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SC2150 02-11-2011 10:17 AM

FTI/RX Billet Torque Converter special!!
$1099 plus shipping for the quickest torque converters we have ever used in the GM lock-up trannies.


Install special $450 plus $150 for the transmission tune only!!!!!!!

Stall Torque Converter Sale!!!!
One of the best ET improvements for the $ spent is a quality stall torque converter for your A4 or A6 car. With no other mods common gains are .5 to .7 seconds.

Thru Sept, we are offering the best, quickest ET billet torque converter we have ever used in our drag cars (and have had ZERO failures in the past 3 years of running them) available period.

These are NOT off the shelf one size fits all units, but each custom made for your build, mods, HP & TQ. No matter if your bone stock, or a super charged monster, same price special!

Street Billet Lockup Converters

SRL series billet 9.5" lock up converters

Our flagship lock up converters for late model lock up transmissions. With a conputer designed cnc machined billet front cover and billet lock up piston premature clutch wear is a thing of the past. With custom stator designs and multiple blade angle pumps stalls are available from 2800-4400. Many STR combinations available as well. Each converter is custom built to your exacting needs and driving style. With furnace brazed and heli welded fins,severe duty sprague,and anti ballooning flanged impeller hub this converter is virtually indestructable and comes with an unprecedented 3 year warranty to the original purchaser.
Available for the following units.
GM - 4L60E, 4L80E, 4L65E, 6L80E, 6L90E

Here is a little info on understanding the benifits and how they work:

Torque Converters - How they work.

The converter consists of 5 primary components. Cover The cover connects the torque converter to the engine and is welded to the impeller (pump) of the torque converter. This part is not participating with the performance characteristics of the converter with the exception of its ability to resist ballooning under high load capacity. Many times a cover is billet and with a lock up converter this will allow the use of an over sized clutch. Turbine The turbine is what connects to the input shaft of the transmission via a splined turbine hub. Once the turbine starts to move then the vehicle will move. Impeller The impeller is the outside half of the converter that is welded to the cover on the transmission side. The impeller is turned by the engines flexplate and fluid flow is started by centrifugally generating fluid flow inside the converter. Stator The stator resides between the impeller and turbine. The stators job is to redirect the fluid back into the impeller after leaving the turbine. The stator houses a mechanical one way clutch commonly called a Sprague. This allow the stator to stay stationary while multiplying torque and will free spin once turbine speed reaches roughly 40% of impeller speed. Lock-Up Clutch While not all converters have lock up clutch, those that do the job of the clutch is to eliminate all converter slippage, thus making the unit one to one and no longer a fluid coupling. Overview when the fluid enters the converter it is sent to the outside of the impeller centrifugally. Once the fluid leaves the impeller it feeds the outside fins of the turbine. This makes the input shaft move and therefore the car will drive. When the fluid leaves the turbine it is redirected back to the impeller via the stator. This is when torque multiplication occurs hence the name torque converter. Impeller blade angle and stator blade angle and blade count all denote how much torque will be multiplied in the converter.

Watch one being built:

Why purchase FTI?

First and foremost, our customer service and technical support is second to none. FTI manufacturers only the highest quality component and assembles each product to exact tolerances for consistent and dependable race winning results. All within a time frame.
Unbeatable Performance

Our converters have state of the art designed components to keep you ahead of the competition. Our research and development department is constantly striving to provide you with cutting edge technology.

Our warranty is setting the standard in the industry with an unprecedented 3 year warranty on billet lock up converters and 1 year on all race converters.

Dollar for dollar a FTI converter will give you more performance than virtually any other modification. While other modifications will give you performance it is hard to beat the ET reduction verses dollar spent with an FTI converter.

$1099 plus shipping. These are custom made for your car usually within 48 hours of your order, and a free restall if needed is usually a 24 hour turnaround during the first year.

To order, call direct: 727-422-0076 or email:


SC2150 02-11-2011 04:48 PM

Get in on this guys!!

acatlover13 02-14-2011 04:26 PM

I'm interested, but can't make a trip to Bradenton. Is it possible to custom build a TC without having the car??

SC2150 02-14-2011 05:55 PM

Yes. Will need to know the mods you have and if possible a current chassis dyno sheet. Don't need the car to build it, just to install it.

SC2150 02-19-2011 09:35 AM

Special still going on! Your shop can install or we can.

1 day serivce on the install.thumbsup:

SC2150 03-30-2011 01:15 PM

Price still holds!!!

For the V8 & V6. :thumbsup:

SC2150 03-31-2011 07:59 PM

If anyone has another brand and runs the 1/4 mile we will do the install free for the comparison between the FTI and any other.....applies to the first one in on this.

SC2150 04-06-2011 08:14 PM

Will have 1/4 mile before & after numbers posted up shortley by an independant customer & shop. :thumbsup:

SC2150 04-11-2011 08:28 PM

Auto owners.....this is the ultimate converter!!!

Padre 04-17-2011 09:24 PM


Originally Posted by SC2150 (Post 3084035)
Auto owners.....this is the ultimate converter!!!

I'd have to agree:

Cliff notes: gained 4/10ths over my previous bolt-on best with just the new TC.

Many thanks Tracy! :thumbup: Oh, and you're welcome. ;)


SC2150 04-18-2011 10:50 AM

OK for any of you sitting on the is the proof on a near stock bolt on car.

I can't keep the price this low much longer so get in on this now if you want!!! :thumbsup:

SC2150 04-19-2011 03:55 PM

Bump for a great mod!

Jchaluja 04-25-2011 09:47 PM

pm sent

hot ss 04-25-2011 10:01 PM

seems quite fair.

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