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Hello guys and gals! I wanted to know if there are any modern era muscle car owners out here that might be interested in getting a club together with some other makes. I am a car guy at heart so I respect those who respect others and would like to get a Modern Day Muscle car club started in the Midwest. If there are some already out there then send some info my way. If not and your interested in getting one together drop me a PM. I am not just talking Pontiac GTO and Chevrolet Camaro's either. I want to get the Mustang guys and the Challenger guys together as well. Think modern day USA if you will. Not that I have anything against imports, it just not the same to me. Let me know what you think. Thanks, Bryan
19 1 2 4
04:15 PM
Group of Camaro Owners (future owners too) that have HONORABLY Served in the US Military! Active, Retired and Separated service members that want to brag about your Camaros are welcome. Family Members... You are welcome too!!!
539 69 309 186
04:21 PM
4 0 0 4
Welcome all MN Camaro's.
5 0 0 0
anyone from missouri that owns any year Chevy Camaro.
19 4 6 3
10:22 PM
Anyone who lives in Missouri
50 9 31 21
01:22 PM
Music City Camaro Club was founded in 2009. With members throughout the Middle Tennessee area, we are one of the largest Camaro enthusiast clubs in the Southeast. Our mission is to be the Premier, all-inclusive generations Camaro Club in Middle Tennessee offering a variety of family-friendly events and serving our community when needed. We welcome all Camaro owners to become a vital part of the history of the Music City Camaro Club and to help pave the way for future generations of Camaro owners. You can also find us on Facebook at our public page:
257 996 11,632 475
07:20 PM
Chevy People for life. Never owned a Ford, and NEVER WILL!!! MUSTANGS SUCK!!!!!!
60 1 15 6
02:42 AM
MW2 players
24 1 17 5
06:27 PM
NorCal Camaro5 Club.
53 5 8 9
11:51 PM
This group is for Nevada Camaro owers and lovers!!
22 6 7 0
12:15 AM
Group for New England Members
15 0 0 21
New England members of Camaro5. We are a passionate group of fifth generation Camaro enthusiasts who love to invade cruise nights and car shows with 5 to 50 or more members. We are famous for our Camaro mosaic photographs and we like to cruise together in large groups. We will attend benefit and charity events or surprise a young gear head with a visit at his home. Come join some great, friendly people who like to have fun, laugh, show off their cars and do a little auto crossing. And don't forget to post some pictures.
336 19 79 58
10:24 AM
Newfoundland Camaro owners wishing to share information and show off their 5th Gen. Camaros.
4 1 2 5
06:53 AM
If you live in the Northern California area please join this group for whatever upcoming events we have. Also check out our web page and Facebook page.
198 67 325 96
08:14 PM
For Camaro owners in north dallas
2 0 0 0
This group is dedicated to any camaro lovers who would like to establish meets to discuss or feature their beloved cars within Northern New Jersey.
25 6 24 5
03:26 PM
A car club for owners in the Northern California Area North of Sacramento. We have members in the Chico and Redding areas and are always looking for more to join this family friendly group.
13 13 55 8
05:27 PM
If your in New England and Love Camaro's... Then this be the Group to be in.. Your Dues will be seeing the Humor in our messages. Number one rule is we Love To Joke and have fun. Number two, always follow number one and don't step in number two.
25 3 6 9
12:06 AM
28 5 5 12
05:35 PM
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