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fbodfather 01-11-2008 12:55 PM

Frontal shot of new Camaro.......
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Attachment 3416 -- then click on Chevy Club house -- then click on the Silver Camaro -- then click on Camaro Spot.........


Mr. Wyndham 01-11-2008 01:03 PM


Originally Posted by fbodfather (Post 38747)
.......will be up shortly .......

It be here NOW!!!:D :confused0068: It's amazing how close you guys have kept it. And I'm lovin the grille. (smaller holes;))

Thanks for posting that Scott - or else I wouldn't have found it for a while!! :sm0:

Croathlete 01-11-2008 01:10 PM




Just give me the bowtie and I'll be happy!!

Edit: ok, ok...I see the cutout for it...whew

And for those that didn't read the Fastlane blog...that most likely won't be the final headlamp design (not that it's bad, just not used to it)

I want this car now!!!

Sweeper 01-11-2008 01:14 PM


This just in: Spotted on The GM test track, this early, preproduction Camaro Coupe. The new Camro is quickly evolving into final form, but some of the details you see here (such as the headlamp design) may change before production begins this year. -Alicia Dorset, blog editor
Please..Please..don't let those be the headlights. :bellyroll:

The car looks great! :thumbsup:

Raven 01-11-2008 01:17 PM

:woot: Keep up the good work!

LSxcellent 01-11-2008 01:17 PM

:happyanim: :happyanim: :happyanim: :happyanim: :happyanim:

You guys ROCK!:headbang:

That is just damn awesome! Really nice.

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

:drinking: :drinking: :drinking:


KoolAID 01-11-2008 01:18 PM

OMG :confused0068: I think I need to change my pants.... too much excitement!

That photo really does alot for helping to bring a more complete view of the work in progress. I absolutely love the lines, and the hood looks sleek and tough. The grill is exactly what I'd hoped it might be, and the lights look like they are the perfect shape and set just right into the grill.

mmmmmmmmm zesty!!

chevys 01-11-2008 01:18 PM

Looks pretty good to me. Headlight look a little strange to me for some reason but maybe they need to grow on me some. :iono: Overall, I think the car looks nice and it wont be hard to spice up a bit.

Edit: I just took a second look and they already look better to me for some reason.

bigralph 01-11-2008 01:19 PM

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:wub: :bow: :bow: :happyanim: :clap: :headbang: :confused0068: :tweetz:. Thanks you fbodfather for the beutiful pictures. I have a question for you. Is this the V6 version?

TAG UR IT 01-11-2008 01:20 PM

OH MY ______!!!!!!



Oh, please keep the double headlights! I think those look too cool as well! This is just getting better and better and better!!! I love it GM...GREAT JOB w/ that front end!!! GREAT JOB!!!:clap:

:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

:cry: I'm so happy!!!

On the other hand.............................................. ..GM................................Cut out those vents........................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[KRPT]ECP 01-11-2008 01:20 PM

I can't wait till I can go get one of these bad boys:drool:


Originally Posted by fbodfather (Post 37194)
2. Some of the parts you see aren't even close to what you'll see on the production Camaro. For instance -- if you were to suddenly see a Camaro without the front bra in place -- you'd see some 'horrible' headlamps. There's a good reason for that...the production lamps are not ready - -and as a result - many of the mules have what I call....
" ..hey Joe - go run down to the local autoparts store and grab us a buncha headlamps and then go hot-glue 'em in place on those Camaro mules over there!!!!".........headlamps.............


don't think those are the production headlights themselves, though the design is nice

MattG 01-11-2008 01:20 PM

I'm really hoping for the 'Angel eyes' headlamps that were seen in many of the concept shots.

I'm with the folks who thought this was the v6 trim, because the insert on the upper valance looks solid. But overall, me likey. :)

DGthe3 01-11-2008 01:21 PM

Those vents are not cut out. Perhaps that will change come production

natedog2008 01-11-2008 01:22 PM


Originally Posted by Sweeper (Post 38756)
Please..Please..don't let those be the headlights. :bellyroll:

The car looks great! :thumbsup:

what are you talking about those led headlights are awesome although ive goten pulled over w my blue led fog lights because there to bright wonder if they will be on this car or if they will change it to h4 to save time and money???????:bow: thanks for the pics wonderful

Flyin'Camaros 01-11-2008 01:22 PM

:bow: It looks great! This shot gives the car more depth...

The front looks perfect...Will be interested to see the final lights!!!

Thanks Fbod! :happy0180:

bprange 01-11-2008 01:23 PM

Love the lines and double headlights! I have a suspicion those won't be production headlamps...halos perhaps? hope so....

mega_man_01103 01-11-2008 01:25 PM

Now thats a GREAT angle. Im loving EVERYTHING! and the best part, its not done!!!! Look at that STANCE!!!!

Lets see some Photoshops of that bad boy. Some color and the badge will complete that pic!!!!!


Design1stCode2nd 01-11-2008 01:25 PM

Looks pretty good overall. Will be nice to see a finished version later this year.

Brangeta 01-11-2008 01:28 PM

I know it may not be finished, but I'm happier with the choice of 4 headlights than the concept's 2. Looks good, and speaks to the '93-'97 Camaro I hold so dear in my heart :happyanim: I'm glad to see a black surrounding area too.

radz28 01-11-2008 01:32 PM

That is one beautiful car! I can't wait to get one even more now!!!

I kinda' like the headlights because it doesn't scream retro' to me, like the rest of the car. I've always wanted a '69 anyways, so I don't mind that it looks like one (to me) so I think the headlights are a tasteful way to maybe distinguish this car. I like the concept car highlights better, but these are very nice.

JMHO :thumbup:

camaro10 01-11-2008 01:32 PM

This is awesome! The front helps make up my mind. The air intake is there even though it's not punched through. This grille isn't right though. I like the egg crate of the concept better, but I'm sure it will look better with the real headlights, HID Projector with halo's please! Also, from this angle, I think it's safe to say the rear side vents won't be cut out!

acscamarochick06 01-11-2008 01:33 PM


Originally Posted by MattG (Post 38765)
I'm really hoping for the 'Angel eyes' headlamps that were seen in many of the concept shots.

I'm with the folks who thought this was the v6 trim, because the insert on the upper valance looks solid. But overall, me likey. :)

+1... not that crazy about those headlights, so I'm hoping they won't stay. Give me angel eyes!!! :drool:

Croathlete 01-11-2008 01:35 PM

I've been staring at this picture for the last 15 minutes...

Look at those beautiful hips...that grill...the hood is so beefy....

I think I have a problem :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

GTAHVIT 01-11-2008 01:39 PM

Please make the vents and RAM air functional. Not sure about the head lights just yet... Not bad but not sure.

So very happy with the rest of it. I kinda like it without the bowtie... But the rest of the driving world should have to see that kick your @$$ car in your rear view getting ready to blow by you is a CHEVY!!! So, they better have it on there....


Pencil.Fight 01-11-2008 01:42 PM

This car definitely looks a lot better from the front than it does from the rear. I really hope the air intake and the side vents are cut out. It just looks too much like a toy with them there but not cut all the way through.

I agree with what someone else said a while back: "Either cut them out, or don't have them at all". But I really think they add a lot to the awesomeness of the car, so please just cut them through.

I realize those of us that really want them can get them cut out ourselves later, but I don't want the overall impression of the new Camaro to include dent-vents.

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