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SSE 4 2SS 01-05-2011 03:56 PM

The Birth of Brandi's Twins [COTW 8/8/11]
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This is the story of Brandi, my 2010 2SS/RS Camaro.

Brandi is Red Jewell Tint, with Grey Leather Interior

My Beautiful Wife Debbie, supports with a sense of humor, my pursuit of this amazing car; she has equally enjoyed the time spent with the multitude of new friends we have met via the Camaro.

Thank You and I Love You Deb

All MAJOR modifications have been managed by Corey Henderson and Co. at Henderson Performance Technologies, New Braunfels Texas

Some people that had a hand in it that are not a part of HPT,

Joe, Racer778
Chris, Atti2de
Glen, Planet Pickup, San Antonio
and numerous other members of the San Antonio Camaro Club.

Amazing Vendors that have contributed in knowledge and expertise...

George at Rockland Standard Gear for a simply amazing race built and prepped Transmission
Thomas at Hendrix Engineering for the best clutch money can buy. Street Slayer Carbon Triple Disc
George at the Drive Shaft Shop
Rick at RKT56 Transmissions for his collaboration and assistance and direction when we were having so much trouble with our factory transmission.
Matt @ formerly of East Coast Supercharging Now at RX Performance for answering my e-mail request about selling me wheels when no one else would even respond... I love my Weld RT-S wheels.
Brent ... Thrash Drive Shaft Specialists

My Heart Felt Thanks To All of You


Pictures and Significant events:

Post # 1 Brandi and Satchmo in the driveway
Post # 2 Brandi arriving at the dealership
Post # 3 Brandi and Booger
Post # 14 Engine Cover modification Brandi in the Tx Hill Country, Brandi at Home
Post # 17 MGW Shifter No Pics
Post # 18 Pink Pig Engine Cover with Lights, White Sands Trip
Post # 19 My Wife Debbie
Post # 25 Forced Induction Intro No Pics
Post # 45 Brandi the night before going to the hospital
Post # 54 Brandi's Baseline Dyno Video
Post # 83 Pics in New Mexico
Post # 85 Time to make the donuts
Post # 90 Baseline Dyno Graph Thanks MisterCamaro69
Post # 147 DaHoses Booger invades my thread
Post # 148 Tags Arse...
Post # 150 Tags Arse again
Post # 159 Short Block Description and Pics (representative pics)
Post # 192 My dream performance driving instructor
Post # 200 More Short Block Pics (representative pics)
Post # 201 Brandi arriving at the hospital (shop)
Post # 209 Drag Radial Pic (representative pic)
Post # 210 Forgestar F14's in Piano Black (Representative pic)
Post # 224 Eibach Sway Bars Arrive
Post # 231 A really nice set of twins...
Post # 239 Da Hoses Booger with the flu... Yecch
Post # 261 Work begins in earnest, removing the rear cradle and suspension
Post # 263 One of the heads waiting for a short block to mate with
Post # 265 Brandi on the lift and an assortement of parts box's.
Post # 266 DSS axles 1400 HP rated
Post # 267 Shop directions for Corey's facility, I laughed at these
Post # 282 Rear suspension pics Rear Axle Installed
Post # 283 "Camshaft Specs, GT-9 Lingenfelter Grind from Comp Cams
Post # 285 One side Turbo
Post # 287 An Axle from DSS
Post # 296 Brandi minus her undercarriage on the lift
Post # 299 Rear suspension going back in
Post # 302 Test fitting the GMPP Blade Spoiler prior to paint
Post # 305 Pulling the front clip with the engine and transmission Corey and Brent
Post # 348 Mindz Imagery
Post # 344 Gauge selection no pics AutoMeter Cobalt Gauges
Post # 349 My short block arrives
Post # 352 Trials and tribulations, it's the wrong block
Post # 370 Motor decision about the wrong block being sent
Post # 413 My Drag wheels and tires Thanks Joe for getting them mounted and delivered
Post # 419 Attention to detail, heat wrapping everything...
Post # 420 Oil Feed lines
Post # 421 More heat shielding around the turbos
Post # 422 ACT Twin Disc Clutch with SFI rated tag
Post # 425 Stuff going back together
Post # 426 Heat Shielded Boost Pipes
Post # 450 Mindz Quotes
Post # 489 Installing the delrin Diff bushings
Post # 490 Drive Shaft Safety Loop
Post # 491 New Magna Flow 3" Exhaust
Post # 495 Intercooler and Intake Feed Tubing
Post # 498 Downtubes and Oil return system
Post # 508 V-band recommendation
Post # 523 Exhaust Sound Video
Post # 534 Tag's announcement, It's Alive
Post # 564 Line Lock Switch
Post # 635 Last 3 Standing at Fest 1 PQ, Mike and Kyle
Post # 641 Bonnie and George Dickel Fest 1
Post # 707 First night at the track with Brandi
Post # 751 Fuel pumps New suspension pic Front Clip Hood Plate Corey and Brent New Motor New Heads going on New Clutch
Post # 758 Two Step Directions
Post # 776, 777, 780, 781 Tags Comments on his ride in Brandi
Post # 826 Tranny Video, EMCO sequential
Post # 837, 838, 839, 840, PQ's Ride Impressions of Brandi
Post # 846 Atti2de's Brandi Ride Impressions
Post # 925 Brain Bucket for the Texas Mile Run Thanks Chris
Post # 951 MisterCamaro69 Poop Pics
Post # 962 Scott Settlemire Signing Brandi at the Fest II
Post # 963 Changing Turbos at the Fest II
Post # 964 Austin Photo Shoot Brandi and Company The Gang
Post # 981 Exhaust Video
Post # 1032 Rig Pics... My place of Work Freedom Bird The Stack
Post # 1034 Rig Stack Moonpool Pump Repair Project Pump II
Post # 1041 New Blower Blower II
Post # 1050 Tag's Poop Ettiquette
Post # 1061 Clutch Pics Pic II PicIII Pic IV Pic V Pic VI
Post # 1070 Clutch Pic
Post # 1080 Pump Pics at Work Pump II Pump III Pump IV {Pump V
Post # 1085 Boats off the rig in rough weather Boats II BoatsIII Boats IV Boats V Boats VI Boats VII
Post # 1086 Moon Pool Rough Weather Pics Pic II Pic III Pic IV Pic VI
Post # 1145 200 MPH Camaro Video, Not Brandi
Post # 1153 Brandi at the Beach Pic II Pic III
Post # 1175 Heat Pics 125 Degrees F
Post # 1197 Tag on the way home from the Fest wearing his helmet...
Post # 1245 Cage Box delivered
Post # 1255 Cage Pics Pic II
Post # 1265 Not Brandi
Post # 1495 Petes Pedders USA Camaro at Optima Street
Post # 1499 Cage Install Starts
Post # 1510 Cage Install Continued
Post # 1522 Cage install continued
Post # 1522 More Cage install
Post # 1522 Side Panel Cut Out during cage install
Post # 1541 Pete's Texan joke
Post # 1549 More Cage Install
Post # 1567 Mike checking out the cage work
Post # 1654 Bryan's Canadian Bullet
Post # 1742 Comment to Point and Shoot Drivers
Post # 1752 Miller Light Skirt Commercial
Post # 1801 Diff Pic
Post # 1821 AMS 1000 Boost Controller
Post # 1851 Russ Got Me... Bad...
Post # 1883 Camaro5 Mods arriving at the Fest III
Post # 1926 Good Friends at the Fest III
Post # 1932 New Diff
Post # 1932 New 9310 Output Shaft
Post # 1951Doors, People are Strange
Post # 2074 My Work Rant with video, sorry
Post # 2171 Turbo's with the hot side covers off
Post # 2203 Racers Prayer, Thanks Kyle
Post # 2239 Under-pinning Plate part numbers
Post # 2248 Diff Going in the rear subframe
Post # 2274 Diff Installed Pics
Post # 2293 Drive shaft loop customized
Post # 2331 Diff Catch Can
Post # 2332 Remote Oil Cooler
Post # 2348 OMG Transmission, not mine
Post # 2354 Taking Brandi out to test the new diff
Post # 2388 New Garage Floor Finish and Brandi
Post # 2417 PQ's Panda Wheels
Post # 2425 Five Point Harness
Post # 2477 Brandi's Brother
Post # 2478 More of Brandi's Brother
Post # 2653 Pink Pig looking out in the rain
Post # 2672 New Drag wheels
Post # 2681 Garc's 3rd Gen
Post # 2687 My new Trans and SFI bell housing
Post # 2721 LCA discussions
Post # 2728 Carbon's Camaro
Post # 2733 Drag tires
Post # 2785 Ring and Pinion for PQ
Post # 2854 Pics from Kyle in Mich
Post # 2920 Drag race tires in the shop
Post # 3014 Motor Mounts
Post # 3015 Trans Input shaft
Post # 3018 AMS 1000 Boost controller
Post # 3025 Trans Yoke
Post # 3101 My Weld Wheels
Post # 3118 Slayer Triple disc Carbon clutch
Post # 3130 More Clutch

Modifications to Date:


ERL Built LS 417 Fully Forged Short Block 10.5 compression,
AllPro Heads LSW12-X
Setrab Engine Oil Cooler
Jesel Valve train,
ARP Head and Main Journal Studs
Precision Turbo's, 76/75's...Custom modified by Precision and by my builder Corey at Henderson Performance Tech..
Custom Intercooler by Henderson Performance Tech, Thanks Corey and Justin
Dragon Slayer (RPS) Quad disc Carbon Clutch Thx Thomas, Hendrix Engineering
Custom built Trans , 9310 gears and shafts throughout.
SFI Rated Steel Bell Housing and mid plate, custom tail housing with internal shifter. Vehicle Specific gear ratio.Thanks George, Rockland Standard Gear
DSS Nine Inch Kit with 3.07 Gears, Strange Center Section and a Wave Trac 33 Spline Diff. Thanks George at Drive Shaft Shop
4" One Piece Aluminum Drive Shaft, Thx Brent ... Thrash Drive Shaft Specialists, San Antonio Texas
Custom built Differential Catch Can, Corey
Drive Shaft Safety Loop, custom fit for the new drive shaft.Corey
SJM Manufacturing Line Lock / Roll Stop, Thx Steve
Toe Rods Thx ApexChase
Trailing Arms Thx ApexChase
Delrin rear diff mount diff bushing, custom made by Corey of Henderson Performance Tech...
Pedders Suspension, Xa Supercars, Sways, Bushings, etc... Thanks Pete @ Pedders USA
Pfadt Solid Aluminum Sub Frame Bushings...Thx ApexChase
Eibach Drop Springs
Eibach Sway Bars
3" Magna-Flow SS Dual Exhaust
AMS-1000 Boost Controller
Shift Light
Weld Wheels RT-S 17" wheels for racing... 17 x 10 rears and 17 x 5 fronts... Thank You Matt, Matt@ECS
BMR Adjustable Lower Control Arms for the rear... Thanks Apex-Chase
Aeromotive Fuel Pump... JUNK....
8-XX lbs max variable Boost
Hex Vents, Thanks Steve
True Forged Wheels, Thanks Mike and Steve... 20 x 11, rears, and 20 x 9.5's for the front... True Forged Formula Wheels Polished finish with Custom Graphic Center Caps
Custom powder coated brake rotors with Graphics. Thanks Mike

Simpson X Bandit full skirt Helmet
Simpson Racing Suit, including Balaclava, Jacket, Pants, Shoes, gloves
Simpson five point harness (Platinum) with rotary cam lock,
Drag Chute, 14" Cross Form, SW racecars
SFI Rated Steel Bell Housing



Engine cover custom paint trim and lights, removed due to heat retention with the turbos...
Roto-Fab Radiator Cover custom painted Red Jewel Tint
GMPP Dovetail Spoiler
Window Tinting, Thanks Big Dave
Brandi got a new brother, Bradley, as named by my wife... Bradley is a 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 with the Hemi... He will be used to tow Brandi to racing dates across the country... In comfort and style I might add... He is the Lone Star Edition Quad Cab and has a lot of nice extras..
Brandi's Chariot is a 20' Challenger Trailer with a racer box. Overall length is 28'.
My new TrueForged Formula Wheels... Shod with Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar G:2 tires, 305 rears, 285 fronts...

Future Upgrades:

8 Point Welded in Roll Cage good down to 8.5 Seconds in the quarter, Cage Built by RPM and sold by TrackSpec Motorsports, Thanks John Nguyen, Install in Progress Continued
2X 5 Point Simpson Racing Harnesses Probable Harness
Hans Device
Remote Battery Cut Off

Fire Extinguisher System

Front Clip reinforcement and ducting to Intercooler for 200+ MPH run at the Texas Standing Mile
Audio enhancements to Brandi, and Bradley, my Dodge Ram Hemi so named by my wife Debbie.

Our Goal for the near future is to have around 1200-1400 RWHP and 1250-1450 RWTQ

SSE 4 2SS 01-05-2011 03:56 PM

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I've decided after reading lots of other build threads, It's time to document Brandi.

Brandi is my 2010 2SS/RS RJT Camaro.

Several years ago, my wife was offering to buy me pretty much any truck I wanted. Her dad has a 3/4 Chevy Turbo Diesel and she was kind of partial to the oversized pickup. i was leaning towards a King Ranch Edition but....

I was browsing the internet one evening and I saw a a blurb about the Phoenix of the Camaro... I followed some links and ended up at a site that had a few pictures of the concept car... uh oh.....:drool:

I found a thousand reasons I wasn't ready to buy a truck yet.... kept sneaking around, looking peeking, and anything else I could to find out more information... I had it bad....

A way to introduce the idea to her came upon me entirely by chance. There was this movie, and lo-and-behold, there it is... Bumblebee....

I was blown away by the look, the sound, the raw power... After the movie, I waited a short time and found the perfect picture, and saved it to my desktop. I was looking at it one evening, and she walked up behind me... and asked what it was....I told her and then asked her what she thought about that as opposed to a truck. Her response was "it's your vehicle."

So, that parts over... and yes, I Love and Appreciate my wife... So, I keep watching, and then GM announces pre-orders to be taken in Oct or Nov of '08... Forgive me but I don't remember exactly which month it was... So, I start trolling the dealerships looking for one that will fit my needs.

About two weeks prior to the pre-order date, I had some job changes, and so in the interest of not wanting to end up in a bind, I put the order on hold. I ddn't loose my job, but I transferred to the department I wanted to work in. I am a SubSea Engineer with Diamond Offshore Dilling. It's a brutal but very rewarding job...

In March of 09, I was again ready to place an order and my wife suffers some health issues. Certainly no fault of hers, and she is way more important to me than any car, so I put off ordering it again. I want to make sure she has whatever she needs medically to end up on the mend.

In July of 09, my wife told me to go find a dealership and place my order. I had one earlier, but they were still wanting huge premiums for the car, and several dealerships were starting to back off the high demands. I found one dealership in Austin that would sell me the car at MSRP. I placed the order, and included several items from GMPP that were not officially released yet... My sales rep was awesome, but the sales manager turned out to be a turd... He tried to jack me on a number of items, and then when the car was due to arrive in November, he tried to jack some premium add on, and I blew a gasket, right in the middle of the dealership floor, and fortunately for me, the owner of the place overheard us and called the sales manager, my sales rep, and I into his office. He listened to me first, then verified what I said with the sales rep and then asked us to leave. My parting words were that I didn't want him involved with me in any form or fashion again.

A long story shortened, I ended up getting the GMPP Offroad Exhaust free including installation, and I didn't have to deal with the turd anymore.

The finance guy, well..... thats another story. I had a buyers check from my credit union, so I didn't really need anything other places to sign from him... (He drives a really hot Vette) and thats what I got from him... He told me basically, you don't want or need any of this other crap, initial here, here, and here, and sign here and let me have your check...Wow, very pleasant, very nice to deal with... He did ask me if I wanted anythin and I think the look answered his questions.

So, my car goes through PDI, has the exhaust installed, and then my sales rep showed me a few things...

More to Follow... If you read all this, thanks for stopping by....


SSE 4 2SS 01-05-2011 03:56 PM

Photo Shoot
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Here are a few pictures of Brandi taken by a professional photographer. There were as you will see two cars, the second one being Booger belonging to Da Hose. I wish to thank Kyle Gilmour for arranging the photographer.

Da Hose 01-05-2011 03:59 PM

:clap:Can't wait to see her!!!!! U know Kellie will want this set up then too!!!:facepalm:

Shardik2SS 01-05-2011 04:03 PM

Great color choice and a beautiful dog! :thumbsup:

Subscribed. :popcorn:

PQ 01-05-2011 04:16 PM

I HATED dealing with the finance guy at my dealership. He just coulnd't take no for an answer. He eventually had to, but they knew how bad I wanted that car and so they tried to hold it hostage a bit. lol

Dr Jkel 01-05-2011 05:01 PM

Great Story, Glad that everything worked out, hopefully your wife is ok now and all is well.

Mr Twisty 01-05-2011 05:05 PM

You forgot to explain who these "twins" are :popcorn:

... This is gonna be another good one to watch. :thumbsup:

speedster 01-05-2011 05:11 PM

Awesome R !

Glad you finally broke down and decided to do a build thread. But one request - no PINK parts under the hood...but you may have a certain mod on here add

Can't wait to see the car as the 'twins' progress on Brandi :w00t:

Post 'em as yo get 'em.

Dr Jkel 01-05-2011 05:14 PM

OK now I got to know the deal with the " Twins"

hamr56 01-05-2011 05:21 PM

Good on you, nice looking car. Boerboel Mastiff?

73camarolt 01-05-2011 06:37 PM

Good looking car. When you going to post up the mods you have done to it? Interested to see what you have done to it. Dad needs some ideas lol

SSE 4 2SS 01-05-2011 10:08 PM


Originally Posted by Da Hose (Post 2699594)
:clap:Can't wait to see her!!!!! U know Kellie will want this set up then too!!!:facepalm:

Kellie has already asked for one of my grandkids. Said something about I wouldn't miss one....


Originally Posted by Shardik2SS (Post 2699609)
Great color choice and a beautiful dog! :thumbsup:

Subscribed. :popcorn:

Thanks, meet Satchmo, after Louis Armstrong, they of the big black cheeks...


Originally Posted by PQ (Post 2699645)
I HATED dealing with the finance guy at my dealership. He just coulnd't take no for an answer. He eventually had to, but they knew how bad I wanted that car and so they tried to hold it hostage a bit. lol

I pulled the buyers check out and was starting to walk out when the owner stepped in... the finance guy was awesome...


Originally Posted by Dr Jkel (Post 2699785)
Great Story, Glad that everything worked out, hopefully your wife is ok now and all is well.

She is doing great... It was stress related. She is th Athletic Director of all sports, mens and womens at a Div II NCAA University. Proper care and some good help, and she is fit as a fiddle...


Originally Posted by MisterCamaro69 (Post 2699797)
You forgot to explain who these "twins" are :popcorn:

... This is gonna be another good one to watch. :thumbsup:

My grandkids... more later...


Originally Posted by speedster (Post 2699812)
Awesome R !

Glad you finally broke down and decided to do a build thread. But one request - no PINK parts under the hood...but you may have a certain mod on here add

Can't wait to see the car as the 'twins' progress on Brandi :w00t:

Post 'em as yo get 'em.

He can try, but..... I still hold certain parts ransom, though that will no longer hold true in less than a week if all goes well...I'll deliver his CAI housing this Friday, and the engine cover next week....


Originally Posted by Dr Jkel (Post 2699817)
OK now I got to know the deal with the " Twins"

Patience...... my friend...:D


Originally Posted by hamr56 (Post 2699841)
Good on you, nice looking car. Boerboel Mastiff?

English Mastiff... 200 lbs of the best natured dog I've ever been around...


Originally Posted by 73camarolt (Post 2700057)
Good looking car. When you going to post up the mods you have done to it? Interested to see what you have done to it. Dad needs some ideas lol

Chapter II starts in a few minutes...I may have something to start your dad out with if he doesn't have a CAI yet... I'll have one available, for a great (phenominal) price... PM me on that if you interested... What color is your dads car...

Thanks for checking in guys, I've been wanting to start the mods for a while, but had to wait until the right time and situation.... I am going to manage this with the help of my wife without having to get any loans or breaking the bank...

SSE 4 2SS 01-05-2011 10:54 PM

Chapter II
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As mentioned before, the first mod, other than me putting my butt prints in the seat and leaving some rubber on the street in front of the dealership was the installation of the GMPP Offroad axle back exhaust by the dealer during the PDI.

They sound great, but my wife is a little tired of the drone from 1750 to 2000 RPM. Outside of that RPM range, they are awesome....They have a little popping on deceleration, and sound great when I'm in hammer mode...

I didn't want to spend much on any exhaust upgrades, as I still wasn't sure where I was going down the road, and didn't want to have to pull off high end aftermarket parts.

I decided that some cosmetic mods were first in line. I saw a thread somewhere where someone had cut out the top of the engine cover and put in screen material. I liked it... and thought, I can do that... so. I mapped out the cuts, several times to make sure that I had them even, and then broke out the dremel. It took several tries to determine the best blade to use, but I got there. I cut it all out, short of the lines, and then used a hand file to close in on the lines. Off to hme depot for some screen material, and walahhhh, I had a custom engine cover... hmmm, don't care much for the color... so, off to AutoZone for some paint...

This created a problem, but not much of one. AutoZone carried a line of paints known as duplicolor.... but they didn't have anything to duplicolor RJT... so.. time for the scientific method of paint color selection... don't try this at home....

I asked the girl if she could unlock the paint cage and let me try several cans... Fortunately, it was a partly cloudy day, so the light wasn't to harsh, nor too soft... I got about nine cans of sray paint that were close to the proper color, and carried them out to my car...

This step is important... I got a detailing rag out of the trunk and cleaned the dust off the tops of all the cans, (which I'm sure the girl inside appreciated) and then held the cans up to the front of my car, nope, nope, hmmm close, nope, close, nope, hell no, really close, and maybe...

Then I took the possible candidates around to the side and then the back of my car, comparing it to different levesl and angles of light... and settled on one that I could not tell the difference on at any area of my car... I returned the others and bought every can they had of my selection...

I went home, taped everything as best as I could, (I'm not a painter) and started sanding the silver parts of the engine cover. I cut the screens back out and when all was ready, I sprayed the almost RJT paint on the sanded areas. Hmmmm, not bad, but... wait, it's lacquer, so, I wet sanded the painted areas with 2000 and then 3000 grit sandpaper, and then got out the dewalt... I had a buffing pad and some polishing compound.. wow, what a difference...I went back to home depot and got some number 8 stainless screws and washers and used them to accent the engine cover a little. There is also a pic of a trip my wife and took in the Hill Country right after Christmas 2009. It was really cold,and this pic was taken during the only time the whole three days there wasn't a drizzly rain...I managed to clean it at a little car wash and made it to this spot for the pics...

lightning 01-05-2011 11:09 PM

That engine cover looks really really good my friend. I didn't realized Home Depot had that kind of screen available. I may have to do mine similar to that when I get some time. :w00t:

SSE 4 2SS 01-05-2011 11:13 PM


Originally Posted by lightning (Post 2701027)
That engine cover looks really really good my friend. I didn't realized Home Depot had that kind of screen available. I may have to do mine similar to that when I get some time. :w00t:

It's gutter screen.... I actually messed up on mine and didn't turn the screen around from one side to the other, so the points are all in the same direction... but noone says anything, and I may be the only one that knows, or notices... and I have done quite a few engine covers for others, and I make sure they are cut properly... I used Brandi to learn alot and try really hard not to make the same mistakes on others cars...

Thanks for stopping by... and the covers no longer look like that... coming soon...

SSE 4 2SS 01-06-2011 12:19 AM

My next mod was shortly before Christmas, I had a watch, ( I know, give me a second) that I was taking in for warranty work, and they offered to replace it or give me my money back, so I asked my wife if I got the money if I could use it for a shifter...MGW to be specific, she looked at me like the mom looking at the kid asking for cookies right before dinner, and said ok.... So, I got the cash, and as soon as we got home, I logged on and ordered my MGW... I installed it as soon as it arrived, with a little help from my friends... then I gave them a ride in addition to the beer I offered them while we were working on it...No, I wasn't drinking during the work...:rules:

SSE 4 2SS 01-06-2011 01:03 AM

8 Attachment(s)
I started hanging out with the San Antonio Friday night crew of 5th Gen Camaro owners. What a great group to be associated with... I got lots of compliments on the engine cover, and Doug, Tag, got to drive my car as he was still trying to decide what shifter he wanted...

Well, one of the guys one upped me (in a very nice way) with his engine cover. He did basically the same thing I did but he went a little further, and added a reflector underneath it and lights. When I saw his, I had to add to mine and here is the result... Sorry for the poor quality images...The same guy that added the lights to his, also provided me with a few other items, which may be seen here if you look around...

If you look through the windshield you will see Pink Pig... Pig has close to half a million miles with me and this Camaro is her fourth vehicle...

My wife got Pink Pig for me quite a few years ago after her dad offered me BBQ pork fresh off the grill. I had been at his ranch welding for four days and I really wanted to get home to see his daughter. I drove home, and in the time it took me, he called her and griped about his daughter, my wife, about me taking her over the pork...

She found Pink Pig the next day, and like they say, the rest is history... Pig has been all over Louisiana, and from Texas to Wyoming, to Yellowstone(she didn't care much for the Buffalo, but loved old Faithful), to Utah, and Colorado and out to the White Sands National Monument, which required driving through the White Sands MUSCLE Test Range, thanks Pat and Debbie... and to Carlsbad Caverns...She is looking forward to the trip to Chandler in April... Shes been from sea level to over 11000 feet above it while riding in Brandi...

In Pigs previous three vehicles, she never left the dash, seldom even ventured to the sides of the dash to check out the scenery, but she gets really pissed now when she flies a&& first off the dash and ends up in the backseat... which happens most every time I hammer on Brandi...wait until the Twins get here... holee hell on a pogostick... she'll end by the back window seeing the poor schmuck in the other lane disappear in the distance, dust and tire smoke behind me...

There are a few other pics showing some of the sights Pig has enjoyed as well as Pat and Debs Camaro. We had a great time with them in Los Cruces, (they opened their home to us) and are looking forward to meeting up with them again in April on the way to the Fest II...

SSE 4 2SS 01-06-2011 01:47 AM

2 Attachment(s)
I've mentioned her quite a bit so far, and will continue to do so, but here are two pics of my Beautiful wife...Without her, I would not be able to do this build.

Thanks Babe

Shardik2SS 01-06-2011 09:07 AM

Great pictures Robert! I like what you've done with the car thus far, and I'm looking forward to future updates. :thumbsup:

Dr Jkel 01-06-2011 10:54 AM

Great Mods, color look forward to seeing what things you have planned for the future.

SSE 4 2SS 01-06-2011 11:42 AM

My wife went with me to her first Camaro gathering and she was looking around at other cars. She would ask me questions about parts on other cars and I would either explain what I knew, or ask the owner of the particular car she was looking at to explain it.

She was particularly taken by a Roto-Fab CAI and radiator cover... Cha-Ching.... Guess what my next mod was...We have a member in San Antonio that gets real good deals on stuff and so via him, I placed an order and within a week, I was back in my shop spraying color on the radiator cover. The install was straight forward, and took no time at all....

I'm really hoping that the radiator cover will be able to stay on the car after Brandi delivers the Twins... We are thinking it will, but time will tell... I may have to do some minor fabricating to reshape it a little, but thats nothing...Have cutter, will travel...

And.... until now, other than a few shows, thats about it.... for mods.

Well, last night, I put a set of Eibach lowering springs on her with the able assistance of Joe, Racer778. Thanks Joe...

So, on to now.....:chevy:

Camaro21 01-06-2011 11:45 AM


Love the story, Can't wait to


Jay_LHD3 01-06-2011 12:09 PM


turbos? :iono:

SSE 4 2SS 01-06-2011 01:20 PM

Well, if you read this far, you know the beginning, now on to the rest of the story....

I've been wanting for a long time to do some mods in the performance category, but I waited until the time was right for us, My wife, me and Brandi.

The areas of question were in the Huffer vs the Turbo, and then Kyle Gilmour threw a wrench in my works by tossing the centrifugal supercharger in the mix. I read all I could find, and asked lots of questions. I love the look of a polished Maggie sitting on top of the motor. but... I saw a Camaro and a Mustang with Kenne Bell's, mehhhh, nice but didn't work for me... I had this vision of a turbo, but didn't want this monstrosity sitting under the hood with a plumbers nightmare of tubing.... so, whatthe heck... Ok, lets do this backwards...find a builder, and get some serious recommendations.

I talked to everyone in the area, other than builders. I told all who would listen I would pretty much go anywhere for the right builder. One name kept popping up, but no, it's not a big name shop... I've never heard of him... and then my brother starts talking about a neighbor of his. This guy has a Vette that is crazy bad. My brother calls him Corvette Charlie... Every time Chevy came out with a factory Vette with more HP, CC had to run back to this shop and demand more power... He finally got the the point that shop owner said no..."I will not build more power until you let me get into the block and build it to sustain the power..."

That spoke huge volumes to me... A shop that could easily make money and sit back on the "I told you so" excuse, but no, he would not take money even though CC wanted to spend it...

Why, as it was told to me is I do not build trailer queens, and I do not want your car or any others I build trailered in due to poor build effort.

I think I had found a place I wanted to deal with... and the bonus was that this was to be his first 2010 Camaro "big" build, and he is excited about it..

Corey has been building Corvettes for years and is considered a top notch LS motor guy by the people that know him...

I walked in for the first time to actually meet Corey, and we hit if off right away. We talked about my desires and he talked about reality... yeah I had the big eyes... by this time, I had pretty much decided I wanted a twin turbo kit, and I had more or less made up in my mind which kit I wanted... He wasn't too keen on the idea at first, as he hadn't seen much he was impressed with thus far... I told him of the two kits I had narrowed it down to and let him decide if either of them were worthwhile looking.

Like me, he was blown away by the TTI/Granatelli Twins kit. He looked at the other kit as well, but kept going back to TTI/G.

This is where it got interesting, he started going off on ideas... the ultimate sleeper, custom this, custom that, down the road, etc... I think for a little while, he was more excited than I was...Not...:bellyroll:

We spent the next month and a half planning and discussing this build. At first, we were going to sleeve my LS-3 and then it was decided to go with an LS-2 427, and now it's still in the air. I met with him yesterday, and set up a drop off appointment. He is ordering the parts, and the availability of the machine shop will determine the final block configuration.

So... we are building a complete short block, all forged rotating internals, crank, rods, and pistons. He has selected a Cam, valves, lifters etc.... There are quite a few pages of parts. The heads will be completely worked, with new valves, springs etc, the block will be studded. The fuel system will be completely redone with a dual fuel pump system, and there is a 3" inch exhaust system from the Turbo's out the back.

I am ordering the axles and he will order the clutch... All of this is in preparation for the install and boost cranking of the TTI/Granatelli Twin Turbo Kit.

We are going to order thekit with 10 lb waste gate springs, since we can as much as double the boost with an e-controller. Rather than limiting ourselves with a 7 lb spring set up to 14 lbs max boost, we will start with 10 lb springs and be able to double it to 20 if things ever progress to that point...

Corey is figuring we can go to around 13 or 14 lbs of boost before we start running out of fuel.... Time will tell...

Out initial goal is for about 750 to 800 at the wheels, but those are just numbers,,, the proof is in the pudding and in the trap times and speeds...

Corey did describe to me 800 RWHP in this car is going to be really wild... He said, it will eithe go like hell, or go into the ditch at a hundred miles an hour, backwards... like, instantly... hmmm,

Any driving instructors out there for hire.... I may need a little help... :help:

The Shop, is Henderson Performance in New Braunfels Texas.
The block is being prepped and built by ERL,
The Twins are from Precision
TTI Provided the Intercooler and Boost pipes
Exhaust from Magna Flow,
Axles still up in the air...
Clutch, up in the air...

More to follow...

Thanks Again to all who have stopped in....

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