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The Stig 08-09-2010 03:12 PM

The Stig's Phantom Black Metallic SS [COTW 1/16/12]

I picked Kaylee up from the dealer October 9, 2010. Great day really, one day after my birthday too. So what kind of present did I get myself? A great one.

How Kaylee got her name

Features/Write Ups

Dyno Charts/Videos
Time Slips

Photos/Photo shoots

Exterior Mods
  • Phantom Black Metallic paint
    #2141 , #2142 , #2183 , #2200 , #2261 , #2273 , #2306 - #2309 , #2401 , #2431 , #2477 , #2478 , #2487 , #2504
  • Satin black pace car stripes
  • Matte black pace car stripes removed
  • "IM NSFW" personalized license plate
  • 35% ceramic tint all around
  • 35% ceramic tint on the windshield brow removed
  • 50% ceramic tint on the whole windshield #218,#223
  • Street Scene 3 piece spoiler #71 removed
  • Headlight Armor 20% taillight tint removed
  • Headlight Armor 30% taillight tint #1795
  • BLACK fender badging removed
  • RPI stealth mud flaps
  • Gloss black 20" OEM wheels - winter set #71
  • Plasti Dipped 20" OEM wheels - summer set #85
  • Gorilla black locking lug nuts
  • Cobalt blue painted calipers #71
  • XM antenna (shark fin) relocation #92
  • Flush mount plug for XM antenna hole #474
  • Sparks Restorations SS emblem #535
  • Black T-Rex half billet grille removed
  • Black T-Rex bumper grille removed
  • Heritage grille #98 #436 #496
  • Transformers 3 Lower Grille #2411
  • Sparks Restorations SS emblem #530
  • GM GFX - rear diffuser #519 #591
  • GM GFX side skirts #1293 #1294
  • Gloss black GFX exhaust bezels
  • Flat black tail light bezels removed
  • Defenderworx Locking black fuel door removed
  • NAPA locking gas cap
  • Carbon fiber
    - RPI side vent inserts #45 removed
    -OEM fuel door removed
    - Tail light bezels
    - DRL bezels #2605
    - Trunk lid drain covers
    - Showstoppers front splitter #45,#46,#50 removed
    - APR Racing front splitter #2487 #2504
    - Anvil Auto's carbon fiber notched spoiler #887 #988 #1045 #1261
    - Carbon fiber rear bowtie #2579
  • Black Chrome
    - Front bowtie removed
    - Rear bowtie
    - Front SS emblem removed
    - Rear SS emblem
Interior Mods
  • Blue Dyed Stitching #15 DIY
  • Sticker free sunvisors #1403 DIY removed
  • ACE Customs leather visors removed
  • Two-tone leather visors from DSV Customs #298 #311
  • Leather E-brake boot from DSV Customs DIY
  • ACE Customs leather E-Brake #128
  • Lloyd's floor mats
  • Sullivan Racing black pedal set
  • Gloss black A/C vent trim #23
  • FatMat trunk kit #87
  • White overlays for the speedo/tach gauges #2435 #2443
  • "Black Edition" text on speedo gauge overlay
  • White overlays for the Auxiliary gauges #475 #602 #636
  • Cup holder delete bezel by Phantom.5SS #641
  • Hardwired Valentine One DIY - 26 saves
  • CD26: Vehicle Security Driving Recorder Camera removed
  • SMARTY BX1500 PLUS 170 HD removed
  • Carbon fiber
    - Door kick panels
    - ABL Door panels and Dash Trim #846 #1500 #1506 #1521 #1995
    - Door Pulls #1897 #1916
    - A pillars
    - CarID real carbon fiber overhead console kit
  • Black Chrome
    - Steering wheel bezel
    - Speedo/tach bezel
    - Four gauge pack
    - Cup holder bezel removed
    - Door panels removed
    - Gas cap cover stolen
Engine Bay Dress-Up
  • Underhood bowtie #230,#250
  • 2012 heater hose relocation #846
  • Polished Water Vapor Line #1342 removed
  • Gloss black strut covers by CFD #497 #516 removed
  • ARP throttle body bolts
  • ARP intake manifold bolts
  • ARP water vapor line bolts
  • LSR strut Retainer covers
  • Carbon fiber
    - Carbon fiber engine cover removed
    - Fuse box cover removed
    - Radiator shroud
    - Radiator cover removed
    - Showstoppers Premium Underhood Package #712
  • Black Chrome
    - Radiator cap stolen
    - Oil cap removed
    - Power steering fluid cap stolen
    - Engine cover #1773 #1892 removed
Lighting Mods

Performance Mods
  • Bassani 1 7/8" LT Headers#325 #386 #391 #428 DIY
  • Bassani 2.5" off-road pipes removed
  • Bassani 2.5" high flow cats
  • Bassani Power-X Crossover
  • Bassani 2.5" catback exhaust
  • JBA 2.5" high flow cats removed
  • JBA 3" catback exhaust removed
  • Polished Injen CAI removed
  • Black CAI intake #781
  • ADM race scoop
  • Apex W/W relocation
  • Billet Prototypes oil catch can removed
  • RX oil catch can #82 #528
  • RX oil breather #1088
  • Hurst short throw shifter (OEM)
  • Separate clutch fluid reservoir DIY
  • JRE custom tune
  • VMax ported throttle body #598
  • "Strong" GM MAF sensor Info
  • Vararam Super Wedge #2545

Suspension/Braking Mods
  • Pedders replacement rear cradle bushings #1350
  • Pedders radius rod bushings #1348
  • BMR rear cradle bushing inserts #91 #463 removed
  • BMR rear differential bushings #91 #463
  • BMR steering rack mount bushing #91 #463
  • Pedders XA Coilovers #1197
  • BMR 1.4" lowering springs - front #463 #472 removed
  • BMR 1" lowering springs - rear #463 #472 removed
  • Racing Brake 2-piece slotted rotors #2664
  • Racing Brake stainless steel brake lines #2664
  • Hawk HPS brake pads #2664

Need to Install
  • Pedders 27mm adjustable front sway bar
  • Pedders 27mm adjustable rear sway bar
  • Pedders end-links
  • Hurst short throw shifter (aftermarket version)
  • QTP oval cut outs (holding off for now - might be getting new exhaust)
  • Transformers 3 upper grille
  • Spohn chrome moly trailing arms
  • Spohn chrome moly rear toe rods

Coming Soon
  • 1LE style clean side oil separator
  • Evap solenoid relocation kit
  • Carbon fiber wrapped side panels for the center console
  • Carbon fiber wrapped four gauge pack
  • Carbon fiber wrapped AAC concept side mirrors
  • Carbon fiber armrest #2558

Wish List

The Stig 08-09-2010 03:12 PM

Kaylee is the second of my two girls, but we're not their yet. In order to tell you about her I have to tell you how I met Eleanor. Let's jump back to August 8th 2009. I had just finished up my first well paying summer job and at 20 wanted to spend my money on a car (this included my savings account before my job). Aside from Eleanor, I had never really bought anything worth more than a few hundred dollars. I didn't go into the dealership thinking I was getting a new camaro, I actually went in there looking for a used wrangler. Big difference, I know. There was Eleanor a 2SS A6 IOM just sitting in the lot. I was in love, and wasn't leaving the lot without her. Sat down with the salesrep and we got the financing and made it work. I took her home that day.

Before I go on and on about Eleanor, I need to recognize someone who's been with me since day one (literally). My dad. He's the one that got me into cars when I was younger and he's the one I can thank for being who I am today. Not only that, he cosigned for me without even hesitating (19 years old and no line of credit, hence the need for a cosigner). Basically what I'm getting at is this: my dad is awesome and I love him. I'd say that the end of the story but it's not. My dad is basically the only person in my family who actually gets the whole "modding" thing. Everybody else just thinks it's a big waste of money (don't get me wrong here though, modding is an endless money pit). So dad if you ever do read this (or learn how to use the internet in general): thank you, thank you for everything and for always being there.

Eleanor - 8/8/2009

I modded Eleanor a bit (no where near to the extent of Kaylee), but unfortunately I didn't really think to do a Journal when I was doing them.

She ran like a charm up until January, and then the brakes just started to not work as well, squeak, pedal would have no pressure on it, etc. I started calling dealers, mechanics, Chevrolet; everybody trying to figure out what is going on with her. Eventually, some 7 months later, Chevrolet calls me and tells me that for everything I've been through and my brakes not being up to warranty they want to replace my camaro. Left work early and drove to the dealership that afternoon.

That being said; what I went through wasn't a walk in the park, nor was it enjoyable. At the 5 month point I contacted the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and filed an official complaint. Man did that get the wheels turning. I should have done that from the start. The BBB asked me to fax over everything (*chuckle*) I had regarding my complaint, etc, etc. I kid you not here; I faxed them a total of 47 pages. Most of which was print outs of my email exchanges between Chevrolet and myself. Some of it was work orders and other stuff like that. All I can say is DOCUMENT & KEEP EVERYTHING! I honestly believe that's the only reason I won my case.

Adrenaline just pumped through me, and the reality that I had to let Eleanor go sunk in. But, every cloud has a silver lining so I stayed on the positive and started getting things ready for Kaylee. I had always wished Eleanor was a manual, not that I didn't like her being faster, I just feel more one with Kaylee when I'm the one changing her gears. Turn that into an innuendo if you want to, because driving Kaylee is a pretty dirty activity.

The Stig 08-09-2010 03:12 PM

I ordered Kaylee on July 20th, and with a TPW of 8/23 it's a pretty nice turn around time, she's a 2SS RS (go big or go home right) black on black and she is sexy. Unfortunatly not all dealer's are like Becky, and mine definetly falls into the "not" category. Completely useless when it came to updating me with information. So I went to Becky, and I harrassed her at least every other day about my order status. In the end it all payed off. I hit 3000 and got my TPW.

And so the waiting game begins.

Eleanor didn't have a single mod on, well aside from some vinyl bow ties. I'm still a student and can only work part time during the year so money is a tiny bit tight and mods aren't the number one priority. So now that I've paid my 50 hour a week dues and side jobs on the weekend I finally get to have some fun. The mod buying begins.

I started out small with the SLP skip shift eliminator. I've read enough here on C5 to know that the skip shift will annoy the hell out of me pretty quickly. That was taken care of and the pile of soon-to-be-installed car parts started. The skip shift eliminator was quickly followed by some Lloyd matts. I mean come on, after CAI I think lloyd matts are the first mod that everyone does. I can see why, when I opened them out of the box I could easily see the difference in quality between them and OEM. The girlfriend thinks I'm crazy for buying all these things before I even have the keys to Kaylee, but I like to prep for stuff.

Specifically I'm prepping for an entire weekend where Kaylee is up on jacks and I don't leave the garage except to eat, or sleep. Ever so slowly the pile of mods is growing.

- GM installed Hurst short throw shifter
- Lloyd's mats
- black chrome bowties, speedo/tach bezel, steering wheel bezel courtesy of 6liter
- Injen cold air intake from ECSMotorsports
- Billet prototypes oil catch can
- cables to do a hard install of my V1
- blue footwell lighting from AAC

It's just a waiting game at this point. I'm a little kid at Christmas and I don't care who knows it.

7/20/10 (1100) Order placed
7/20/10 (1102)
8/02/10 (2000)
8/03/10 (2500)
8/04/10 (3000)
8/12/10 (3100)
8/12/10 (3300)
8/19/10 (3400)
8/23/10 TPW
8/30/10 (3800)
8/30/10 (4000)
8/30/10 (4150)
8/30/10 (4B00)
8/31/10 (4200)
9/06/10 (4B00)
9/06/10 (4800)
9/20/10 (4200)
9/20/10 (5000) Delivered to dealership
10/9/10 (6000) Drove her home :burnrubber:

The Stig 08-09-2010 03:12 PM

The Stig's Phantom Black Metallic SS [COTW 1/16/12]
A lot has gone into making Kaylee who she is today. Yes, she is a she - she will not be referred to as an "it" or a "what". This is a list of vendors that have gone above and beyond in helping her become who she is today.

Adam's Polishes
- Dylan@Adams

Advanced Automotive Concepts
- AACStyle

Apex Motorsports
- Apex Chase
- Apex Paul

Back Street Performance
- RichJ.
- Rich@BSP

DSV Customs
- Indpowr

D&V Autobody

Emblem Pros
- dragonZ28

- Big Top Gt

Gen 5 DIY

Grabiak Performance Center
- GPC1

Jannetty Racing Enterprises
- JannettyRacing
- NickJRE

Pedders Suspension
- JusticePete
- Pedders_Jacie
- Kim@PeddersUSA
- JusticeDeb

- SC2150

Rodgers Chevrolet
- BeckyD@RodgersChevrolet
- MaureenM@RodgersChevrolet

Southwest Speed
- Ivan@SouthwestSpeed

T and T Performance
- TandTPerformance

Technical Painting of Jacksonville
- 6liter

AMPM1678 08-09-2010 03:33 PM

so when do u get kaylee?

CaniacFan 08-09-2010 03:37 PM

Holy cow, you don't hear that everyday. At least someone owned up to the car having issues and is replacing it. Sorry about your Eleanor though.

Tell us more about Kaylee.. Is she also IOM, is it a special order. please we need more details...

Sorry and Congratulations.. :wub: That's kinda weird. Lori

The Stig 08-09-2010 03:50 PM

According to my "not-that-much-like-Becky" dealer her build week is 8/23 which translates into me getting her VIN sometime around September 3rd and then the delivery process takes 4 -6 weeks. Honestly.... I call BS on my dealer and that he is just over shooting the times to play it safe. Well I hope so anyway. It gets harder and harder to look at all the shiny mods that don't have a car to go in.

Yea it is kind of a crazy story that doesn't happen everyday, but it's my story. As corny as it sounds I'm the tiniest bit proud that I stuck with it and didn't give in to my dealer that "nothing was wrong" with her. That said I hate that something was wrong with Eleanor, but if your kid is sick you take them to the doctor right? You don't just let them suffer. In the end I think I've had quite an adventure in my first new car purchase. Definetly will be something that I tell to the kids down the road when teaching them about why working and paying for something yourself feels so much better than mommy and daddy buying it for you.

ViperTomcat 08-12-2010 07:17 PM

So..can we maybe get to see a full pic of your signature?

The Stig 08-13-2010 09:13 AM

Ha no unfortunatly not sorry. But I can post pics of Kaylee, well I intend to post pics of Kaylee the second I can. Then I'll be doing a massive photo DIY for all of her mods.

The Stig 08-14-2010 05:50 PM


I know the move from 3000 to 3300 isn't that big in the whole scheme of things, but it made me happy. These next few weeks are going to take forever to get by, and no matter how impatient I get or bitch and moan she won't get here any sooner. Definitely a lesson to be learned somewhere in there right? Found out from the dealer when I got the 3300 update that if I hadn't had the KAE shifter on my order list then she would have been in the 8/9 TPW week instead of 8/23. That hurt quite a bit, but just kept telling myself it's only an extra two weeks you'll make it. Needless to say I'll be picking Kaylee up Friday night after work on whatever week she gets here. Then spend the next 60 ish hours (yes I'll be working on her Friday night) until I have to go back to work Monday at 8.

The goal for that whole weekend is to accomplish my entire list of planned mods. I know it's a lot and probably won't get there but that's the goal. Saying I learned a long while ago "You've got to risk it to get the biscuit," and that's exactly what I'm going to do.

The Stig 03-08-2011 10:36 AM

Stieger's Build Thread
So I requested to have my build thread combined with Kaylee's journal from this past summer. Thank you to Milk for helping me with that :) This doesn't really add anything new to my build thread, but it gives you the back story to Kaylee and my time with Eleanor. Hope you enjoy :)

The Stig 03-08-2011 10:38 AM

1 Attachment(s)
With the telling of any good story come pictures: So here we go.

The Stig 03-08-2011 10:40 AM

Now that I've at least started her build thread, it's going to be one hell of a fun ride the rest of the way. I'll most likely be updating and playing catch up with her build over the next few days. So if I'm lucky enough to have any readers, just bear with me for a little bit.

cyberLS 03-08-2011 12:21 PM

Looking great like all the black chrome and hydro carbon together on the car.

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