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edog 11-28-2012 10:01 AM

Camaro5Fest IV ...Mid Atlantic Final route W/Hotel stop in Dayton OH on July 31st
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Here is the list of attendeed so far!

This is going to be an awesome event. 11 hours can be done in one day or two. We have chosen two days with a stop in Dayton Oh on July 31st. We will depart August 1st at 11 am to Lucas Oil Raceway, which is about a three hour ride. We will meet up with all caravans or groups coming down I70 from points north, south, and East. Feel free to reserve rooms at the hotel udsing our group for a great group rate. Let me know if you want to travel with us.

Initially we were set to go two routes, but the amount of people dropping out seemed to change the thought. We will head north together for those who will join in. I hope everyone joins up. If you are going to meet in Fredericksburg, there are hotels, or you can meet us in the morning.

We are going to stay off 70W until Columbus OH due to all the traffic. It is terrible this time of year and the maps are littered with construction east of Columbus. We can duck under and make better time. The route is attached. I will list the eating spots this weekend. If we eat in Athens, they have a parking garage on the block where we can safely park. I am looking at other spots as well. I will keep us safe. :thumbup:

So, who is going???:drinking::drinking:

RdBlan2 is the group leader for Hagerstown MD? Please contact him if you are meeting up with him at the outlets.

Hotel info is listed below for those wanting to get a room the night of July 31st. This hotel is located about 2.5 hours out from Indianapolis, and it is situated on I-70 right after the I-75 junction. I figure this will be a great location to group with other caravans and make a grand entrance into Indianapolis and Lucas Oil Raceway. :happyanim::headbang::drinking:

The hotel is a large hotel with plenty of rooms and a huge parking area with security. They have started us with 25, and will increase as we go over. Any travelers can reserve to this group if you are going to LOR. Judy Snell is the coordinator. She has given us the ability to cancel room reservations by 6pm the night of our stay. If you feel you will be going and you want to get a room with the group, or if you are with another group and want to stay and hook up with our group, call and book a room. [U][COLOR="Blue"]The room info is listed below. Due to there location and the amount of travelers, I can see these rooms and the hotels in the area booking up fast. Book as soon as you can, and if plans don't work you can back out up to 6pm on July 31st, the night of our stay. I look forward to meeting up with everyone soon... :drinking:

Holiday Inn-Dayton Airport
10 Rockridge Road • Englewood , OH 45322
Phone: 937-832-1234, ext. 7151 • E-mail: • Fax: (937) 832-3548

Reservations: Individual call-in: Rooms are ready to reserve.

Please have all expected guests make their reservation and guarantee their room with a credit card by calling (937) 832-1234 or 1-800-holiday. They may also visit our website at All guests shall refer to the group name of: Mid Atlantic C5 Camaro Club to insure the quoted rate. All rooms must be guaranteed prior to the inventory return date to insure room availability.

I am excited about this trip. With the exception of the minor issues of this past year, I had a great time and thought it was an awesome caravan. In speaking with most of you, the feeling was the same. Who wants to do it again? :iono:

Travel itinerary
FREDERICKSBURG GROUP: Depart Spotsylvania Mall Costco, 3102 Plank Rd Fredericksburg Va 22407 @7:30am sharp, July 31st. (point person edog)

Winchester meeting point for group is @Full House Cycles-100 full house dr. Winchester Va 22603 depart at 8:30 to merge area. Fredericksburg Caravan will Arrive in winchester Va@8:35am to 8:45am merge location US 522 & Rt37.

HAGERSTOWN GROUP Depart Longhorn Steak House @Prime Outlets Mall, 1000 Prime Outlets Boulevard, Hagerstown MD 21740 @9am sharp. Head out on I70w to I-68W & US-40W, meet Virginia group at rest stop/overlook before Cumberland Md on I68W&US40W. Meet with Fredericksburg group. (point person....rdblan2)

Fredericksburg group arrive at rest area on I68W-US40W @ 10:00am ish. Meet group from Hagerstown (point person EDOG/rdblan/CRUZNSS)

Depart rest area heading w on i-68w-us40w at 10:15am

Arrive at junction i68/i-79S around 11:45am to 11:55 am merge location

exit i-79S to us-50w at clarksburg WV around 12:15 PM.

Arrive in Parkersburg WV between 1:30PM and 1:40PM .

Arrive in Athens OH us 33NW and us 50W between 2:20 PM and 2:30 PM, Lunch will be in Athens OH

Depart Athens OH on US-33NW 3:30 PM

Arrive at intersection I-70w & us-33NW@4:45 PM merge location

Arrive at Holiday Inn Hotel in Englewood OH @6pm to 6:30pm barring major issues or events. Dinner at Hotel hang in parking lot/pool getting to know everyone!

The hotel is just outside Dayton OH, on I-70W just after I-75. This is a full service hotel with restraunt/lounge/pool...etc.
I have buffered time in, so if everything is smooth, we will be there earlier. I believe we can make the 7:15 time at worst case.

We will depart from the Holiday Inn @ 11AM on August 1st heading to LOR

Arrive at LOR around 2pm August 1st!

When signing up, please post where you will be joining the Caravan at. This will help us get an idea on how many people at the merge areas. I will post it by the username.

List of attendees so far. Please state if you are attending, where you will meet up and if you have reserved a room at Indy. (no flaming my post!!!:rules:) LOL
1. Edog...Fredericksburg VA
2. Kevin1106...Laplata MD
3. Sourmug....Dayton Oh.
4. twoblindsheep +2...Dover DE
5. rdblan2...MD Group lead from Hagerstown MD
6. Mudderfinger...VA
7. Awesome_SS...Yorktown Va
8. cyber_Camaro5...Frederick MD
9. insidethreat07...Dayton OH
10. FIREICE11...Waldorf MD
11. jewelSS1992...Woodbridge VA
12. Whitenite...Richmond Va
13. Compudiva...Owings Mills Md
14. Brutal SS...Dinwiddie Va
15. AdamZ...Dayton Oh
16. pbretelson...Dayton Oh
17. Firecracker...Dayton OH

If you are leaving Fredericksburg Va, we will head out 95N to 17W to I66W and up to Winchester Va, and head out on 522W to route 70W to 68W and meet up with those out of Hagerstown Md at the rest stop in Cumberland Md like we did last time on 68W.

Fredericksburg Va depart 7:30am (heading 17W)
Hagerstown MD depart 9am (heading 70W)
Should meet up at the rest stop around 10AM ish, depart by 10:15am
Clarksburg WV arrival around 12:15pm
Parkersburg WV 1:35PM
Athens OH arrival 2:30PM Planning on eating in Athens for lunch. :happy0180: depart 3:30PM
Columbus OH Arrival 4:45PM
Dayton Oh 6:00PM - 6:30PM...Stay the night. Depart 11AM August 1st.
Indianapolis IN Arrival 2pm ish: LOL!

Here is a copy of the tentative routes. Please offer feedback to allow me to plan for stops along the way.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We're happy to announce some final updates to our website and programming for August 1-3!! :clap2:


We'd like to bring your attention to the CamaroCross page on the website. It is located within the "Fest Events" section of the website.

If you intend on competing in the CamaroCross, please read all information located on this page carefully.

There is also a registration hyperlink on this page. ALL CAMAROCROSS PARTICIPANTS MUST BE PRE-REGISTERED. This is most easily accomplished by using this feature of our website. CamaroCross is accessed by purchasing a driver's pass at the gate. Pre-registering does not require any payment.

Space is limited; first-come, first-served.

Any questions about registering for the CamaroCross, feel free to direct them to a moderator on, or to


We've updated the General Info section of the website to display the cost of the event. We're pleased to say that entry for the Camaro5 Fest IV will stay the same as all the years before:

Spectators: $20/ 2 day pass
Drivers: $100/ 2 day pass.


There's new information on the Drag Racing rules and procedures. You can find those details (such as helmet requirements, competitive classes, etc) by clicking on "Drag Racing" here:

BAD DAB 11-28-2012 10:19 AM


Originally Posted by TAPSHIFT (Post 5855586)
You may want to check the posting on the home page relative to this topic and the 11 pages (and growing) of comments.

Yes, I check that thread out. That's where I got my information from. I wanted to hear what the Mid-Atlantic crew have to say.

kevin1106 11-28-2012 07:23 PM

Me too :)

thesnoopster 11-28-2012 07:41 PM

Im going to try to make it... should be good to go... my son will be a tad bigger lol :)

FL1CK 11-28-2012 10:59 PM

Nope, too far again... Need to have it move around like they used to, East Coast is due again.

Twoblindsheep 11-28-2012 11:46 PM

its not too far. i am def going again. last year i had a blast!
i can ususally make it in 11 hours from DE.

edog 11-29-2012 08:53 AM

Flick, even the first one on the east coat was 14 hours out.

masonacdc 11-29-2012 08:59 AM

im probly going im actually making this my senior trip so im excited

BAD DAB 11-29-2012 09:50 AM

I'm going.....

Caswell239 11-29-2012 10:00 AM

Man, so many people say oh it's too far. I'm coming from northern Canada, 36 hours of driving time! One way!!

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rdblan2 11-29-2012 04:33 PM


Originally Posted by kevin1106 (Post 5858131)
Me too :)

We'll have to park together at the livernois tent!

edog 11-29-2012 04:53 PM

So, who is coordinating for the Mid Atlantic?

mlee 11-29-2012 05:09 PM

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Originally Posted by edog (Post 5860089)
Flick, even the first one on the east coat was 14 hours out.

I was going to say the same thing. Chances are it won't get much closer than it is now. This one should be a good cruise for you guys.:thumbsup:

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BAD DAB 11-29-2012 06:28 PM


Originally Posted by edog (Post 5861846)
So, who is coordinating for the Mid Atlantic?

C'mon know you da man!

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