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fbodfather 03-05-2011 10:36 PM

The OFFICIAL "Toys Brought Forth" to the 2011 Camaro5Fest
List of Camaros announced so far:
  • American Pride Camaro
  • Camaro SSX track car
  • World unveiling of "a very special Camaro"
  • Indy Pace Cars (2009, 2010, 2011)
  • Neiman-Marcus Camaro Convertible
  • Camaro convertibles in every color
  • Synergy Series Camaro

:chevy: :chevy: :chevy: :chevy: :chevy:


:chevy: :chevy: :chevy: :chevy: :chevy:

As one of Camaro's biggest (both in scope and in weight) Cheerleaders -

.......that would be me.......

..........and knowing how much fun it is to whip some of you up into a frenzy over the wonderful anticipation of a weekend chock-full of "Camaro Comradeship"

(........and if you aren't excited about a weekend full of "Camaro Comradeship" you are either:

a. Dead

b. A Mustang Driver (with dread in your heart)

c. the driver of something that is probably considered an embarrassment to most Camaro owners....

(.......and we all know that Camaro owners are par-excellance in the automotive world...right?)

.....I would like to share with you some 'STUFF' about WHO and WHAT will apppear at Camaro5Fest............

Today's post:

Team Camaro.

Appearing (God Willing and the Creek don't rise) at Camaro5Fest 2011:

Al Oppenheiser - Camaro's Chief Engineer!

Cheryl Pilcher - Camaro's Product Manager!

John Fitzpatrick - Camaro's Marketing Manager!

Russ Clark - Camaro's Marketing Director!

Adam Barry -- One of Camaro's Senior Designers!

Dave Caldwell - Chevrolet Communications Manager!

Rick Conklin - Camaro's Quality Engineer!

Tom Reygaert -- Program Quality Manager!

Jim Kalahar - Camaro Program Manager!

Jack Pantaleo - Camaro Brand Quality Manager!

Anthony McCormack -Program Engineering Manager - Oshawa Assembly!

Jerry Parsell - Camaro Accessories Manager!

Scott Roberts - Regional Marketing Manager!

.....and some fat old guy with very little hair who calls himself "Fbodfather"

I don't know about YOU - but WE can hardly wait to get to Chandler and see some old friends as well as make new ones!

And to see a whole buncha 5th Gen Camaros -- and to see how each of you has made your "Pride and Joy" very personal and very unique.

We are the 'custodians' of the Camaro Brand - and we take our responsibilities very seriously. (.....did I mention we love what we do?)

So we're coming to Sunny Arizona to meet you and to talk with you -- and to have one GREAT weekend!

:chevy: :happyanim: :chevy: :happyanim:


to hear about ONE (of many) Camaros that will make an appearance at Camaro5Fest.....

(.....and now back to our regularly scheduled programming.....)

.......GOLLY - I love my job!......

slick rick 03-05-2011 10:43 PM

Awesome :headbang:

UnknownWarrior 03-05-2011 10:43 PM

hopefully i can make it out there this year!:thumbsup::drinking:

Mr. Wyndham 03-05-2011 10:45 PM


I look forward to seeing you all there!!!!!!!

:chevy: :happyanim: :chevy:

the Kolektor 03-05-2011 10:47 PM

I so want to be there, wish I had a Camaro, let alone be able to make it the the Fest! Hope all that go, have fun.

linkwpc 03-05-2011 10:49 PM

This is not a real camaro fest without the fbodfather!! It great to hear you will be there!

IBM/2SS/RS/LS3 03-05-2011 11:13 PM

ZL1 please

GearHeadPeter 03-05-2011 11:15 PM

I hope I get a chance to meet Fbodfather at CFII. :bow:

mws444 03-05-2011 11:22 PM

Scott it is great that you and the rest of the Allstar Chevy Camaro team will be at the Fest!!! :happyanim: It just would'nt be right to have the biggest gathering of Camaros without you guys. Cant wait to see what all you guys hual out there for us to drool over!:drool:

fbodfather 03-05-2011 11:30 PM


Originally Posted by IBM/2SS/RS/LS3 (Post 2923258)
ZL1 please

........................................mebbe..... ....


Buffnshine 03-05-2011 11:32 PM

OMG...OMG...OMG This is going to be Amazing, be great seeing you again and meeting the rest of the team

IBM/2SS/RS/LS3 03-05-2011 11:38 PM


Originally Posted by IBM/2SS/RS/LS3 (Post 2923258)
ZL1 please


Originally Posted by fbodfather (Post 2923329)
........................................mebbe..... ....



Originally Posted by SS-Eric (Post 2921867)
While at Main Street in Motion, it was confirmed that ZL1 will be on display at the Dallas Autoshow April 7-10:thumbup:

Timing looks about right.........

Char1ieone 03-06-2011 12:03 AM

Thank You so much Scott, you are the slightly fat old guy with very little hair man!!!

Milk 1027 03-06-2011 01:39 AM


Camaroman_99 03-06-2011 01:46 AM

You do have a pretty good job there Scott:bow:
A whole bunch of fun is going to happen at Camarofest, I'm sure:cool:

CruznSS 03-06-2011 07:23 AM

It will be great seeing the GM Camaro Team again! Can't wait to see the "TOYS" coming with the crew...:thumbup:. It's time to start packing right? See all at fest in a short few (5) weeks....:headbang::headbang:

Camaro21 03-06-2011 08:56 AM

Scott, It was a pleasure meeting you and John yesterday at "Main Street in Motion" and I can't wait to meet more of your team !!


speedster 03-06-2011 09:07 AM

Awesome !!!

We all had such a blast at C5Fest1, C5Fest2 will be even bigger and better. Thank You to you and the whole GM "Toys R Us" Team. :thumbup: Without you it would have been tough to have a Camaro 5 Fest without a 5th Gen Camaro... ;)

P.S. I know it pales in comparison to what you have, but if you want you can take a little spin in the SST. Just something a little bit different...

Blackhawk6 03-06-2011 09:13 AM

All, I can't wait to see you again and meet new friends. And to somebody no names mentioned has a birthday coming up in about six days. We will just have to wait and see. The exictement builds. Thanks Scott, looking forward to seeing you again..


thespymaster 03-06-2011 09:28 AM

Looking forward to seeing the Allstar Chevy Camaro team

fbodfather 03-06-2011 10:26 AM


The "American Pride Camaro" -- see it at Camaro5Fest......




The_Blur 03-06-2011 10:29 AM

I'm stoked. :happyanim:

Char1ieone 03-06-2011 01:51 PM


CamaroSpike23 03-06-2011 01:59 PM

I need to make this.... somehow...

comm17 03-06-2011 02:05 PM

:happyanim::happyanim: Awesome!! :happyanim::happyanim:

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