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My Transformer and LED light obsessed build
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My car is a personal expression of myself. Growing up I loved Transformers, Tron, Dukes of Hazzard and Knight Rider. I also love muscle car's and Camaro's. So far I've owned about 24 cars such as a 94, 95 and 96 Impala SS all black, 87 Pontiac Trans Am GTA, 87 Iroc-z, 95 Firebird Formula, 97 Trans am, 98 Camaro Z28, Mitsu 3000 GT, Mercedes S500, 7 Ford Taurus/Sable (1 SHO) and even a Reliant K bought for $50.

This however is my last and favorite car! As soon as I saw the First Transformers movie and Bumble Bee changed to the new Camaro I was hooked! That was 2007, so I had to wait till July of 09. Yeah, I got an SS ASAP!!! Initially I wanted Red, and sometimes still do, but I love the Inferno Orange accented interior and I found one! Anybody that got an SS in July of 09 knows how hard it was. I didn't pre-order, I got one off the lot and for sticker!!! Well I did drive to Chicago to pick her up, and it helps when you pay cash$$$

I wanted this car to express my love of those iconic TV shows. It's the color of the General Lee, or close ;) It has a Knight Rider Scanner. I also made the wheels glow like on Tron:) Finally being a Camaro it is a Transformer too!!! Don't get it twisted, all GM products and especially Camaro's are Autobot's!!! Ford's are Decepticons :P

Please read to the end. My skills have grown and my product is always the best I can do! Almost everything you see is different and unique to this car. I take ideas and run with them and make them awesome!!!

Thanks for viewing.

Car is a 2010 SS/RS bought new July 24, 2009 built July 2, 2009 three days before my birthday. It is Inferno Orange with special interior, stripe package and polished wheels. Paid no mark up :) Currently has 42k.


I have this to say to the haters before they make a negative comment.

Opinions are like A-holes, we all got em and they all stink. By exposing yours you show what you are.

We are all on here for a shared love of cars and Camaro's in particular. Let's keep things positive. Since the day in 2009 I got this car people have had negative things to say, what does that say about the self esteem and confidence of the commentor? Thank you, that is all.

Juiced1 03-28-2012 09:27 PM

Looks good. Nice pics by the way.

camaro_RS 03-28-2012 09:33 PM

Looks good, man. You ever thought about changing the bowties up at all?? I think that could make a dramatic appearance change in your a good way!!

rayray11 03-29-2012 01:28 PM

The LED in the recess looks really good. Love the car.

2010 SSRS 03-29-2012 01:34 PM

looks awesome 04-01-2012 09:04 PM

Picking up my baby, got her July of 2009!!!
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You can see me, huge dork and her in the special room they put sold car's. It's all sealed and nobody is allowed in. This was Bill Jacob's Chevy in Joliet Illinois. Got her for sticker too, in 2009:)

Second pic is how I picked her up by myself, plus I didn't want 400 miles of constant speed on a 21 mile car. I varied speed and rpm for first 1500, yes I'm that ridiculous. 04-01-2012 09:15 PM

Second Project, Orange LED Halo's and Billet Grilles:)
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I thought long and hard about both of these items. The car's face is the most important feature. I have still never seen a better looking front end combo. I went with Orange Halo's because they are legal. I keep them on all the time, and they look killer. They didn't even have the color change ones at this point. I was extremely nervous popping my brand new HID headlamps into a 250 degree oven and prying them apart. I even stabbed my arm in the process. If you look you can see the full bottom circle, which even the factory couldn't replicate. I feel this makes mine not only unique, but superior as they resemble evil shrouded eyes ;) Hence the name, El Diablo.

Pic of bumper off, in my living room, finished, and in my warehouse.

shanmoon 04-01-2012 09:16 PM

Nice! I am jealous of the mailslot on the SS. I am considering retrofitting my 2LT with one, just so I can add the Knight Rider style LED, lol. 04-01-2012 09:33 PM

Decided to start the transformation to becoming a Transformer!!!
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Here are some, yes some, of the projects I have done to make my car into and better than a Transformers edition Camaro. And not the third movie edition, because I'm an old school Megan Fox kinda guy all the way;)

First was the emblems on the fenders. Don't like the factory ones, way to big and thick. Also the price!!! Mine are metal and $5 of ebay :P One stollen already so glad they are cheap too :P

Second was the wheel caps, factory ones at $55.

Then I found the Transformer word for the hood on E-bay cheap. Kit came with 3 in case I screwed up installing one. Nice of them, and my girlfriend Rita suggested the rear window. I think it ended up nice, if not factory, and let's people behind know what's up.

Then I got the door sill plates, factory from GM, like $70 something. 04-01-2012 09:58 PM

Totally Custom!!!
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So my girlfriend Rita and I were walking down the Vegas Strip, where I live, and saw one of those light up to the music shirts. I was like I need that in my car. She remembered I wanted the center console to look like the Transformers edition and suggested the Transformer one... Well the one we saw was blue, so hello E-bay and $11 later I had an orange one and a free shirt... I custom wired a DC inverter to power it. One of those cig adapters. I added the voltages of the 2 AA's batteries running it, selected that voltage and wired it in place of the batt's. Good luck our car's having 12V outlet's in the center console. Oh, than the upholstery... $200 something dollars later it is better than factory and has the orange stitching. Trust me, it get's the biggest grins ever!!!

Showing the newly upholstered console and the old piece. Installed from a couple different angles.

Finally check out the video!!!

New HD Vid!!!


50 Cent

50 Cent 04-02-2012 12:24 AM

Stereo Project
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So when I was younger I used to install stereo's. My car's... Friends, even boats. I am by no means the best, but I do a good clean install and make the best with what I have. I decided to use cheap stuff, but quality if that makes sense. I started with the best adapter off the factory head unit. Than wire for the sub amp I used 0 gauge and gold terminals. I found a nice ready made box on E-bay for cheap that would fit three ten inch woofers, sealed. I chose Boss equipment cause it's cheap and can sound good. I used three 10" woofers "rated" at 1200 RMS each. The amp is a Class D Monoblock "rated" at 2400 RMS at the Ohm's I am running approx 3 ohms with all 3 DVC woofers first wired in a series than parallel at the amp. The amp has a remote mount bass boost knob, I mounted below dash out of site. I tuned the system for normal listening with the knob at 0, and you can add all the bass you want after. Stereo sounds great up to about 30 even though the rest is all factory for now, amp and speakers. It all cranks!!!

The pic's show my wiring behind the headunit, the big magnet's on the woofers, the amp and wiring job with capacitor and subs. Check out the finished sub pic, totally Transformers :) I simply took some poster quality images off Google, printed them at Wal-Mart for $.16 each and stuck them on with double sided tape. 1 year and they all work and look perfect :) 04-02-2012 03:37 AM


Originally Posted by shanmoon (Post 4740592)
Nice! I am jealous of the mailslot on the SS. I am considering retrofitting my 2LT with one, just so I can add the Knight Rider style LED, lol.

My friend in MO has a 2LT and had a brand new SS bumper painted and installed to have the knight rider... The shows we love as kids :)

pierre777 04-02-2012 07:18 AM

looking good. 04-03-2012 02:36 AM

My second LED project, Project Knight Rider!!!
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So this was, and still is one of my largest undertakings. I had seen some color change fog lights and thought, "that's cool, but I can do better;)" In researching them I found the Knight Rider light and weatherproof RGB strips. This was before they used 5050 RGB lights in the fog's, but it's to late now... lol and I like the lights rotating around as they change. I used one controller to do both fog's and both RGB strips mounted facing rear behind both grilles. I liberally used zip ties and wrapped my work in Orange for obvious reasons. The install went great, except the pic you see with bumper off and lights on was me heading to Home Depot without a front bumper ;) I sat in a lawn chair playing with them all night long after I finished. Oh, and I worked from 9am to 2am with breaks for food and such. And it was cold!!! Well for Vegas.

I wish this is where the story ended... But the I am on like my 5th Knight rider light and second controller. I think I've had that bumper off like 10 times!!! I can get it off and on in less than 1:20!!! lol Don't ask how I know.

Pic's show bumper off, fog's cut in half with the dremel I had to drive and get, un-wired bumper and finished wiring job, and finally the finished product. Does all colors, but sickest in red :)

Check out my video!!!

New HD Video!!! 04-03-2012 02:58 AM

Yeah, but does it talk???
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Living in Vegas and driving through Casino security check points with my lights on I kept hearing, "But does it talk?" I decided to make my Bumble Bee talk by installing speakers behind the grille. They are little outdoor bookshelf speakers powered by a little motorcycle amp mounted under driver side dash. It is on a switch and has a 3.5mm input for my MP3 player and it is attached to my full car stereo through the adapter I installed for the subs. It is actually my front channel for those stereo people out there ;) I made a quick 3 minute play list of Transformer sounds and songs to play when the need arises. The unintended side effect is I can now listen to music with the doors and windows closed, like when I'm washing the car. Yes, I listen to stereo while spraying her down!!!

My girlfriend said it wasn't loud enough... So I also installed 2 marine 6X9's in the front wheel wells. Yes, I'm crazy but they work perfect. I am using the front bumper as an enclosure and they even have decent bass!!! The real limiting factor is the amp, doesn't quite have enough power. It is wired perfect with all for speakers running a 4 ohm load, the amp's max. Worked from day one, and no issues to date. You can hear them in the first video, but is better in person.

Pic of speakers in place, and not visible when bumper is re-installed. Pic's of wheel well speakers.

Video's 04-04-2012 08:53 PM

Haters gonna hate...
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It happened at home, on a Friday before 7 pm. Obviously I was in my apartment, but I can't see my car over the railing. We did have an unlocked gate that faces a Wal-Mart parking lot and there was always trouble coming our way. I feel it was a neighbor who always parked next to me, and when I washed my car got hers got wet, but it was never clean anyway. Either way, those that don't have hate those that do and I got keyed.

I had numerous rock chips and other issues I wanted taken care of so I got the car painted. The major rock chips came from driving down a gravel road once before I got the mud flaps. I had a local "shop" do the job who was recommended by my upholsterer. They did not do a great job. Paint buildup in places, swirl marks and even some burns from poor buffing and the rear bumper itself doesn't match the rear fenders. Keep in mind I wanted factory good, and I'm a perfectionist. They did basically paint the entire rear of the car and repaired a couple dings for less than $1500, which my Apt. Complex covered $800 of because of unlocked gate and my ability to negotiate ;) While they were at it I had them paint the lower black exhaust area. One year later and it still looks great. 04-04-2012 09:11 PM

Little projects here and there.
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These are minor things that make the car better. Recently I saw a young guy's Camaro who had painted his mufflers. I thought black would look better than the shiny silver they have been. I think it makes them kinda disappear :)

Oh, best mod ever, Transformers License Plate frame :-0 lol 04-04-2012 09:51 PM

Possibly my most ambitious and cool project to date!!!
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Being me I was browsing you tube for cool stuff one day and found video's of Bimmers in Europe that had white glowing wheels. So I started to research. I found a US company that made them, $500 plus for kits any single color. Found some guys on e-bay that had a kit for $150 that did white or red but were super sketchy... So I said to myself, self, I can do better. I will beat the cost, and do all the colors with RGB.

So I set about making a prototype bracket on a rear wheel and driving around with it on for a couple days with no issues. Then a front wheel, still waiting for my parts anyway. No issues again :) Finally got the lights and wired one side of the car up, than the other. Mind you their is a 4 wire set running from wheel to wheel on each side then through the firewall and to below driver and the controller box. While I was at it, I figured might as well make the front fog lights and grilles match right? Than I added lights to the footwells, mostly to keep an eye on what was going on outside, but are very cool as well. Oh, did I mention I got them to flash in time with the music? Well why wouldn't I? I mean I have outdoor speakers and all.

So finally I think I'm done. I have crazy wheel lights, fog's, grilles lite up, and footwell lighting that all match!!! So my friend Melanie says, what about the back? Ugh!!! Really? She wanted one of those big strips like trucks have below their bed, I said no, not classy ;) I came up with my idea on the spot, light up the back up lights to match!!! Well, easier said than done. I had to order individual 3 watt RGB led's. Got two kinds just in case. One was an easy four wire soldier job, the other had separate powers for each color and the grounds, yup 6 soldiers total! Attached them to metal brackets with a metal type adhesive to conduct heat, silicon-ed the faces for water resistance, b/c they are outside after all. Oh, did I mention I had to compute the correct ohms, voltage, and resistors they would need to not blow up or cause a fire? Than I had to take off and remove the bumper, anyone that has done this knows it's a two man job, not me, by myself!!! And without scratching it, with my painted lower panel intact :P Plus I had to run one more 18' wire up to the controller for them. Went through trunk this time, not the rocker panels outside like last time. Oh, it worked the first time and still does!!!

The pic's don't give away all my secrets, as it is the only one in the world I know of like it. You can see the prototype bracket, behind the wheel, installed, me working on it in the winter, and a bunch of the finished product. Than the LED's I used for the rear, the brackets, and finally a shot of them lit up. I lost all the pic's of the wiring in the back bumper. From outside when they are off you would never see them, but there are two per light. I mounted them at an angle facing opposite ways to get a better spread. Didn't realize how low they are, and they face directly out. Much brighter when you are low, or far away. Still...

Finally check out my vids, they are awesome!!! First is showing music matching mode, with Rob Zombie and real audio from camera. Second is with the car in motion.

New video compilation, check out the end of me driving on Las Vegas Blvd past the Las Vegas sign!!!

Finally flashing to the music, but can't hear it. 04-04-2012 10:22 PM

Did I mention my car has Girlfriends???
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Yeah, beauty looks good with more beauty :) Some are friends and some are/were girlfriends. Enjoy the beauty, and keep the comments clean ;)

The third to last picture is by far my favorite, of the car. It is a girl holding the door handle and it reminds me of the movie Transformers and the line, “Fifty Years from now, when you’re looking back at your life, Don’t you want to be able to say you Had the Guts to Get in The Car?”

Enough said.

driyac 04-05-2012 12:45 AM

I need the numbers of the two girls please..... Haha

Great car btw 04-06-2012 01:31 AM


Originally Posted by driyac (Post 4758854)
I need the numbers of the two girls please..... Haha

Great car btw

The top two? They are Canadian eh :) And thanks!!! 05-05-2012 10:33 PM

I got junk in the trunk!!!
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I've had the subs in the car for about a year now, and it was finally time to finish the trunk. For the longest time I couldn't think of what to do, to set it apart to be unique. I also wanted to continue the Transformers theme.

My first idea was a Bumble Bee "installation" art type project on the inner trunk lid. The piece itself is very odd in shape, has ridges and valley's and overall impossible to reproduce easily. So I decided to simply hang a picture like thing on the inner lid. To make it unique I wanted it to be Bumble Bee with lit up eyes. It took me forever to find, and only did because they just came on the market, LED rings small enough to make the eyes. Originally I was gonna re-use my original Halo's with RGB LED's. They are huge though, and would not be possible. I made it with infinity edges top and bottom and solid black frames on the left and right edges. I then had to trim it to fit the trunk opening. Honestly it looks better in photos than in person.

My next idea was making the entire floor of the trunk a picture of BB. This one was gonna be hard. I used the mat as a template, traced it on white plastic fiber board for support. Then I was lucky enough to find a 150 DPI photo I liked and had it turned into a laminated vinyl poster. I first tried Office Max, said no because of copyright laws... Whatever, Kinko's never even mentioned it, but did cost twice as much!!! Poster was 68x29" and I cropped it down to around 55x27". I cropped it to really show off what was there, and I think it turned out amazing.

Last phase for the trunk, lighting the woofers. I looked at ton's of video's on Youtube about LED's and lighting subs. Time and time again I saw around the woofer light up, or neons, etc. But nobody, but nobody had the woofers themselves light up. I knew I could do it. Same place with the little rings sold bigger ones that fit perfectly around the pictures I already had mounted on my woofer cone dust covers. Unfortunately they did not sell them in RGB, just single colors. Well, BB's eyes were already blue in the movie so I made all my inside trunk lights blue. All same shade and match. After I figured it all up and thought it through I knew it would work. People said, ohhhh the weight, will they stay on... etc. Well not only do they work, they look awesome!!! I had to remove the speakers, drill holes in the cone and box to allow wires in. I modified the rings and affixed them onto the pictures just in case I needed to make changes.

Now here's the kicker. I planned all this in a couple days and finished the install in 4!!! I have a life and found time here and there to work on it, but it came together very fast!!! Please leave feedback and tell me what you think.

New HD vids!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie Mac 05-05-2012 11:26 PM

I just don't know where to begin but that's probably for the best. Good luck

IROCanSS 05-06-2012 07:12 AM

Wow. Maybe my dad was on to something....

MudderFinger 05-06-2012 10:01 AM

Awesome work man, I really like this stuff.

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