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ChrisBlair 03-03-2013 07:45 PM

Anybody else- NHL 13?
Really digging it. It has bugs but all software does

Currently playing "be a pro" where you play a pro player, shift by shift, no swapping players, it's that player for the season(s) you play, and only when his line is out.

Weird things: another player got called up for the playoffs, due to the center on my line getting hurt in the regular season. I play left wing. Each of the players on my line had 100+ points. The star center is healthy now, and is still on the roster, but he has not played one game in the playoffs yet, and we are about to enter the third round. Report said that he was cleared by medical to play, in the second round...

Another one: I wear (wore) number 13. All season. Suddenly in the playoffs, there's another player on the power play, first line (my line), wearing my number. Two #13s out on the ice at the same time. I couldn't figure it out when I saw it, I thought my control was broken at first, then I saw both 13s skate into the corner- I was looking at the wrong # 13

Still another one: So I check numbers. Yup, game says he and I both have #13. But since I checked, I was forced to change my jersey number! I can choose numbers defensemen wear, goalies wear, or football players wear...I can't bump this johnny-come-lately schmuck from my jersey #...did I mention I had the most goals and points and best plus/minus in the league for the regular season through all 68 games? Must be the coach's kid.

Last one: I made a team: Charleston Chiefs (Charlestown wasn't available). I made all the players, too. So Jean-Guy Drouin, Johnny Upton, Reggie Dunlop, Ned Braden, Billy Charlebois, Jim Ahern, Denis Lemieux, Hanson x3, all of them, on the team. I stuck them in the AHL. A lot of fun. But then I notice a Reggie Dunlop...a Jim Ahern...a Morris Wanchuk...all of them, duplicated, and on other teams. Somehow they all stayed Free Agents, AND they are on my team. They must be Amoebas, and split themselves down the middle

OK- one more, but not the game's fault- I can't register at the EA Forums- the site tells me I am already registered. Like Hell I am. I've been right here with me, my whole life, I should know. So it's hard to go there and ask what's up with things like my Chiefs' doppelgangers

But awesome game.

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