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DevilKnightFalcon 02-09-2011 09:33 PM

Do you want a ZL1 automatic transmission option?
Alright guys in the online chat (full transcript) the guys from GM said they are interested in knowing if there is interest in an automatic option for the ZL1. I know I personally desperately want them to make an automatic option and if they do please put some higher quality paddle shifters on it!

So the question is. Do you want to see an automatic option on the ZL1?

Now here is the important part. At C5 Fest I talked with John Fitzpatrick who was already aware of the poll and he told me that if I got it to 1,000 total responses then he would give a final answer about the transmission.

This morning at the Camaro Homecoming in Oshawa GM officially announced that an automatic transmission will be available for the ZL1. Thank you to everyone who voted on this poll. Our voices were heard. Thank you to GM for listening to your loyal customers!!

Mr. Wyndham 02-09-2011 09:57 PM

Absolutely yes.

I will/want to buy a manual. However, I'd like to see the Z be available to as many enthusiasts as possible!!

DevilKnightFalcon 02-09-2011 10:06 PM

I think that especially given that the magnetic ride control system on the ZL1 allows it to be used for everyday driving it makes sense for them to offer an automatic. I would absolutely love to see an automatic with paddle shifters like you see in european cars, something better than the buttons on the existing Camaro anyways. I would absolutely buy one.

heavyt100 02-09-2011 10:18 PM

Yes, please. That would be stellar.

As much as I grew up a manual transmission guy, it's just too much of a pain in rush-hour traffic.

In fact, if I had it to do all over again, I absolutely would have ordered my 2010 SS with an automatic.

Mark H 02-09-2011 10:21 PM


PSP-SS 02-09-2011 10:33 PM

Yep. Cant buy one w/out automatic. Just lost a customer.

brandotron 02-09-2011 10:36 PM

I couldn't imagine ordering a ZL1 with an auto, but I voted yes. Why not, for those that want it.

mikeSS 02-09-2011 11:25 PM

why not lol....

camaroitalia 02-09-2011 11:28 PM

I say yes to an auto..

DevilKnightFalcon 02-09-2011 11:34 PM

Nice!! Let's keep the votes coming!! So far we have a whopping 65% in favor of offering an automatic!!!

SSLarry 02-09-2011 11:58 PM

No way. Why kill the fun. GT500 owners would laugh at you. :laugh:

2010 SSRS 02-10-2011 12:03 AM

Definitely yes.

Padre 02-10-2011 12:04 AM

Absolutely. The technology continues to improve in automatics. Plus, I'm mainly interested in drag racing which gives a real advantage, aside from the rare M6 driver who can drive stellar. Moreover, they're meant to be driven, and I'd use mine as a daily driver even as a low 11-second car.


BlackZCamaro 02-10-2011 12:06 AM

Um, no.

GEEo 02-10-2011 12:06 AM


Originally Posted by SSLarry (Post 2821839)
No way. Why kill the fun. GT500 owners would laugh at you. :laugh:


IMO you can't really enjoy as much with an AT compared to MT.

Z4me 02-10-2011 12:07 AM

From a marketing stand point yup, otherwise they could take a big hit in sales and future projects such as this. Then all of us will lose down the road.

brick777 02-10-2011 03:27 AM

Absolutely! I'm ready to buy it, however, I won't buy it unless it has this option.

PQ 02-10-2011 04:34 AM

I think it's a big fat fail that they don't have it in the Auto.

Typicaly, you can better afford a car like this once you reach a certian age. For most, that age is past the point where the thrill and allure of shifting gears is gone but you still want to drive a power car.

FAIL FAIL FAIL..................... :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown:

Padre 02-10-2011 09:19 AM

I agree about the marketing. Look at the new Ford Raptor. Amazing off-road desert truck that Ford successfully is selling to people who will never take it off-road or to the desert.

Same with the ZL1. Sell it to people who buy it for other reasons than M6 enthusiasts. Who cares? More important for us that Chevy makes a profit so we can enjoy our toys.


DevilKnightFalcon 02-10-2011 09:19 AM

Thanks for the responses guys. Don't get too down on GM so quickly. No auto was announced yesterday however what I have been told is what we have been told all along with this car..."Have faith". The GM guys are definitely listening and have heard the cries for an auto. Keep the responses coming.

91Z28350 02-10-2011 09:25 AM

Need a third option, I don't personally want the auto, but hope it is an option for those who want, or need, the automatic transmission.

Rock-It Man 02-10-2011 09:28 AM

I won't trade my 2SS auto for a ZL1 unless there is an auto. I drove manual for over 30 years, but the modern auto is a whole different thing.

fixxer56 02-10-2011 09:31 AM

I considered a manual when I bought my camaro. I live in an area with ALOT of stop signs and traffic, so it really is not enjoyable for me to be constantly shifting at lower speeds. I can personally enjoy my car more with the auto

MaRoFreK 02-10-2011 09:37 AM

I dont care to much for a automatic trans, But it still should be an option for those who want it.

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