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woyster_13ss 05-14-2013 04:52 PM

Wheels/Tires to Borrow

I don't even have my Camaro yet, but I'm already thinking about modifications. I want to have my stock, painted wheels powdercoated black. As this will be my daily driver, I'm not going to be able to do without the car for the week plus that I have been quoted to have the wheels done (plus the wife wouldn't like the Camaro on jack stands in the garage for that long).

Does anyone have a set of wheels with tires that I could borrow for a week or so? Or does anyone have another option?


CamaroI 05-14-2013 09:12 PM

How does $200 for the week sound to borrow mine?

woyster_13ss 05-14-2013 09:20 PM

OOPS. I guess I should have mentioned that I live in Katy, TX (Houston area).

Sevn86 05-16-2013 12:42 PM

The shop your getting your wheels done, might have a spare set they can put on while your wheels are getting powder coated.

13blackLS 05-16-2013 02:20 PM

i'd let you use my ls steel wheels, but i dont think they'd fit over ss brakes...

woyster_13ss 11-04-2015 07:40 PM

So I know this is an OLD post, but it is my post so I guess it is OK to reply and open it back up.

I got my Camaro back in June of 2013 and shortly thereafter sprayed the stock wheels with plastidip. The plastidip has held up well (only had to redo it once when I got new tires). However, it is time to do it right and powdercoat them.

So I ask again, does anyone in the Houston area have a set of wheels with tires that I could borrow for a week or so while my wheels are being powdercoated? The shop I'm going to doesn't have a set that I could borrow.


Taco Time 11-05-2015 07:07 AM

I can't help you out with borrowing my wheels but I'll be selling my (already powdercoated black) Z/28 replica wheels in the next couple of weeks. With tires, tpms, and lug nuts.

Snoman 11-05-2015 08:34 AM

You can rent a tin can (car) cheaper than the time, trouble and risk associated with this arrangement. Borrow, haul, use, maybe damage, lift car, lower car, arrange meet times back and forth all to save what, $150 rental ? Simply not worth the risk for either party involved. Not to even begin to point out the obvious, that there are significant options for our members in similar situations.

My 2c

5thGenerationSS 11-05-2015 09:14 AM

What snowman said. Huge hassle. Part of modding your car is having either a second car to drive while it's down, or a GF you can mooch off of. I've done both :D

woyster_13ss 11-05-2015 02:04 PM

I agree...swapping out the wheels is a huge hassle. But I figured I was already jacking it up to get the wheels off in the first place. Just having the wife drive me around isn't an option either as we are on opposite sides of the city during the day and my work hours don't coincide with the kids school hours.

I think I've come up with a solution to minimize the number of days I'd either need a rental car or need to come up with another plan. Currently checking with the shop to see if that works within their schedule.

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