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djcolopi 09-16-2014 01:27 PM

TT Inferno [COTW 9/26/16]
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On 8/05/13 I purchased a 2013 IOM 2LS with 37miles on her. I am working with Tracy Lewis, from Tracy Lewis Performance, Will from Overkill Motorsports and Justin from BCS Auto on building the car around the true street class. The goal is to ultimately have the fastest street driven 5th gen 3.6L DI DOHC LFX camaro.
Will from Overkill Motorsports is known for his overkill supercharger kits within the LLT/LFX community. The only bolt on FI kit on the market for v6 guys. In addition to the centrifugal supercharger kit, he also supplies 80mm throttle bodies (stock is 72.5mm), flex fuel kit for the LFX and tuning services.
Justin is the owner of BCS Auto and he carved time out of his busy schedule to start a company that catered not just to the camaro community in general but also provided support to the v6 owners. BCS Auto is conducting R&D for various projects; LFX cams (fuel lobe), electric water pump, LLT/LFX stroker kit, etc.

Microsoft Excel File -

Base # - 260rwhp/235ft*lbs tq
Boosted #11.5 psi - 510rwhp/478ft*lbs tq

Engine & Transmission Modifications:
2/8/16 - JacFab LFX Ported Intake Manifold
2/8/16 - Overkill 80mm Throttle Body
3/30/16 - Twin Turbos GTX2863R
12/5/16 - B&M Trans Cooler
10/08/17 - JacFab Forged Rods
10/08/17 - Diamond Forged Pistons - 10.5:1 Ratio
10/08/17 - Mace Engineering Valve Spring Kit
10/08/17 - RX Performance/Overkill 6L50E custom 4000 Single Disc Converter
10/08/17 - Tracy Lewis Catch Can Signature Kit

Fuel System:
2/8/16 - ZL1 Fuel Pump w/Control Module
10/08/17 - AEM V2 Water/Methanol Injection Kit
10/08/17 - AEM V2 Water/Methanol Injection Nozzle & Jet Kit
10/08/17 - AEM V2 Water/Methanol Injection 5 Gallon Tank Kit with Conductive Fluid Level Sensor
10/08/17 - AEM Water/Methanol Injection Inline Filter

Driveline & Suspension Modifications:
Weight Reduction - 313 lbs
3/23/17 - 3.27 LSD
8/15/15 - SS Brembo Four-piston fixed Brembo calipers
-14.4” Rotors
10/8/15 - Lingenfelter Supercar Drag Coilovers
8/30/16 & 1/23/17 - BMR Suspension
-BMR Drive Shaft Safety Loop
-BMR Lower Control Arms, Rear, Non-Adjustable, Poly Bushing
-BMR Trailing Arms
-BMR Toe Rods, Rear, Non-Adjustable, Polyurethane
-BMR Extreme Anti-Roll Kit - 32mm
-BMR Front Sway Bar - 29mm
11/15/17 - DSS 3.5" 1pc Aluminum Driveshaft

Exterior Modifications:
11/7/14 - VIS Ams Carbon Fiber Hood
11/20/14 - Flow-Tie Conversion
6/19/15 - ZL1 front conversion
6/25/15 - Debadged CAMARO
10/2/15 - RPI Taillight Bezels - Inferno Orange
12/2/15 - ZL1 Rear Diffuser Conversion
6/22/17 - JOES Racing Products Battery Disconnect - 2 Terminal W/ Panel Red Handle & Rubber Sealant
10/08/17 - Midwest Chassis Bolt-on Parachute Rear Bumper Mount Complete Kit w/Shroud Flag
2/15/18 - Dark Star Drag Pack w/Skinnies - 17x4.5 & 17x10.5

Interior Modifications:
11/19/15 - Rear Seat Delete (-45 lbs)
1/14/15 - RPI Door & Dash Trim - Inferno Orange
3/30/16 - AEM Tru-Boost Controller Gauge
6/23/16 - Cipher Harness Bar - Inferno Orange
10/16/16 - Corbeau FX1 Pro Racing Seats
10/16/16 - Corbeau 5pt Harness

Under-hood Modifications:
2/13/17 - Deleted Windshield Washer Reservoir & Lines (-12 lbs)
2/20/17 - Deleted Battery Terminal Bracket & Relocated the Cables (-2 lbs)
4/4/17- Deleted A/C Condenser, Compressor, Lines & Ducting (-27 lbs)

Weight Reduction List:
FX1 Pro Racing Seats w/brackets - 65 lbs (17.5 lbs each)
Spare Tire w/wrench kit - 50 lbs
Rear Seats - 45 lbs
Rear Seat Belts - 3.6 lbs
Front Seat Belts - 6 lbs
Floor Mats (front Pair) - 4.8 lbs
Windshield Washer Reservoir & Lines - 12 lbs
Carbon Fiber Hood - 8 lbs
Factory Reproduction Style 41 ZL Wheels - 32 lbs (8 lbs lighter per wheel over 18" heritage wheels)
Splash Guards - 8 lbs
Battery Terminal Bracket - 2 lbs
3" Stainless Steel Exhaust (Straight Piped) - Approximately - 50 lbs
A/C Condenser, Compressor, Lines & Ducting - 27 lbs
2.92 Open Differential - 56 lbs
BMR Front Sway Bar & Endlinks - 14lbs

Weight Added:
GTX2863R +8.0 (4.0lbs each)
Cipher Harness Bar +25 lbs
SS Brembo Four-piston fixed Brembo calipers +10 lbs
BMR Driveshaft Safety Loop +6.8 lbs
B&M SuperCooler Transmission Cooler +5.2 lbs
3.27 LSD +90lbs

Projects - Tracy Lewis Performance
-TH350 Trans Swap w/Trans Brake
-TCI Outlaw Blackout 616332BL Shifter
-Electric Water Pump
-8.5 Certified Roll Cage
-Remount Battery
-Anti-Gravity RS-20 - 10lbs (OEM is 44lbs)
-Dark Star Drag Pack w/Skinnies - 17x4.5 & 17x10.5
-Reroute ECU
-Secondary Fuel Setup
-Optic Armor Polycarbonate Windshields - Front 1/4” Rear 2/16”
-Rear-Mounted Radiator
-Custom Grinded LFX Cams (Fuel Lobe)
-3.5" MAF Tube
-Relocate Power Steering Reservoir
-High Boost Checkvalves
-Quarter Panel Exhaust Dumps
-Drag Wing
-Upgrade AEM Meth Lines and Fittings
-Upgrade Meth Pump - 100% Meth
-3.90 Gears
-Remove Radio Unit
-Remove ZL1 Rear Diffuser
-Body & Paint Work
-8.5 Certified Roll Cage – Paint IOM
-Drag Wing – Paint IOM
-Strip Seam Sealer in Trunk and Rear Seat Area
-Cut Off Rear Tub
-Clean Up Passenger Side Strut Tower – Paint IOM
-Paint Interior – Trunk & Rear Seat Area IOM
-Door Panel Deletes – Paint IOM
-Repaint Brembo Calipers – IOM
-Valve Covers - Paint IOM
-Street Tune & Dyno Tune
-Dyno Pulls

JE Import Performance in Baltimore, Maryland for performance; built the first and only mid-mounted twin turbo setup for a LFX that is gravity drained (oil is teturned to the oil pan under gravity and does not require an oil scavenger pump). However, due to lack of communication, missing deadlines (multiple events such as camaro fest and camaro nationals as well as some grudge races), back burning the build (went from 2 months to 6 months) after paying for the work up front and supplying the parts, not working with me when I tried to host a camaro/muscle car event at their shop and they stopped sending images of the progress I decided to cut ties with them.

Behic2320 09-16-2014 01:33 PM

looking forward to seeing this build continue and come together

stellaleon 09-18-2014 12:59 AM

All the best..Come with awesome product.

djcolopi 11-08-2014 02:12 PM

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:love:For my 23rd birthday my girlfriend blindfolded me at our body shop. After the blindfolds were taken off I was surprised with my new hood; the VIS Ams Carbon Fiber Hood :love:

djcolopi 11-28-2014 11:05 AM

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I recently dropped my car off to the shop to have them install the hood pins, clear coat the carbon fiber and convert my bowtie emblem into a flowtie.

garmaihnst 05-26-2015 08:49 AM

looking forward to seeing this build continue and come together

rgrmoreira13 05-26-2015 10:27 AM

Nice I can't wait to see the numbers and the total gains your car will gain.

djcolopi 06-20-2015 05:35 PM

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Still working with JE on the twin turbo build......however, in the mean time I had Carrera Auto in College Park, MD install my ZL1 front conversion with a tow hook (black; stealth mode). She is a new Beast and looks badass now!

djcolopi 07-30-2015 05:28 PM

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Just picked up Inferno from carrera auto with new wheels wrapped with some nitto tires.

I had them install Factory reproductions style 41 ZL wheels based off the ZL1 wheels however, in drag spec and wrap them with sticky performance tires.

Fronts - 18x8 wrapped with NT555
Rears - 18x11 wrapped with NT05R

And update on the turbo build............all the parts are in and im blocked off to drop her off August 17th. Waiting impatiently to turn on the boost

Ethan071891 07-30-2015 06:28 PM

What size tires are those?

djcolopi 07-30-2015 06:50 PM


Originally Posted by Ethan071891 (Post 8561242)
What size tires are those?

NT555 255/45/18
NT05R 315/40/18

Splat 07-30-2015 09:17 PM

I would love to see better shots of the full car with the new rims on.

Iv been playing with the idea of this same set to.

djcolopi 08-01-2015 02:24 PM

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Originally Posted by Splat (Post 8561482)
I would love to see better shots of the full car with the new rims on.

Iv been playing with the idea of this same set to.

No problem. I highly recommend this setup. Its a straight bolt on and it took my shop 3.5 hours to mount, balance and align.

TheBracketeer 08-16-2015 11:17 PM


Originally Posted by djcolopi (Post 8577134)
Just installed the bracketeer for my auto fire extinguisher. It hooks up great and took 15 minutes.


Thanks for sharing .... love seeing my Universal Bracket installed! Glad you like it.

Everyone else, I am now a sponsor of Camaro5 and running a special for fellow members here:

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