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PMJ 03-21-2013 10:51 PM

PMJ's 2SS/RS Whipped 416 M6 aka BlackWidow [COTW 6/10/13]
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I've always been a Camaro fan, particularly the 1st gen and 3rd gen. I never owned one. When the 5 gen came out I fell in love, but it wasn't really practical at the time for a family of 5. I turned 40 last year and decided I was going to buy myself a Camaro for my birthday (I know…that's never happened before). :iono:

When I bought the car (mid May 2012) I had no idea what I was getting into. My plans were new wheels and exhaust...nothing else. :lol: It is unbelievable how difficult it was to find rims to fit the offset and clearance for the brembo breaks... As a result I scoured the internet bound and determined to find what I was looking for. Low and behold I stumbled on Camaro5…:wub:

Still not sure if that was one of the best things I’ve stumbled on, or one of the worse… But for a guy who is handy w/tools but never really worked on cars (besides oil and brakes), I’ve done more things to my car in 9 months than I’ve ever imagined. :thumb:

It cracks me up to think my first purchase was flowmaster cat back American thunder. I paid $150 to have them installed. A few weeks later I read someone’s signature on camaro5 about “having someone else work on your car and bragging is like paying someone to ….. your wife and then bragging about the kids”. :doh: And since that day everything has been done in my own garage. I have nothing against performance shops, in fact I stop in to discuss things with them all the time, I just found I really enjoy working on my car and seeing the results. As many times as I’ve pulled the exhaust system on and off, including changing to the Corsa black diamond tips…it cracks me up I paid to have the first system installed.

Besides a lot of great DIY and ideas to improve looks and performance of your car, I made the mistake and I started reading about….Drag Racing!!:doh: BIG mistake…Talk about addicting! The first time I went to the track all I had was a CAI cold air intake and the cat back exhaust. My goal was to get in the lower 13s. I got beat by a Mustang, but then actually whooped an early 2000s Shelby. I decided getting beat sucked…winning was much more fun:biggrin:. Most of the cars that night were running high 12s and slower, so my new goal was to get into the 12s…this was essentially the beginning of the end…I was officially hooked.

Let the spending begin…$$$$

Here are my current performance/nonaesthetic mods:
  • Cold Air Inductions CAI w/Apex scoop
  • OBX LT Headers 1 7/8 w/high flow cats (now hollowed cats)
  • Whipple 2.9L 2.75" pulley /10 rib kit
  • TPiS 102mm Throttle Body
  • RX catch can
  • 3 bar map sensor (ZR1)
  • ZL1 Fuel Pump & ADM FPCM
  • FIC 1000cc
  • Alky Control Meth Kit
  • Corsa catback Black Diamond tips
  • Brian Tooley Blower Cam "stage 3"/custom
  • Brian Tooley Springs, Push rods, Trunions
  • Ported LS3 heads w/50 degree valve - flowing 345
  • 416 Engine 9.9:1- H Squared Racing Engines in Houston, TX
    • Wiesco 15cc dished pistons
    • h-beam Compstar Rods
    • Callie's compstar 4.0" crank
    • ARP Head/Main Studs
    • LS9 gasket
    • Coat bearings, rod, main
    • Piston skirts coated
    • LS 7 lifters
    • billet double roller timing set
    • New higher volume LS4 Oil Pump
    • Iconel racing exhaust valves - higher heat
    • 3/8" push rod
    • Custom coolant bridge
  • Custom RPM level 6 TR6060 transmission w/power 5th and 6th gears
  • Mickey Thompson drag radials 18" - make that 17" slicks & skinnies
  • Lorenzo WL28 18" wheels - now Bogart GT black powder coated
  • Innovate O2 wideband sensor/gauge
  • Aeroforce guage
  • Hurst roll control brake line lock
  • McLeod RXT clutch
  • Prothane motor mounts
  • Fastlane 4 point roll bar
  • Schotch 5 point harness
  • ZL1 driveline performance kit
  • RX Super Chiller
Suspension mods:
  • BMR Trailing Arms
  • BMR 1" drop springs
  • BMR Bushings - BK030, BK023
  • Pedders ZL1 front and rear sway bars
Aesthetic Mods:
  • Hex Vents black color match (these actually did reduce lift at 150+ partial performance mod)
  • Badge/emblem delete
  • Blackout fog light covers
  • Tint windows
  • Black Billet bowties
  • Black (color match) bevel rear taillights
  • Headlight armor tinting
  • Splash guards
  • SS Floor mats
  • Aluminum fuse box cover
  • Corsa Diamond Black tip exhaust
  • JDB DRL harness/Oracle LED daytime running lights
  • Grey full body and hash stripes
  • Oracle ghost side markers
I've also added some current pics since i got my new grill, diamond black tipped corsa exhaust installed. I also have a pic included with my dance shoes on (MTs)...
Attachment 523760

Attachment 575555
Attachment 523761

Attachment 575556
Attachment 523762

Attachment 575557
Attachment 523766

Attachment 575558
Attachment 523767

Attachment 523768

Attachment 523770

Attachment 575559
Attachment 523771

Hex vents:
Attachment 575560

PMJ 03-21-2013 11:16 PM

Round 1
The slow start - May - July 2012

I was (still am) the typical newbie. I started with the what won't void my warranty I had not intention of doing anything to void over the next 3 years...or at least not until next month. :facepalm:

Round 1 had a lot to do w/exterior:
Removed all chrome emblems / added black billet bowties
Window Tint
Fog light covers and headlight armor tinting
Flowmaster American Thunder cat back - ~10 whp
Cold Air Inductions CAI w/Apex scoop – ~15 whp
B1K WDO license plate
XO Miami – custom matte black powder coated wheels
GM Splash Guards
Nittow Invo 315/35zr20
Black bevel rear frames
Lingenfelter CNC Billet pedals
SS floor mats
I was all dressed up and ready to go! A whopping 25 hp over stock if I was lucky.

I forgot to mention, I took my kids to the Advengers movie in my car shortly after buying it. On the way home they named it BlackWidow. I like Scarlett, so BlackWidow she became.

Here was my first time ever at the track. Sorry for the long videos, my kids help edit them (not as short as sweet as most on here):

PMJ 03-21-2013 11:35 PM

Round 2 - Must get faster! Aug 2012
Round 2 was all about getting the 12s:
  • OBX LT Headers 1 7/8 w/high flow cats (so i failed to mention I do have a friend who is very much a motorhead...he is also very cheap and tends to steer me towards the bargain prices...with that said, i'm very happy with the OBX) - oops, there went the warranty
  • BMR Trailing Arms - TCA026
  • MT drag radials P305/45R18
  • Lorenzo WL28 18" wheels
  • Custom Tune by Bill - 413 rwhp
Seeking 12s:

My launches left something to be desired. Was at the track 4 hrs never got out of line and only got 4 passes...never been back to Baytown.

The next weekend visited a 1/8 mile strip and finally broke a 1.9s 60 and 8.4s 1/8...i was in the 12s (barely and unofficially).

PMJ 03-21-2013 11:46 PM

Round 3 - SC anyone? - Aug 2012
OK, high 12s were not very satisfying...bring on the whipple!:thumbup:

This was by far the biggest adventure I've had under the hood to date, but the Whipple instructions are fantastic. Out side of 1 minor thing that would bite me a few months down the road...don't use loctite w/an ARP balancer bolt...use the grease that ARP provides!

Round 3 - Super charge me!
  • BMR drop springs - more for looks
  • Whipple 2.9L 4" pulley
  • RX catch can
  • 3 bar map sensor
  • Aeroforce gauge
  • O2 wideband gauge
  • Pillar gauge mount
Hoping for 11s, but was like 95 degrees and humid. I used the corrected calculator and was in the 11s, but didn't say that on my slip :mad:

PMJ 03-21-2013 11:59 PM

Round 4 - must go faster...Texas Mile coming up...Oct 2012
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Signed up for the Texas Mile. So i decided to pully down a bit...

Round 4:
  • Whipple 3.75" pulley - 11psi
  • Hurst roll control brake line lock
  • 2.5lb BC handheld fire extinguisher - req'd for the Mile
  • Custom Tune by Bill - 609 whp (street - estimate race gas tune ~630 whp)
Talk about a fun weekend - Texas Mile in Beeville, TX Friday - Saturday, Camaro Nationals in Houston on Sunday. I was feeling pretty good, felt much faster on the race gas with more timing and last time to the track, never lost...then came the Camaro nationals and i got whooped...back to the drawing board!

Camaro Nationals:


PMJ 03-22-2013 12:01 AM

Round 5 - Must...go...faster....Plumbing 12/2012
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I thought i might be done, after the 4th round...but i lost some close races to those camaros, so had to do something to take a couple 10ths off. So went route of a Brian Tooley blower cam.

Since i installed the smaller pulley, i had to run Torco fuel additive for the extra octane. Torco does some nasty stuff inside the engine. To prepare for more HP, had to upgrade fuel system and added Meth for a little more octane. While the rear cradle and tank were dropped also installed all new bushings (this is the only DIY project i wish i didn't do! What a pain.).
  • ZL1 Fuel Pump & ADM FPCM
  • BMR Rear Cradle Bushing Kit, Pro Version (BK030)
  • BMR Rear Suspension Bushing Kit (BK021)
  • FIC 1000cc
  • Alky Control Meth Kit w/trunk tank (
  • Corsa catback w/diamond tips - couldn't stand the drone from the flowmaster (i was able to fix it originally w/j pipes, but after the headers and SC, i didn't have any luck) - absolutely love the corsa

PMJ 03-22-2013 12:02 AM

Round 6 - The Cam & the mistake! - Jan 2013
1 Attachment(s)
My Cam install was going great until i started the car and had no oil pressure. :mad2: Pulled the timing cover and and quickly identified i hadn't seated the pick-up tube properly into the oil pump...easy fix. Until I was installing the harmonic balancer and snapped off the ARP balancer bolt in the crank (another thread w/details).
  • Brian Tooley Blower Cam
  • JDP Cam adapter and Timing chain
  • Brian Tooley Springs, Push rods, Trunions
  • Oracle LED daytime running lights
  • JDB DRL harness
I spent a while trying to pull the bolt out, but finally gave up and decided time to forge the bottom end :iono:


PMJ 03-22-2013 12:04 AM

Round 8 - 416 the mistake I can't wait for...Mar 2013
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I chose to take my engine to H-Squared Racing engines to have it rebuild as a 416 with:
  • Wiesco 15cc dished pistons
  • h-beam Compstar Rods
  • Callie's compstar 4.0" crank
  • Bore Engine and install internals - H Squared
    • ARP Head/Main Studs
    • LS9 gasket
    • Coat bearings, rod, main
    • Piston skirts coated
    • LS 7 lifters
    • billet double roller timing set
    • New higher volume LS4 Oil Pump
    • Brian Tooley Blower Cam
    • Iconel racing exhaust valves - higher heat
    • 3/8" push rod
    • Custom coolant bridge
  • Ported LS3 heads w/50 degree valve - flowing 345
  • Pfadt engine mounts
  • Fastlane custom rollbar w/removable harness bar
  • Tank Plates
  • 6 point schotch harness
  • McLeod RTX clutch
  • Pedders ZL1 front and rear sway bars
  • 10-rib pulley conversion - pricey!
Hoping to get motor back tomorrow!

Bomino 03-24-2013 12:44 AM

loving this build :popcorn:

Blackone 03-24-2013 01:34 PM

i am too :thumb::clap2:

PMJ 03-24-2013 11:39 PM

Took my engine home today!
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Was at H-Squared bright and early this morning to watch them put the final touches on my rebuild. Got the engine home around noon. Here a a few pictures at the shop:

Showing off the double roller timing chain, and new LS4 (high volume) oil pump. Also shows some of the mods on the front cover to fit all the new stuff in. The new 10-rib ATI balancer was installed at the shop to center up the front cover, but for some reason never snapped a pic.

PMJ 03-24-2013 11:52 PM

Install begins
3 Attachment(s)
Had my friend meet me when I got home and we got to work. About 7 hours later, we were done underneith the car (I hope). We installed the new RXT clutch, dropped the engine in, installed a tick remote clutch speed bleed line, reinstalled tranny, drive shaft, headers and exhaust! Attached most of the bolt-ons up top as well (besides the whipple and coil packs due to waiting on parts).

I'm currently waiting on push rods (custom size), and Kurt Urban LS Water Vapor System to bridge from all 4 corners of the heads vs. front 2 only. (will add pics when installed).

I had some issues w/the 10-rib pully kit...will follow up on that tomorrow. Removing the pulley from the water pump is a b!%^&. Still haven't gotten it off.

CamaroKid300 03-25-2013 01:05 AM

This will be COTW worthy once you finish this up. Good work!

litle88 03-25-2013 04:57 AM

That's awesome bud, don't forget the negative wires that hook up behind the cyl heads and make sure they are nice and tight but not too tight lol.

Your doing it right!

PMJ 03-25-2013 07:22 AM


Originally Posted by litle88 (Post 6330394)
That's awesome bud, don't forget the negative wires that hook up behind the cyl heads and make sure they are nice and tight but not too tight lol.

Your doing it right!

All ground wires checked off! Thanks!

PMJ 03-26-2013 10:51 PM

Ran into a slight delay...anyone ever try to pull the pulley off the water about a challenge... (btw, part of the 10 rib belt kit). I'm also waiting on my custom pushrods, so have a little time to struggle with it...

PMJ 04-06-2013 12:47 AM

1 Attachment(s)
I'm falling behind... figured out how to pull the pulley off the water pump...and on my second pump, i figured out how to get the new pulley back on :doh:. Actually got this all done last weekend and have been breaking in my clutch this week.

So water pump pulley...first cut off the outside of the old pulley (see pic), then use a 7 ton 3 leg puller to pull off the center piece. Don't try pulling the pulley until the outer ring is cut will just bend. Then heat up the new pulley with a torch and press fit. There is no way to support the shaft on the water pump, so get it hot (I forced it on my original pump and messed up the seal...which i found out after everything was assembled and i was filling the radiator.

Here was my first engine start:

Breaking in my new clutch all this week...should be ready for some WOT runs this weekend to work on the tune.

I have been troubleshooting some vibrations. I started by going back to the stock motor mounts. That actually cleared up quite a bit. I have one last vibration between 4800-5000 rpm... I did inadvertently pull apart the drive shaft reassembling, and randomly slid the spline back in. Local GM service says each piece is balanced individually, so shouldn't be an issue. Others have told me they are balanced as a unit, and it does matter, but i'm not finding the alignment mark.

We'll see, getting a wheel alignment tomorrow for the first time since dropping the rear cradle...hopefully that will fix it!

PMJ 04-07-2013 10:39 PM

Vibration Troubleshooting
So looks my 10 rib pulley kit is causing me some problems...primarily because I didn't have the right tools for the job (I'm buying a press this week). I previously mentioned i broke my water pump putting on the new pulley, now i found one of my vibrations was my alternator (another victom of using a hammer :facepalm: - yes i feel stupid now).

Should have new alternator early this week and with help of a torch and press, hopefully i won't break this one.

Once i get it all back together and tuned, I may try to go back to the Pfadt motor mounts.

Good news is my clutch is broke in, so once i'm up and running, change my pulley to 3.5", tune and I should be good to go. Unless i had more than 1 vibration...

Next step will be building my race tune w/ 3" pulley on shell URT 110 race fuel.

Hope to have some sound/video soon.

PMJ 04-09-2013 12:27 AM

New Alternator is in! What a pita for an alternator...had to remove the radiator fans, which ment lowering the antifreeze level to remove the upper hose as well as removing the whipple intercooler tank, but got it all taken care of and i'm back on the road.

Now i think i'm ready for a smaller pulley and tuning! Once i get my street tune down with the 3.5" pulley, then off to my race tune w/the 3" pulley.

BTW, i ordered a ZL1 rear end conversion kit today! Expect it to be here this weekend.

More to come...

PMJ 04-10-2013 12:57 AM

3.5" Pulley Installed
I installed my 3.5" pulley tonight and started tuning. :bellyroll: She is pulling harder than ever! I can't wait to get her on the dyno and see what she does. I'm seeing about 11 PSI of boost...I think that means i'll max out at ~15 PSI of boost with the Whipple at 18,000 rpm (it's peak output).

I was hoping for 18+ PSI, but i guess between the heads and cam, that is out of the question for my 2.9L Whipple. But i'm still expecting 800+ rwhp...we'll see.

I'm still having some issues with my AC belt (ATI sent me the Damper for the Camaro Copo which the back pulley is for the alternator vs. the AC). I don't think it is quite lined up right as my belt is squeaking and it's shreading :thumbdown:. I'm hoping they send me the AC pulley soon, but that means pulling the damper (de ja vu :doh:).

I'm still seeing a little vibration in the drive train at 4500-5000 rpm... going to have to get some others to drive it and see what they think...possibly related to the new clutch :iono:.

It was a blast opening her up tonight (no vibration at WOT:biggrin:). Hope to have a video to share soon.

PMJ 04-13-2013 07:53 PM

I think I’ve solved the vibration. I inadvertently pulled apart my stock drive shaft when reinstalling the transmission. I took it apart today and found where there is a mark on the transmission side of the shaft and 2 lines on the U joint on the diff side of the shaft. Lined those up and now my ride is much smoother!

I finally got a little exhaust sound clip. My car is awfully dirty…have to take her to the car wash tomorrow.

My last issue is to get the AC belt to stop squeaking…

More tuning and dyno yet to come. Once I master the 3.5” pulley tune, then off to the 3”. Then i'll have to update my sig! :lol:

Behic2320 04-13-2013 09:07 PM

Wow now that's a build, great job man loving what's going on here

Frid 04-13-2013 10:22 PM

Great build! That thing sounds like it wants to eat someone.

PMJ 04-14-2013 11:09 PM

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Originally Posted by Behic2320 (Post 6420679)
Wow now that's a build, great job man loving what's going on here

Thanks. And I love your sig pic! Almost missed that awesome looking car in the background. :thumb:


Originally Posted by Frid (Post 6420968)
Great build! That thing sounds like it wants to eat someone.

Thanks. I can't wait to bring her to the dyno and then on to the track!

So i temporarily fixed my AC belt squeeking with some old fashon soap. (Yes i know that reduces friction, but the AC is working and squeek is gone.) I'm hoping the belt issue i had was a fluke, it only split in one area and the new belt hasn't had an issue yet. ATI is now saying the AC pully is 17% underdrive to not steal HP....hmmm, I'm OK with that as long as the AC works and belt doesn't squeek!

I'm also still waiting on a new length 10 rib belt...the one i have now is a hair too long for the 3.5 pulley (although i'm using it), and one size smaller is too small for the 3". My friends at Whipple are going to get a 12 rib in the right length and trim it to a 10 rib for me. Have I mentioned how great Mike is at Whipple? Great guy to work with!

BTW, most of my ZL1 rear kit showed up...missing drive shaft and trans flange nut...

Now that my car is running and vibration free, waiting on the final pieces to fall into place is so much easier!


PMJ 04-18-2013 11:07 PM

I picked up my missing parts for my ZL1 rear today, and I hope to install it on Sunday.

In the mean time, planning to dyno tomorrow and head to the track on Saturday! :biggrin: I don't have the belt and tune i need for my 3" pulley, so just going to run w/my street tune (3.5"). Hope i don't break my stock drive train the day before i change it out :noidea:.

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