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puertoricanfont 03-17-2012 08:48 PM

puertoricanfont Build Thread "Esperanza"
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So i bought my car 2 years ago when i was in the marine corps. I had a 2009 lancer and wasn't trying to find another vehicle. But once i first caught a glimpse of the car i couldnt stop obsessing about it. 2 months later i finally talked the dealership down and got my new 2010 camaro ls with 3 miles for 21600. Even tho the car was plain as jane :sm0: i love every aspect of my new car. I never had so many people stare at me while i drove by.

puertoricanfont 03-17-2012 08:56 PM

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2 years later i finally finished all my exterior mods and some bolts on.

My exterior mods include:
replace fender script with 69 camaro fender script
acc afterburners
acc sidemarkers
added foglights with super white bulbs
bigworm rear tailight tint and front sidemarker tint
front fascia blackout
mnp rear blackout
mnp T3 stripes
Mpd1 spoiler
painted white heritage grill
plastidipped lower bumper
retrofitted RS halos supplied by camaro2lt

My bolts on include:
Injen Cai
Mrt v2.0

My next future perfomance mod should be twin turbo if all goes as planned. Lets hope nothing happens and i can get those soon.:thumbup:

jlugo 03-17-2012 09:09 PM

Esperanza is looking really good, congratulations!


puertoricanfont 03-17-2012 09:14 PM


Originally Posted by jlugo (Post 4662500)
Esperanza is looking really good, congratulations!


thanks bro:respekt:

aquablueL99 03-17-2012 10:45 PM

Esperanza could not look better...what a nice looking ride...congrats....:chevy:

Camaro_krazee 03-17-2012 10:55 PM

Looks totally awesome!! And.....IMO, Summit White is the new black! ;)

Have fun!

JEMnCherryRS 03-18-2012 01:41 AM

Beautiful car sir...thank you for your service!

midnighter 03-18-2012 01:42 AM

What a makeover! She looks awesome.

tmac1granger33 03-18-2012 02:02 AM

Pretty much the same scheme I had in mind if I had gotten a white one. Looks great man!

camaro_RS 03-18-2012 09:43 AM

Awesome job with your SW man! Looks sweet!!!

SSTG 03-18-2012 10:10 AM

Great job, car is sharp!

Can't_C_Me 03-24-2012 07:17 AM

Looking amazing, I love the transformation :respekt: :chevy:

puertoricanfont 04-13-2012 11:21 AM

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So esperanze is no longer part of us :cry: but the good news is that she has a new sister. And oh how awesome she is :headbang:. Got a 2010 camaro ss

ssmike 04-13-2012 12:05 PM

Wow! That was a surprise! Congrats on the SS! Can't wait to see how this one turns out in a year or 2 if you mod it like you did Esperanza!

puertoricanfont 04-13-2012 12:19 PM


Originally Posted by ssmike (Post 4799680)
Wow! That was a surprise! Congrats on the SS! Can't wait to see how this one turns out in a year or 2 if you mod it like you did Esperanza!

Already have plans! Shouldnt take one or two years as i actually get paid now that im out the military :sm0:

tdp1 04-13-2012 03:23 PM

Beautiful ride my friend!

midnighter 04-13-2012 03:26 PM

What will you name Esperanza's sister with the double S's?

puertoricanfont 04-13-2012 03:40 PM


Originally Posted by midnighter (Post 4800756)
What will you name Esperanza's sister with the double S's?

I think i will name her Raven havent decided yet :yikes:

puertoricanfont 05-06-2012 08:08 PM

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took some new pics of Raven with new emblems from gary customs. Sidemarkers, afterburners and halos will be arriving soon.:headbang:

camaro2lt 05-06-2012 08:47 PM

the new car looks sick but one thing missing RS LIGHTS ;)

puertoricanfont 05-19-2012 10:57 PM

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just finished my retrofit.morimoto h1 projectors with white flashtech halos, installed aac afterburners and aac sidemarkers. Also painted my calipers red with g2 paint and added matte black and red bowtie and ss emblems from garys customs. All external mods are done:thumbup:

dabird 06-21-2012 02:56 AM

I love what you did with the white and black camaro. making it look clean is the best way to go!!!

puertoricanfont 06-27-2012 10:58 PM

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I decided to mod my engine cover this past weekend. I used some plastic spray paint and a saw blade to make the cuts. I think for a total of 10 dollars the outcome came out real good.

puertoricanfont 06-27-2012 11:03 PM

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After doing the engine cover i had some unused led from a fail project. At first i was gonna use some 5mm leds to light up the projector of my headlights to give it a true "Demon eye" look. But after experimenting the led did not last that long from the heat of the projector. So instead i decided to use these to light up my door handles.

puertoricanfont 06-27-2012 11:12 PM

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the latest mod i finished was my grill lighting. I originally bought a dynamic scanner from AAC and it arrived broken. Being the dummy that i was i never kept my receipt and john said that he couldn't do anything about it without a receipt. This was upsetting because i know a few other members that had warranty exchanges without receipts :mad0260:. So instead of spending another 90$ for another led bar i bough this one instead.
So far the led bar has been on for 2 weeks and still working like a champ. One thing i notice too is that the control box and remote looked almost exactly as the one from AAC. The led bar were somewhat different that AAC but was still a quality part. the color the led bar can do is red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, cyan, and white and is programmed for multiple modes. But i like the red the best:thumbsup:

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