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overhaulengines 10-19-2010 02:48 PM

"SWEETNESS" make her appearance [COTW 12/27/10]
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Well i have been doing a lot to the car and decided to put it all in one place, so here it goes. my wife and i paid off some bills earlier this year,
ahead of schedule, so then she comes up to me and says “you should get a camaro”, i said “dont be messing with me like that”, she said “really”.
I smiled, got in our car and went to the nearest dealership and i found the car i wanted. April 2010.
Well it didnt take long for me to start the mod’s, most are cosmetic, a few are performance.

SS2/RS with sunroof, 21 inch factory rims. Victory Red, LS3, 6 speed

links and months that i did my mods listed below, futhur down the thread, i also added picutre of all the mods i have done.


1st was my halo lights, i pulled off the front end, opened the headlight and installed dual halos. red and white
next came the led DRL’s
front footwell lighting

Carbon Fiber Graphix on misc interior pieces
see the work here
pulled off vinyl strips on hood and truck, painted strips on, clear coated.
see the work here
de-badge car
black out bowties and rear tail light bezels

Painted calipers and applied custom stickers
see work here
installed night rider light in front grill

installed vertical doors
see work here
installed ADM cold air intake with custom made scoop
see work here
custom wireless indicator lights
see work here
photo shoot

installed headlight armor
see work here

installed heritage grill
installed T3 Ports
installed custom port lighting
see all work here for grill, ports and lights
installed Kooks L/T headers and high flow cats, corsa cat back system.
rear footwell lighting

see work here
power port mod
see work here
license plate mod
see work here
afterburner mod
see work here

installed Razzi GFX
see work here

3rd seat belt mod on the rear seat

Flashing Side Mirror Mod

November 2010 mods

Light Door Sill mod

light bowtie mod

December Mods

side markers made to work as turn signals post #62

January 2011 Mods

inside lighted door handles see post 83

March mods
Installed MPD1 Spoiler

Aug 2011
Installed Custom Fender Vents

Nov 2011
custom painted my XM Antenna

Dec 2011
Installed Revolution Styling Hood and Dj Phanton grill

Sanded and painted my center console and other interior pieces

Jan 2012
Modified OEM strut brace and custom painted

Man i tired, but I love it.
future mods

pictured below is the day my wife and i purchased “Sweetness” and then a few pics of “Sweetness” today

i will post more pics over the next few days of all the work.

thanks for looking


overhaulengines 10-19-2010 02:48 PM

24 Attachment(s)
ok this is May and June, dual halo install, carbon fiber graphix and painted strips and clear coat

ok 1st mod, Halo light install, this is where the mod addiction begins:D
Attachment 174211Attachment 174212
Attachment 174213
Attachment 174214
Attachment 174215
Attachment 174216Attachment 174217

carbon fiber link

Attachment 174220Attachment 174219Attachment 174221Attachment 174223Attachment 174222

full strips and clear coat process

ok now this was a major rush, sanding on my baby got my blood pressure going:D

overhaulengines 10-19-2010 02:49 PM

future posts

thespymaster 10-19-2010 03:02 PM

Very nice................

overhaulengines 10-21-2010 12:08 AM


Originally Posted by thespymaster (Post 2459174)
Very nice................

thx bro, ur car is amazine:)

update pics, will continue to add more:)


overhaulengines 10-26-2010 12:09 AM

Calipers painted
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hello, so here is July 2010, we pulled the tires and painted the calipers, i scuffed the calipers with some scotchbrite, then cleaned with thinner, painted and clearcoated. A few days later i put the decals on. 4 months later the decals are perfect. im posting a few pics here.
this link is the full process.


sub zero 10-26-2010 01:09 PM

good job man i like that..

but the sticker of camaro ss wich is u put in calipers , where can i get it? and don't u think that stecker will removed as using or whil u wash the car?

ron10 10-26-2010 01:15 PM

very nice job.

overhaulengines 10-26-2010 01:45 PM


Originally Posted by sub zero (Post 2483613)
good job man i like that..

but the sticker of camaro ss wich is u put in calipers , where can i get it? and don't u think that stecker will removed as using or whil u wash the car?

hello, i purchased them off ebay, search chevy hi temp decals or caliper decals

i have had them on since July, i had the tires off just the other day and they are perfect. every time i was the car, i clean the calipers.


overhaulengines 10-27-2010 11:23 AM

Aug Mods
12 Attachment(s)
ok, so here is my August 2010 mods, my friend and i installed my vertical doors, ADM cold air intake with a custom hose inlet and some custom wireless indicator lights:D, hope all of you enjoy. Its been a fun ride for me. i will continue to update.

see more of the vertical door install here

Attachment 176431

Attachment 176434

Attachment 176435

Attachment 176432

Attachment 176430

Attachment 176433

here is my ADM cold air intake
see install here
Attachment 176436Attachment 176437Attachment 176438Attachment 176439Attachment 176440

here is a light indicator mod i did to let me know what lights i have on.

thanks for looking


klatterblast 10-27-2010 11:34 AM

awesome job

blackknight 10-27-2010 12:02 PM

Nice Car. Cool mods!

overhaulengines 10-27-2010 06:47 PM


Originally Posted by klatterblast (Post 2487048)
awesome job


Originally Posted by blackknight (Post 2487136)
Nice Car. Cool mods!

thanks, i will posting more tonight, all my mods in order.


overhaulengines 10-30-2010 07:02 AM

installed headlight armor
5 Attachment(s)
hello friends, here it is Sept 2010, i decided to install the headlight armor, i had originally tinted my tail lights and they came out good, for a while, then they started to bubble a bit. so i installed the headlight armor kit. As of this day 10-30-10 its still looks perfect.
see all the work here

RayJay 10-30-2010 11:00 AM

Looks great!

overhaulengines 10-30-2010 06:52 PM

October Mods, this list is gonna get long
18 Attachment(s)
Ok, here is october, the list of mods gets long this month, i will be posting daily until fully updated.:)

heritage grill and T3 ports done the same day, then custom lighting in the ports to include white and red lighting.
see all the work here

Sevn86 10-31-2010 12:22 AM

looks great!

overhaulengines 11-02-2010 05:31 PM

october mods continued
9 Attachment(s)
here are few more mods i did in october

installed Kooks L/T headers and high flow cats, corsa cat back system.
Attachment 178603
Attachment 178604

rear footwell lighting, simple mod, connected to my front footwell lighting
see work here

Attachment 182060
Attachment 182080

power port mod, i got tired having to put the key in the ignition to charge my phone.
see work here
Attachment 182065
Attachment 182066
Attachment 182067
Attachment 182068
Attachment 182069

overhaulengines 11-08-2010 09:18 PM

October Mods continued again
7 Attachment(s)
license plate mod, here in Texas, we have to have a front plate, so i made a few brackets that would let me take off the plate for shows and reinstall quickly, 20 seconds:D
see work here

Attachment 182085
Attachment 182086
Attachment 182087
Attachment 182088
Attachment 182090
Attachment 182091
Attachment 182083

afterburner mod
see work here

aet08 11-08-2010 09:22 PM

nice mods

overhaulengines 11-09-2010 03:55 PM

more october mods
2 Attachment(s)
afterburner mod, cool little light mod i did when i was doing my ground effects.
see work here
since taking these pics, i have made some baffles to stop the light from under the car, looks better i think, i will post some more current pics soon.
Attachment 182639Attachment 182640

2010 SSRS 11-09-2010 04:07 PM

looks awesome

overhaulengines 11-10-2010 08:20 PM

more october mods
18 Attachment(s)
installed Razzi GFX, Wow did the GFX make a difference, give the appearance that the car has been lowered. I think they really set the car off.:D

the last pic is my first car show, Got 3rd place :happyanim:
see work here

ckaram 11-13-2010 08:51 AM

Fantastic job and beautiful car!

hotrodhoodrat 11-13-2010 09:18 AM

Wow Lupe, great work & mods !:thumbup:
:respekt: + :clap:

:happyanim:The all new Convertible !, Welcome to the Fleet ! :happyanim:

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