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Iroczlover 10-24-2010 10:56 PM

How do drivers drive in your state????
I wrote this out a couple years ago (looks to be back in early to mid 05) & went looking for it again today for another site lol.

This is how MOST Seattle drivers drive. *This is NOT a fib its 100% true.

City Morning communte:
Coffee in Right hand, Food in left hand, Cellphone pressed between ear & Shoulder (it dont matter which). Right Elbow messing with sound system or something on that side of car (note: they are not droping a drop of their coffee while doing this) Left elbow Holding up a notebook, pen in mouth writing things down. (Note: they also apply makeup or shave with this elbow)
Sometimes you see a toothbrush attached to steering wheel & the driver using it to brush teeth .

Evening communte:
Coffee in Right hand, food in left hand, Left middle finger sticking out the window (on a nice day) Doing what it does best, Cellphone pressed between ear & shoulder.Right elbow messing with something down on the right side of the car, Left elbow hairbrush brushing hair for hot date.

Now that cell phones are illegal to have while driving they still drive with them & now they still text lol. GET OFF THE PHONE & DRIVE people lol

Ok Weather driving
Rain (you think people that live in washington state will know how to drive in the rain by now but you guest wrong!!!!!) Most drivers around here drive 10-15 Miles BELOW the speed limit * OMG its raining I am scaredddddddddddd*

Add wind in with the rain & OMG I am going to be pushed off the road by the wind & rain, IN THE DITCH

Sun 10-15 Miles below speed limit *OMG that thing is Bright*

Snow In the ditch

Ice In the ditch

Now for the fun part how do we Washington people give Directions?
How do you think? By Coffee shops or expresso stands. They are everywhere.
Its either that or by stuff like take a right at the barn that burnt down 100yrs ago *WTF? I wasnt around a 100yrs ago* Now its a MALL!!!!!!! & of course you go looking for somesort of barn that was burnt down 100yrs ago only to find out it is now the local Mall & then you are wondering why they didnt tell you that in the first place.

I am not lying here you guys. I had a job interview a couple years back at a local college & the gal told me to come in to the building by the Expresso stand with the red & white stripped billboard (ok? heck their was 10 of them) then walk down the hall & turn left at the student cafe shop Then go down the stairs & take a right after you get passed the PLU Expresso stand & the office is 10 doors down.

There were like 100 coffee stands in this one flipping college & I wouldnt be suprised if there was one in each of the flipping dorms.

Archias 10-24-2010 11:12 PM

some general common laws we have for driving in Georgia:

Speed limits are for you tourists

Radar Speed stations are for seeing if your can get to 110mph on that straightaway after the Walmart

Yield signs are for cowards

Merging traffic into your lane is a direct challenge to your manhood and cannot be allowed to pass.

Also, one must not only watch for deer wandering into traffic in the fall but also drunk deer hunters.

ATVs and golf carts have right of way

KJinni 10-25-2010 03:41 AM

1 in 8 drivers in Arizona drives illegally :thumbdown:

Aside from that sad fact... all these old people visit us in the winter (we call them Snowbirds). They drive 10 under on average.

~Stacy~ 10-25-2010 04:12 AM

Horrible around my area in Central Wisconsin. I drive to Milwaukee 10-12 times a year to attend Brewer Games and fly out of Mitchell Airport. I would feel safer drivin thru Milwaukee rush hour traffic then drivin around my town. Last weekend I almost got killed. A older lady in a big old mercruy passed my camaro on the left lane going in the wrong direction. Thank god I was in the right lane. People around me don't understand the concepts of a green arrow. It means go I honked my horn several times a year. They don't understand what a turning lane is for? I was behind a car in the right lane so they decided to turn left. Umm what is a turning lane?
The last two times I traveled over to Appleton I saw a 5 car pileup and another 3 car pileup. It's just odd living in a town with 24,000 population you think the roads would be safer but the drivers are just sooo stupid. I would like to send the drivers down to Milwaukee to see if they COULD acutally drive?

Sterling 10-25-2010 05:01 AM

They drive like Massholes...

Hemlawk 10-25-2010 06:44 AM

Nj has the best drivers...

bluetooth-ss 10-25-2010 07:52 PM

nuts here too.even crazier when it rains.

v6sonoma 10-25-2010 08:04 PM

RI drivers are the worst. And I'm not even just saying that. There is quantifiable research and evidence that statistically proves that every time I drive my car the chances of an idiot hitting it go up.

We may not always be the "worst" but we are consistently in the bottom 5. Other states come and go but RI drivers always suck. If you add in snowy weather the stupidity level goes up by about 10. It's like their memory lasts 9 months and every year they need to relearn that snow+ice=Brakes less effective and (4x4,AWD)does not=stopping ability. Just cause they can get going 70mph in a storm doesn't mean you'll come to a stop. :mad0260:

I think I need to move. I'm becoming bitter. :laugh:

gHoSt437 10-25-2010 08:17 PM

People here drive 35 in a 50 all the freaking time and even slower if it starts to rain. Oh, and they have no clue what a "passing lane" is.

They pull out in front of you and instead of stepping on the gas go about 10 -15mph for a good 1/4 mile...when the next car behind you is at least 1/2 mile away and they could have waited.

On roads with 2-3 lanes going each direction they will be in say the left lane and wait to decide they needed to make a right at the intersection they needed to turn at, and just stop in the middle of the road almost causing a pile up trying to get over.

A few times a week I see some idiot approach a steady green light and stop to stare at it = WTF.

And the list could go on and on, but these are some things I see almost every day that annoy the hell out of me :paddle:

Tessa 10-26-2010 08:29 AM


Originally Posted by sterlingnotes (Post 2478706)
They drive like Massholes...


They hit me.....constantly.....'nuff said

Rogue Leader 10-26-2010 08:49 AM

In the left lane, at the speed limit , completely ****ing up the flow of traffic, cause nobody ****ing cares about anyone but them self here!

CamaroCowboy 10-26-2010 09:18 AM

Texas isn't to bad but in my area (near a military instillation) we have people from all over the country and it seems like all the other states are sending us their worst drivers because for lack of a better term they are MORONS!!!!!!!

at least twice a week I will have some Jack@$$ look right at me then pull out in front of me anyway.......:facepalm:

OH and don't let it rain..........You would think the world has ended........

bigearl 10-26-2010 10:47 AM

To OP, you get props for surviving Seattle traffic. I do that a couple times a year and it is, IMHO, the closest thing to traffic hell this side of the Mississippi. I think it's even worse than Chicago. If I lived there, there is no way I'd drive a Camaro into town. I think I'd get something like the A-Team van with a massive brush guard on the front.

Here it's pretty much all over the place. Everything from farm trucks to the rich & impatient. At least the drunk drivers usually start nice and early so you can see them more easily in the daylight.

2FST2LIV2YNG2DY 10-26-2010 11:25 AM

2010SSRSM6 10-26-2010 12:37 PM

Lets see, on a two lane "freeway" we have rig's getting slowed down by illegal aliens who are driving without a license and or insurance that dart into the passing lane at 35 in a 70 with no signal or breaklights. :paddle:

Then you add in the older folks that live in the retirement communities in my area...... :yikes:

Sprinkle in the kids with the civic's with 8" mufflers sticking straight up on the back of the 9 different color cars.......... :sm0:

We can't forget the drunk rednecks.............. :drinking:

Oh, plus all the people gawking the car pulled over on the side of the road for no reason, god help us if there is an accident.....................:mad0259:

Then GM had to give my car over 400hp, I had to add more to that and cant get up to the speed limit over 75% of the time. :mad0260:

Don't even get me started on the two asian kids that pull up blocking the passing lane trying to rev their '89 Camry and trying to jump on it on the freeway yesterday in the rain.......... :facepalm:

There needs to be a law that limits the ability to reproduce if your IQ is below a certain level, something above mayonaise would be great.............:thumbsup:

aldaron327 10-26-2010 01:56 PM

Along I-70 in Kansas we have the "You ain't gonna pass me!" mentality. The law recently changed to where everyone must keep right except to pass, or when passing a LEO, wreck, or emergency vehicle. However, people continually hang out in the left lane. Most of the time they're the transients from other states that don't know or don't care about the law. Then we have the local yocals who will pass slower traffic and then hang out in the left lane for a while, only to dart forward and get in the right lane while simultaneously trying to stare you down through their mirrors. Then as you get along side them to pass, they speed up, still with a vicious stare that says "Just try me!"

In heavy rain, traffic screeches to a halt as if drivers haven't figured out that their windshield wipers will remove rain from their windshields if they'd just learn how to turn them on. I learned that the hard way as I made my way back from Kansas City Int'l Airport last Friday night. I had no trouble seeing or sticking to the road, so I was going the speed limit (70) and came upon a guy in the left lane doing 40 who slammed on his brakes as I got closer. I guess that either he was driving on racing slicks or just didn't shell out the bucks for some new tires because he almost slid off the road. I just slowed down and waited for him to get over and then passed him.:iono:

In the winter, several interesting things happen: First, the OTR Truck Drivers make it their mission in life to do 55 or 60 when there's a foot of snow on the ground (because the plows haven't been out yet). They'll pass on the left whiting out EVERYTHING. Then there are the INDY 500 drivers who think that they're in the Mach 5 with the all-terrain treads who end up in the median or the ditch. Then there are the overly cautious who drive 10 mph because they didn't get the memo that a snow storm was blowing through and are scared to death that they'll never make it. We also can't forget the 4X4 drivers who can "GO ANYWHERE!" and end up in the ditch as well.

However, I will say that Kansas is the only state that I've driven in where traffic will move over to allow people to merge. I kinda dig that.

Jay_LHD3 10-26-2010 02:17 PM

Here is one Iím seeing a lot of now in Georgia.

You are in the slow lane with the speed control on doing about 5-7 over the speed limit. You look in the rear view mirror and notice a car coming up on you fast. Twenty seconds later the car is gone. You look over your shoulder and see that car is now just cruising in your blind spot. You look ahead and see that there is a car about half a mile ahead of you and at some point you are going to need to get in the fast lane.

Here is the nice part. The car in your blind spot is going to do everything they can to make you slow down and get behind them to pass this car ahead of you. (Sure you can gun it and possibly get a ticket for doing 30 mph over the speed limit.) Once you get behind them they will speed away to find the next car to inconvenience! This almost happens daily now.

Bad drivers for the most part are predictable and donít bother me too much. But these driver that go out of their way to inconvenience other drivers just gets my blood pressure up!

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