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Moreno Motorsports 12-15-2011 11:09 PM

Project Cleaning the Clutter in Our Engine Bay
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Hey guys, I thought it be fun if we had a place to share ideas on what we can do to clean up our engine compartments so that they don't look so much like a plumbers convention. I look forward to everybody's input and contribution. :thumbsup:

Contributing members gallery:


Attachment 698058
















bmbbl be












NC-V aka Kyle

Another great project from NC-V aka Kyle










My 5th:









The Stig


Anybody that wants to get added to the list, let us know.

Thanks guys for all the help and inspiration! Now lets get more names on the list.

If anybody has an better pic they like me to replace with the ones I have, PM me the picture.

Anybody who has pics of their engine bay they'd like me to post, please post them and I will keep updating the list. :thumbsup:

************************************************** ************************************************** ***
Pictures and link references have been added for faster browsing:

Powder coated intake: 479 510

New front drive: 767

Recreating upper radiator hose:

Removing all the casting (both inside and out), deburing and media blasting the block:
1245 1220 1177

************************************************** ************************************************** ***
Tucking and Reworking Wire harness:

Reworking wiring harness:
77 78 79 210 220 491

Rerouting coil harness: 71 72

Rerouting injector harness:72 80 94

Recreating injector connectors: 324

Relocating EVAC solenoid: 57

Relocating Negative battery cable: 94

Relocating EVAC hose: 210

Relocating Positive battery terminal: 245

Relocating Coils:

Relocating PCM: 491

Remounting fuse box: 555 582

Polishing Water Vapor tube: 118

Polishing the front of cylinder head and welding bolt holes: 154

Polishing Power Steering Pump:

Polishing Oil Cooler:

Polishing T-Bolt clamps and Thermostat housing: 232



Polishing power steering bracket:
282 285 292



Refinishing the generator/alternator: 428


After sanding........

Done .........

Refinishing front drive:
water pump, alternator brackets: 390 430 483



Refinishing AC compressor: 422


Polishing AC lines: 457 464



Refinishing motor mounts before sending to powder coating:
913 927

Refinishing cylinder heads before sending to Lingenfelter to get reworked: 931 981 990



Refinishing timing chain cover before sending to powder coating: 1011



Prepping intake for Powder coating: 388

Create fuel lines: 129

Refinishing Vararam intake: 143 220



Cutting coil wires to size:
204 210

Redoing water vapor line:

Refinishing driver side strut tower:
257 359 377 383 451




How measuring bolts sizes: 152

Cutting Intake coupler in half: 317

************************************************** ************************************************** ***
Part used on Project so far:

ARP bolts: This is a partial list of all the bolts I've replaced. NOTE: when ordering ARP bolts, you can purchase them in sets of 5 or individual bolts. The sets of five and the individual bolts have different parts number:

1 - Intake bolts (This is a kit that comes with all 10 bolts.

2 - Throttle Body:

3 - Fuel rails. Note: Other fuel rails might require different size.

NOTE: OEM rails will use the shorter 6MM by 1 by 20MM length.

4 - Water pump (This is a complete kit):

5 - Pulley tensioner: (this part # is for a set of 5 - you will only need three but it's more cost effect to get the bulk

6 - Power steering: Quantity: 3 Size: 10MM X 1.5 by 70MM, Part #: M12AM70-12C

7 - Water vapor lines - Quantity: 2 Size: 6MM X 1 by 20MM Part #: M8AB20-12

Two bolts for passenger cylinder head:

Stainless fender bolts and washer:

************************************************** ************************************************** ***

Oil Filter: Pure Power

Lokar dip stick: Part #: XED-5008

************************************************** ************************************************** ***

Coil Relocation set-up:

1 - Coil bracket:

2 - Plug wires: Manufactor: MSD Part #: 31193 Description: MAD 8.5MM Super Conductor Spark Plug Wire Set Link:

3 - 4 Plug wire boot and terminal also needed:

If your using the red plug wires, you wont need to purchase the additional boots and terminals, it's included:

4 - Wire Separator: Manufactor: Taylor Part #: 42700 Description: Ignition Wire Loom/Separator, Nylon, Black, 7-8mm, Set of 6 Link:

5 - Wire heat sleeve: Manufacturer: DEI Part #: 010612 Link:
6 - Spark Plug Boot Protectors: Manufacturer: DEI Part #: 010512 Link:

************************************************** ************************************************** ***

Fuel Lines and Fuel rails Set-up:

Fuel lines and fittings:

Parts: T-609006DTBK
Description: -6 90 Deg. PTFE Hose End (AL/ Black)
Quantity: 1

Parts: T-600006DTBK
Description: -6 straight PTFE Hose End (AL/ Black)
Quantity: 2

Parts: T-824-06-2
Description: -6 Male An/JIC Flare Tee - Black
Quantity: 1

Parts: T-63006-10
Description: -6 Black Wrap SS Braided Teflon hose
Quantity: On web site it's sold in 10 Ft length.

NOTE: If you call, you can purchase by the foot. I got 5th and use the rest for the EVAC relocation.

Black anodized fuel rails with no company branding on them:

NOTE: I don't have a part number but you can call Casey Wegner and he will take care of you.

************************************************** ************************************************** ***

Wiring harness:

Injector connectors, map sensor and throttle body extensions:

90 degree injector heat shrink boots:

Harness tape:

Russell Harness sleeving: All 4 sizes

Wire Wrap: Manufacturer: Painless, Part#: PRF-70902Description: Protective Sleeve, Power-braid Wire Wrap, Black, .500 in. Diameter, 10 ft. Length, Each Link:

Wire Wrap: Manufacturer: Painless, Part#: PRF-70916, Description: Protective Sleeve, Power-braid Wire Wrap, Black, 1 in. Diameter, 12 ft. Length, Each

Ground cable:

************************************************** ************************************************** ***

Carbon fiber valve covers:

Billet tensioner:

Powder coated intake:

************************************************** ************************************************** ***

Cold Air Intake setup:


Black coupler:

T-bolt clamps for intake:
Part #: 5312K23 Description: Type 300 Series Stainless Steel T-Bolt Hose and Tube Clamp, 4-1/32" to 4-11/32" Clamp Diameter Range, 3/4" Band Width

Vacuum Line and Fitting:
Parts: 209006BB
Description: -6 90 Deg double swivel hose end black
Quantity: 1

Parts: 250006
Description: -6 37 Deg male flare push-on hose end
Quantity: 1
Hose: Parts: 3106-00
Description: - 6 XR-31 Nylon Braided Race hose
Quantity: Depends on how your routing it. 2 Ft minimum.

************************************************** ************************************************** ***

XRP water vapor set-up:

Parts: 82446
Description: Special Tee, Flare -4 Male w/ -6 Male Branch
Quantity: 1

Parts: 109004SN
Description: -4 90 Deg Hose End Super Nickel
Quantity: 2

Parts: 100004SN
Description: -4 Straight Hose End - Super Nickel
Quantity: 2

Parts: 100006SN
Description: -6 Straight Hose End - Super Nickel
Quantity: 1

Parts: 3106-00
Description: - 6 XR-31 Nylon Braided Race hose
Quantity: 2 FT

Parts: 3104-00
Description: -4 XR-31 Nylon Braided Race hose
Quantity: 2 FT

The blocks are from

************************************************** ************************************************** ***

Radiator hose replacement:

Aluminum tube:



Flex-a-lite radiator:

Meziere electric water pump:

Innovators West Front Drive:

Billet strut tower, over flow and radiator caps:

Windshield washer relocation kit:

Motor Mounts:
Improved Racing Oil Pan Baffle:

I will update parts list as we go.........

************************************************** ************************************************** ***********************

Disco69 12-16-2011 12:44 AM


Slideways 12-16-2011 12:45 AM

Subscribed , great idea !

MRGOODWRENCH3 12-16-2011 09:58 AM

Here are a few things I have done to clean up the engine compartment. First was to get rid of the engine cover and top intake manifold cover. I installed the TechAFX heater hose kit. It also includes a new fuel line. I polished the fuel rail and rotated it 180degrees.

The Roto-Fab Radiator cover cleans up the top of the radiator.

A Katech Billet Belt Tensioner looks better than the factory one.

I made a new PCV hose and routed it under the Throttle Body instead of over the top.

The cold air intake is by ADM Performance. I think it is the best looking piece on the market. The washer bottle is by Roto-Fab.

Ravener 12-16-2011 10:20 AM

I like what you've done there....but truth be told is doesn't "clear up" the plumbers clutter the OP pointed out regarding our egine bays. Removing the engine cover just exposes the mess beneath lol.

AngelSpeedFreak 12-16-2011 10:33 AM

looking real good. Looks like you actually have a muscle car engine rather than a piece of plastic :)

ackeight 12-16-2011 10:34 AM

The only thing else that mr good wrench could do is a coil relocation kit and get some new valve covers. you really can't do much else unless you are going to do some major surgury. ADM did a build where they moved the fuse box out of sight and that really cleaned to motor bay up some, but that is pricey.

PAUL SS 12-17-2011 04:43 PM

I cleaned mine up by using 2012 Camaro heater hoses, flipped the fuel rail 180 degrees, removed the intake manifold cover and powder coating the coil brackets. In the next month I will make a few more changes.

Moreno Motorsports 12-18-2011 01:30 AM

Lackonblacksls sent me these pictures. This things is Bad Ass. Not one original factory hose on it. 427 13.7 to 1 compression!

camslambam 12-18-2011 02:05 AM

People actually clean under the hood?

blackonblacksls 12-19-2011 06:31 PM

Yep my car with the black fast with blue letters

PAUL SS 12-19-2011 07:43 PM


Originally Posted by camslambam (Post 4183578)
People actually clean under the hood?

Clean, no. Don't allow it to get dirty, yes.

The Stig 12-19-2011 07:47 PM


Originally Posted by PAUL SS (Post 4191714)
Clean, no. Don't allow it to get dirty, yes.


Moreno Motorsports 12-20-2011 12:47 AM

Looking for thoughts on powder coating the stock intake in a "wrinkle Black' finish. It will be subtle but slightly different than factory. Perhaps a more cast aluminum look. I'm going for a industrial high tech look. Not to showing or Bling.

Some thing like this:

Let's hear it.

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