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Social Groups in category Chevrolet Camaro (5th Generation)
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Welcome camaro5 owners, this group is for those in San Jose, California with a 5th generation camaro.
14 2 2 3
04:23 AM
Austin Area Camaro 5 Members
53 7 41 19
12:27 AM
Camaro5 enthusiasts of Dallas/Fort Worth
110 54 739 68
09:17 PM
This group is open to any 5th Generation Camaro owners that are passionate about their Camaro and the lifestyle of a muscle car owner. Activities could include week and weekend activities, car shows, sightseeing, seasonal activities, special events, etc. Year round activities geared to go places and get acquainted with other Camaro enthusiasts. Bumbl2 {aka Dorothy} Ottawa, ON Canada
24 20 23 17
01:48 PM
59 1 1 0
06:47 PM
curious to see how many Camaro5 members are also NASCAR fans...Chevy has the most wins ever in NASCAR and the 2010 Camaro has been the "pace car" for this yr's Daytona 500, as well as a few other races this season!!!
156 23 98 78
09:48 AM
This group is for all of the Camaro enthusiast around the Chesapeake Bay area.
54 37 240 22
07:08 AM
Welcome and thank you for your interests in joining our group of fellow PC Game Enthusiasts. Weekly online gaming nights and mini tournaments.
8 1 7 9
03:26 PM
Located in Brownsville as its starting point. Come hang out with us!!! An active club who help each other out. Let's upgrade all of our Camaros with the help of Cmaro5Line!!!! Look us up on We have group get togethers in Brownsville and San Benito.
3 0 0 0
Another free startup Camaro owner and fan website and social group of all Camaros
40 5 7 70
09:16 PM
32 6 9 14
09:56 AM
anyone in the cincy/dayton/cols region group and share fun places to tear up the crappy pavement around here! thanks ODOT
37 3 4 13
10:37 PM
Sacramento California region Camaro club. This group was created to not just go to car shows, but to meet new people and have fun.
27 11 23 4
03:30 PM
Club dedicated to friendship and fun for "All" Camaro owners in the Greater Albany N.Y. area including VT. & MA. We specialize in cruises,shows and even BBQ's.
31 8 9 9
05:57 PM
2 0 0 0
From Modesto to Bakersfield, we are THE Central California Camaro enthusiasts!
53 16 47 44
10:44 PM
Dedicated to Purpose Beyond Reason
21 1 1 9
09:06 AM
I want to start a group for people to get together and go on drives as a group and to lunch and any car shows that may be going on in the area. Please let me know if your interested in getting together to talk about our cars, and get to know one another, and go to car shows together. Its a club free, just for fun! Must own a camaro
8 0 0 0
Central Illinois 5th Generation Camaro Owners
34 16 48 2
12:11 PM
So I looked to see if there were any groups for Indiana Camaro owners, and didn't find any. So I figured I'd start one! Join if you live in Central Indiana, or Indiana in general. If people join, we can have group meets or cruises around the great city of Indianapolis! Try to spot my Victory Red 2010 Camaro in the Indy area or on the campus at Purdue!
58 9 13 15
10:16 PM
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