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K1SSRSS 12-30-2011 01:48 AM

LS 68 RS Build Thread
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Hey guys I am starting my first 1st Gen Camaro build and I thought I would track it here for everyone to follow and to possibly get a few tips and pointers along the way.

This is actually my 2nd 68, but I am plannning on building it first since since the first 68 I picked up a few months ago is a well documented RS/SS and will likely be restored as close to original as I possibly can.

I picked up this 68 earlier this week as I could not pass up the deal, all that I can verify on it is that it is an original V8 car, but from what I have uncovered I also have reason to believe it is also an RS. It had been previously restored sometime about 20 years ago, but was in a house/garage fire. I decided to build this car with an LS motor, preferably a LS7, if I can find one when I get to that point. I also plan on completely restoring the car and upgrading the suspension. I will be doing as much of the work as I can possibly do and there probably won't be many of the original parts left on the car when I am finished.

Tear down will start this week and as soon as I get it soda blasted I will start on the body work and replacing any pannels that may need it. If there are any pointers that anyone has as I get started that would be great since this will be my first complete restoration project.

usa1camaro1969 12-31-2011 01:03 PM and have good forums for these types of builds also. Probably 10 years ago David Pozi(?) did a brake upgrade using the 4th gen discs and showed how it was done to include a template for the bracket. It's what I've used on my last two and it is a huge improvement over stocks.

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