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Conversation Between DJ ATOMIX and bluch
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  1. bluch
    09-01-2009 09:36 PM
    hey dude,

    did you paint your bowties orange or put vinyl on them?? i want to make mine black. just wondering how you did or where you got it done in town??
  2. bluch
    05-21-2009 12:56 PM
    I really hope that my car comes before summer is over! haha. I have talked to about 4-5 guys on here that are from Edmonton or surrounding area. Once we all get our cars delivered, we should definately set up a meeting place and have a cruise around town, like down Whyte or Jasper ave. 5 Camaros rolling together would look pretty sweet and turn some major heads!

    Nice talking to you,

  3. bluch
    05-21-2009 12:56 PM
    I think if I would have drove it I would have lost my mind!I sat in on in February at the Autoshow (a Vic Red 2SS) and loved it. I went out the next week and placed my order for my own Vic Red Camaro! haha. I only got to sit in that one for like 5 minutes, cause it was the BUSIEST car at the Autoshow. I also sat in the dealer car and it was amazing. The interior is great. It is so different than any other car I have seen, i think thats what really makes me like it so much. The 1st thing i noticed when i sat into it, is how small the side windows and windshield are. That will take getting used to, but it shouldn't take to long. I love the 4-pack gauges and the leather seats. I would have loved to order a SS, but I wanted all the goodies(leather, sunroof, ABL, Auto transmission, C&C package, RS package etc).I couldn't afford a 2SS,so I went with the 2LT. I've never owned or really driven a car, especially a car with 304 HP.The cheaper insurance and better gas mileage will also be a plus.
  4. bluch
    05-11-2009 02:33 PM
    hey man,

    im from edmonton as well. i ordered from Nicholson Chev. A 2LT Victory Red. What did you order from Chevy Farm? When? What did they tell you for delivery timeframe?? I was originally told late May/Beg of June delivery, but now i'm thinking it will be later than that......this waiting is killing me! I sat in their dealer show car when it came it, and i love the interior. Makes waiting even harder! Anyway, good to see some guys from edmonton on here. there are a couple of other guys from edmonton that i have talked to.


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