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Conversation Between Number_9 and TJ91
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  1. Number_9
    06-13-2009 10:29 AM
    Yeah, they are taking about a day to be completed, depending on the time they get into the shop that could mean the day after arrival or maybe as late as the next day. They do an awesome job in Whitby, and it's very close to the railyard/plant for the ride to her new home too. Watch your status, as it'll likely indicate at least one more Bayed and then another Shipped once she's on her way.

    Also, find out from your dealer who is trucking cars to them.. and from where, if they know that too. Then you can reach out to the trucking company to find out when she gets in, and how long they are taking to get cars from their railyard to the dealer.

    I hope this helps! Good luck - whenever you get her though, the wait disappears. Completely gone... and replaced with shear joy.
  2. TJ91
    06-13-2009 12:46 AM
    Hey Number 9, so my car finnaly got built on Tuesday, and had the status of shipped on wednesday. SO now im guessing it went to striping in Witby on Wednesday. Not sure if you have any updates, and not sure if you have the answer to this, but do you think the turnaround time for the stripes is about a day now, or like a few days to get striped and shipped out. I remember beofre that cars were striped within a day, just that they were stuck in the lot afterwards.
    Basically im just wondering how long it would take for my 2LT/RS to get CGM stripes, since you cleared the clog

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