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AntiPriuSS 08-11-2012 09:16 PM

My Decent into Madness
Hi my name is Roy and I'm an addict.

You see I wasn't always like this at one point I had a car that I really didn't care about modding. I washed it weekly and waxed it every few months and just drove it around town and to work and back. It was a silver 2004 350z touring. It was a fun little car and at the time of trade in had just over 44,500 miles on it. That was after driving it across country when the Air Force decided my services was required in Florida. I had that car from just after we was placed (All of my kids are adopted) with my first daughter to just after the adoption of my Son (third kid).

After we brought home Micheal everything is ok until it started to be come apparent that I would need to be able to pick up our daughters from school. My wife didn't like the idea of putting one of them in the trunk. Im not sure why I mean what the hell you can fit golf bags back there why not a Kid? :iono: (and I am just joking here I would never endanger one of my kids.)

So off I go searching for a sensible family car. :laugh:

I did briefly toss around the idea of a used BMW M5 but at the price of inheriting another persons problems I could get a new car from either Chevy Dodge Ford or another number of other import manufacturers. So I tossed out the idea of the M5 and started to look at what I wanted.

Well to be honest other than briefly tossing the idea of a used M5 or an Aston Martian Vanquish around I really didn't look at anything else other than a Camaro. My main problem is my two local dealerships was pushing A6 at me and really didn't want to even entertain the idea of ordering me a car or going about 60 miles north of me and getting one from Daytona.

So I booked an appointment with John Hall Chevy in Daytona Beach took a day of leave and went and bought me a family car.

I feel in love with Lucy after only a 1.5 mile test drive. In my defense I was handed the keys and told to go with no sales guy in the car with me in a strange town so how far was I really going to go anyway?
Here she is sitting at the dealership in the background you can see my families true family car the blue gray minivan.

Just another view of Lucy sitting on the lot.

So after some dealing and haggling and waiting to punch a sales manager in the mouth. I drive away with Lucy my Black 2012 Camaro 2SS/RS. She had all of 35 miles on the clock.

One day at lunch I come out of the building I work in pull down my sunshade and start to fire her up to go get some chow and I thought man my a$$ is hot this will not do.

So I ask around and get a recommendation to a tint place in Palm Bay called The Sun Stopper.

Here she is in their shop as they are wrapping up her tint job.

Here she is after her tint job. I went as dark as legally allowed in the state of Florida. Best 150 dollars I have ever spent. But it also started my decent into madness.

You see after taking these pictures I thought man those corner markers are bright. That just wont do either.

So I tinted them with a kit from Big Worm Graphics.
And my birthday is comming up in a month so my wife is ordering me Technostalgia Led Tail Lights and Ill tint those as well.

And then I was looking her over and thought man what a nice ass but that bowtie looks like a freaking gold tramp stamp. So I removed it and the lettering on the side of the car with plans to soon get the part to remove the front bow tie as well.

And now I find myself looking though the vendors area and starting a part list of both cosmetic mods and performance mods. Everything from body kits and wheels to super charger setups.

Who would have though a simple things as a burnt a$$ in dress blues would have caused such madness?

My name is Roy and I'm a Camaro mod addict.

AntiPriuSS 08-11-2012 09:26 PM

Planned Mods
Anvil Notch Rear Spoiler Carbon Fiber/Glossy Finish
Camaro Zl1 Side Rockers
Carbon Fiber Trunk
VIS Racing AMS Carbon Fiber hood
DRL Harness
DRL Plasma Blubs
Night Owl LED Halo Kit
Heritage Grill

1LE Steering Wheel


Zl1 Spec sway bars with Endlinks
Prothane Bushing
Pedders Super car coilovers
Stainless power headers
JDP LS3 Stage 2 Clutch Reservoir relocation kit
Vmax Ported Throttle Body
Elite Engineering PCV Catch Can
JDP CTS-V Stage 2 Brake Upgrade Package

Pending Mods

Done Mods
Window Tint
Big Worm Graphics Taillight, Sidemarker and Reverse light tint
Camaro Side Emblems deleted
Rear Bow tie deleted
Technostalgia Rapid Fire LED Tail Light 10, 11
Carbon Fiber Tail Light Bezels 13
Carbon Fiber Gauge cluster bezels (speedometer and tachometer) 22
Carbon Fiber Dash Trim 22
Gauge Bezel for shifter bezel 22
PFADT 1.25 Drop Springs 18
Stainless Works Retro Chambered Cat Back Exhaust ordered from JDP Motorsports 34
Black Cold Air Inductions Cold Air Intake ordered from JDP Motorsports 35
Carbon Fiber Door inserts with ABL ordered from G3 Carbon 37
Carbon Fiber Steering wheel bezel and control bezels ordered from G3 Carbon 37
Carbon Fiber AC bezel ordered from G3 Carbon 37

Mishimoto 08-15-2012 05:03 PM

Glad to see you went Camaro for the new "family" car. Sounds like your wife is an enabler, so there is nothing wrong with your addiction.

AntiPriuSS 08-18-2012 06:15 PM

Here are pics of Lucy after tinting the side markers reverse lights and removing badges.

MoeIv 09-02-2012 10:27 PM

Looks good :D keep up the good work

AntiPriuSS 09-03-2012 07:03 AM

Thanks. I ordered my Technostalgia Rapid Fire LED Tail Lights last week Ill have them tomorrow and they will be on the car Friday or Saturday. :happyanim:
Just depends on if I can get Friday off or not to do the install.

aquablueL99 09-03-2012 09:20 AM

Looks good. What a sweet Camaro to start with. Keep up the nice, personal touches and it will be yours alone!
Keep us posted....Kurt ABL99...:chevy:

KalCorp 09-03-2012 11:55 AM

Very nice!

Cant wait to see the LED Tail Lights. I wanted to get these. If you need help with anything let me know!

AntiPriuSS 09-03-2012 01:00 PM


Originally Posted by KalCorp (Post 5527827)
Very nice!

Cant wait to see the LED Tail Lights. I wanted to get these. If you need help with anything let me know!

I just might have to take you up on this due to my lack of tools.

AntiPriuSS 09-04-2012 06:32 PM

Got my lights in today now I just need to go buy me a socket set.

Thanks to my wife for buying these for my birthday and thanks Apex Chase for getting these out to me quickly!

AntiPriuSS 09-06-2012 10:17 PM

Bezels blacked out with Plastidip, Technostalgia Taillights installed and Big Worm Graphics tail light tint installed

Front bowtie blacked out with Plastidip until I can get the funds for the delete or a heritage grill painted by Gary

Ill get some better pictures later. Also to note I still need to get a switch to setup the show mode for the lights.

AntiPriuSS 09-11-2012 09:13 PM

Video of the new lights

AntiPriuSS 12-29-2012 08:34 PM

Project Carbon Fiber Lingerie
Just after Thanksgiving I contacted Alan at G3 Carbon for some sexy underthings for my mistress and he supplied me with some nicely. Granted not all my parts are done and he has to redo my 4pack bezel cluster (would you believe there is an 1/8th difference between the auto and the manual bezels?). I will be doing a full review of my transaction with his shop but long story short great guy will be doing business again soon. I will say I don't blame Alan on the issues my with my bezel he trusted his parts guy that they where the same with only the manual having the sift pattern stamped into it. I probably would have done the same.

AntiPriuSS 12-29-2012 08:58 PM

Its all good we all make mistakes now get back to sanding!

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