind each wheel to protect the doors and lower rear fenders. how much for the 3m and how much are they doing? like how far up the hood?
  6. bluch
    07-09-2009 10:31 PM
    true enough. i got the film thing, cause i really dont want any rock chips...and i dont plan on doing any engine stuff so i decided to get the ext. warranty
  7. LS3SSRS
    07-09-2009 10:26 PM
    good stuff dude!!!! i didn't get any extras, didn't want to feel like a sucker if i find a better deal. don't need paint protection, i didn't want the extended warranty b/c i'm a do it myself kinda guy. plus, then i would have to wait longer for engine mods lol
  8. bluch
    07-09-2009 09:06 PM
    hey man,

    did you get the extended warranty or the "film protection" (3M clear bra basically) from the dealer?? I am picking mine up TOMORROW !!!!
  9. LS3SSRS
    07-03-2009 02:28 AM
    3 days ha nice... i called it hey?? or it was a good guess. tint is done, limo on the back 3 and medium on the's pretty dark but it makes the car look that much sweeter exhaust is done dynomax bullets installed. i still want the resonators and 2 of the catalytic convertors cut out so i'll be a lot louder, but it sounds more aggressive just after swapping mufflers, especially downshifting the exhaust rumbles pretty good.
  10. bluch
    07-01-2009 08:57 PM
    sweet. they say monday pickup...i can't wait. did you get the tint done yet? how does it look?

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