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KMPrenger 07-18-2009 02:15 PM

OK...I'm starting a better V6 exhaust examples thread!!
(Last update to this post: 3/23/2014.)

Note: At this point in time, I'm still unsure whether or not all of the exhaust setups below will fit a 2012+ V6 Camaro. Axle-backs SHOULD. Cat-backs probably. Headers WILL NOT for a 2012 and up Camaro V6.

Note: You will see many references to the magnaflow resonated X here. The part number for this product is 11386.

All new additions will be near bottom of their appropriate section.
Seems like V6 exhaust is one of the big topics. Now I think most of us are realistic and know we will never have that killer V8 sound, but if done right, the v6 can be made to sound sporty, strong, or just plain mean depending on how its done.

I'm continuously putting together a compilation of V6 exhausts I've come across mostly on these forums. Most will be manufacturer setups, but I have posted several custom setups that sounded a bit unique, and have good information. Hope this helps some of you out there!

Axle-back and Cat-back (custom or kits) are the first section. Section two will feature cars with shorty headers installed, and section 3 will feature cars with Long Tube headers installed. The stock sound (for comparison purposes) can be found at the very bottom.

Another thing: If you can, definitely listen to these clips with either a good set of headphones, ear buds, or a good desktop PC system that can reproduce low bass. Helps a ton!

***SECTION 1 - AXLE-BACKS / CAT-BACKS ******************************
************************************************** *************

First up...the simple muffler delete:
Just a warning, several owners have tried a muffler delete, and while it is good on the SS, on the V6 it usually ends up being very loud and very raspy. Most don't like it. For some reason, The camaro in the above video didn't turn out so bad!...but its still very loud!

GMPP exhaust with sound and pics. Much Thanks to TeccBoxx and 67 GTO!
Another vid:

Borla Pro-X's. Now from what I understand, the GMPP exhausts are made by Borla, but the exhaust installed on this car is not the same model as the GM exhaust. According to Derin11, these are the Pro-X street mufflers. There are 4 or 5 vids spread throughout this thead.
Find the official Borla Camaro exhaust below in this thread.

Magnaflows. First post in the thread lists two part numbers. First thread listed has a link to a page with TWO sound files...take off and pass by for the cat-back exhaust.
Here is a camaro5 member with a few youtube videos of his magnaflow cat-back:
..and next is a link to a member who has installed the axel-back:

Here is a custom Magnaflow Exhaust by member buddylok. Pictures and videos can be found on his thread at:

Another custom Magnaflow by member kellyjrt. Kelly uses custom tubing and a dual in, dual out magnaflow exhaust to achieve this sound. View his thread at:
View his youtube video at:
View in-cabin video at:

Yet again another custom Magnaflow setup. Following link is a video I found while surfing I contacted the video author and he responded that the magnaflow mufflers he used are part# 11235 and nothing else as far as he knows. Click for more details.

Below is my Magnaflow custom setup. Using Same mufflers as above video, but also with a Magnaflow resonated X-pipe. See details in the thread below:

Custom Magnaflow setup by member SUV2008 using parts M14416 Magnapack SS 2.5", 14" Tank, 35164 4" SS-Tips. Check throughout thread for videos

Custom Magnaflow setup using Resonated X in place of stock H pipe, the straight pipe out the back (muffler delete, 2.5" piping, and no stock resonators:

Similar to one just above this, but using 2.25" piping and has stock resonators: (click on last two images in first post for vids)

MRT Exhaust Version1...aka scrming exhaust V1 This began as a custom job done by member scrming and MRT, but now MRT is selling these kits. This thread shows some videos of him testing his car from take off, pass by, neighborhood crusing speeds, and even some track testing (camara mounted on side of car).

MRT Exhaust Version 2. Aka scrming exhaust V2 View this thread to view MRT's 2nd offering for the camaro. Its said to have less drone, with a bit of a smoother, lower tone than MRT's other kit.
A couple more great videos on the track, in cabin, and drive by:

SLP has posted vids of their exhausts. 3 of them for the V6. (thanks to camaro guy for the notice)
'Powerflow' Axle-back:
'Loud Mouth' Axle-back:
Another good comparison vid:
'Loud Mouth II' Axle-back:
A few 'Loud Mouth II' threads:

Corsa: Thanks to member bond2, we now have a great Corsa exhaust thread. There are vids on pages 1 and 2 of this thread.

Borla Exhaust: These are the actual Camaro designed Borla X-pipe exhausts. Thanks to member FirstCamaroKid for posting pictures videos to this thread! (vids beginning on page 2)

Stainless Works: As of 1/26/10 Stainless Works has began producing a revised V6 catback exhaust. Check it out at:

MBRP Inc: Video clips of MBRP's exhaust for road runs and dyno runs have been posted to youtube.
Clip 1 -
Clip 2 -
Thread with video discussing a camaro5 member's installation of this exhaust can be found here
Also, a thread over at discussing this exhaust can be found here

Doug Thorley Exhaust cat-back exhaust installed on member John VS's Camaro. Be sure to read his posts in this thread for a bit more info. More cars with this cat-back and the DT shorty headers can be found in the Shorty Headers section below.

Here is a custom job done by member suavecito1177. This thread shows some videos of the car reving, and some in-cabin driving. Keep in mind (as of this writing) the two posted videos on show two different set ups he tried on his car before settling on one. View the post for details at:

SOLO Performance. Check out this SOLO thread for their manual and automatic V6 exhausts videos.
View even more clips (includes V6 and V8) at:
For those worried about, or current experiencing too much drone, SOLO has created a "tunable" exhaust system. Results were very positive. See the first thread at:
Soon after, SOLO made available a set of high flow CATs for the V6 and developed this around their J pipe system for a high performance, and claimed drone free exhaust. View the High Flow cat thread at:
...and the group buy thread (with lots of videos) at:

Zoomer's cat-back exhaust. Embedded youtube videos in thread below:

Flowmaster V6 Axel Back - (several examples below)
Flowmaster has put together nice video of their V6 axel back kit (American Thunder Kit). (videos beginning on page 2)
Another youtube vid of the AMT:
One last good example of the ATM:

Member KGA10734's custom Flowmaster axel-back setup using 40 Series Delta flows:
Member mrray13's custom Flowmaster axel-back setup using Super 44's:
Member mikevrod's custom Flowmaster axel-back setup using Flowmaster Delta Force One Chamber Race Mufflers:
Here is the flowmaster AMT kit with a Magnaflow resonated X-pipe:
Below is a Flowmaster Super 40's muffler (Dual in Dual out) placed up near the H-pipe, and straight pipe all the way back. Several pics and videos:

Camaro SS LS3 muffler swap. Car also has Airaid CAI, rest all stock. Link below takes you to page 13 of a thread focused on swapping the V8 exhausts with the V6. Look for post # 306.

JBA axle-back Here we have a few clips of the JBA axle-back exhaust kit. First is a short rev. Second is a few drive away clips, and third is more drive bys...

Cherry Bomb exhaust Cherry Bomb extreme cat-back exhaust...look for a few links in post # 21(cold start and rev) and #64 (take off and drive by) - - (Turns out that this is actually the V8 cat-back - not their V6 version - on this V6, but it bolts right up!)

Kook's Cat-Back. Full 2.5" cat-back exhaust system.

Pypes Cat-back. No video of just the cat-back by itself, but with JBA headers, or BBK headers, see links in the two headers sections below.

Pype Bomb axle back
This is really more of a muffler delete, but the tips of this system are long and resonated to help control rasp over a traditional muffler delete:
Look for videos throughout this thread starting on page 2:

DynoMax Axle-back youtube video:
Here is a thread with much better examples...dyno sheet page one. Videos starting page 2.

Dynomax bullet mufflers pics and info starting on page 2. More vids page 3.

ARK Performance (offers two cat-back exhausts with slightly different sounds. The DTS, and N-II view last link below for the details:
And another....burn out!!
The ARK V6 thread below (with some additional videos further down the thread:)
Below is the ARK DTS catback system:

Gibson Performance Axle-back:

CNT Racing cat-back:

Blastin Bobs axle-back:

Pacesetter cat-back:
(NOTE: This particular setup had the X-pipe replaced with a magnaflow resonated X pipe)

Glass Pack (note: not sure of brand as of this writing)
- 24" glass pack in place of stock resonators, and then straight pipe to the exit with 4" tips

Classic Chambered Exhausts "Power Stick" exhaust.

***SECTION 2 - CARS WITH SHORTY HEADERS INSTALLED********************************
************************************************** **************************

JBA shorty headers: There is more than one thread concerning these V6 headers:
- member mrray13's thread
- member scrming's thread (be sure to check more than just page 1 of this thread for video examples...keep in mind scrming also has the MRT version 2 exhaust installed)

- JBA shorty headers / Pypes Cat back. (link in first post, link further down is with BBK LTs installed)

- JBA shorty headers / MBRP cat-back:

Doug Thorley shorty headers:
- Doug Thorley shorty headers and stock exhaust (Injen CAI)

- Member John VS installed the Doug thorley headers on his car...also has the Doug Thorley cat-back (post # 23 for video):
-Another with DT shorties and DT cat-back:
- DT shorty headers / MRT 1.0 exhaust:
- Doug Thorley's / MBRP exhaust (and K&N CAI):
- Doug Thorleys / MRT 2.0 exhaust / resonator delete:
- Doug Thorleys / Corsa cat-back:
- Doug Thorleys / Solo catback / Solo High flow cats:
- Doug Thorleys / Flowmaster American Thunder axle-back
- Doug Thorleys / no rear cats / Magnaflow resonated X / stock resonators deleted / 3" pipe from resonated X to end.

***SECTION 3 - CARS WITH LONG TUBE HEADERS INSTALLED*******************************
************************************************** **************************

ARH (American Racing Headers)

-ARH long tubes / L99 mufflers from SS Camaro:

-ARH long tubes / MRT 2.0 exhaust (same car as above, but replaced L99 mufflers with the MRT 2.0s. Also all stock 2.25" pipe replaced with 2.5" No stock components remaining:
Another owner:

-ARH long tubes / MRT 1.0 / AirRaid V2 / Full 2.5" system.

-ARH long tubes / Magnaflow resonated-X pipe / MRT 2.0 exhaust:

-ARH long tubes / Flowmaster Super 44 mufflers:

-ARH long tubes / MBRP exhaust / AirRaid V2 intake:

- Same car as above, but with a Magnaflow resonated-X thrown into the mix:

-ARH long tubes / custom X pipe / 22" glass packs / Flowmaster Super 44s / Magnaflow 4" double-walled tips:

-ARH long tubes / ARH catback system:

- ARH long tubes / ARK DT-S catback:
BBK Long Tubes

- BBK long tubes with stock exhaust:

- BBK long tubes / highflow Cats / MRT 1.0. (Thanks member MichaelH)

- (Another set of vids with the MRT1s) BBK long tubes / highflow cats / MRT1.0 / Hennessy CAI / Throttlebody space (AirRaid I believe?):

-BBK long tubes / Magnaflow axle-back exhaust.

- BBK long tubes/ Magnaflow resonated X / Magnaflow axle-back exhaust:

-BBK long tubes / Meisterschat HP Z4 Mufflers.

-BBK long tubes / Corsa Cat back / Injen CAI.

Another BBK + Corsa setup. (exhaust starts at around 2:20 in the video)

-BBK long tubes / Pypes Cat back (look for link in the # 12 post)

-BBK long tubes / Mrt v2 / BBK intake

-BBK long tubes / Magnaflow resonated X / Flowmaster American Thunder

-BBK long tubes / Borla Pro XS / Injen Intake

-BBK long tubes / Injen CAI / ARK N-II catback exhaust:

-BBK long tubes / ARK DTS catback exhaust:

-BBK long tubes / custom magnaflow 6" round mufflers (#14615)

-BBK long tubes / Gibson axle-back:

-BBK long tubes / SLP Powerflow exhaust:

-BBK long tubes / Cherry Bomb cat-back

-BBK long tubes / Magnaflow resonated X / stock resonators in place / no mufflers

-BBK long tubes / stock H pipe / stock resonators in place / no mufflers

-BBK long tubes / Borla touring axle-back:

-BBK long tubes / BBK X-Pipe / Stock mufflers:

-BBK long tubes/ BBK X-Pipe / SLP Loud Mouth 2

-BBK long tubes / Magnaflow resonated X / Loud Mouth 1 axle back / stock resonators deleted:

-BBK long tubes / dynomax bullets exhaust:

OBX Long tubes

-OBX long tubes / MRT 2 exhaust

-OBX long tubes / no cats / magnaflow resonated X / flowmaster exhaust / 2.5" piping ran from front to back.

-OBX long tubes / no cats / magnaflow resonated X / Magnaflow exhaust.\

-OBX long tubes/ magnaflow resonated X / MRT 2.0 / Injen intake

Stainless Works LTs

-Stainless Works LT headers / Random Tech HFC's / SOLO Mach X LLT

-Stainless Works LT headers / ARK DT-S catback

Pacesetter LTs

-Pacesetter Long Tube/no cats/MRT v2 exhaust
***STOCK****************************************** *******
STOCK exhaust:

-KMPrenger :wave:

Milk 1027 07-18-2009 02:18 PM

will be using this as an update in the wiki page.

RS_Man 07-18-2009 02:58 PM

As soon as ours comes back from Corsa I will provide a video of before & after sounds. Hoping to get it back sometime this next week *crosses fingers*

drivingincamaro 07-18-2009 03:07 PM

i like the borla x exhaust the best :D

PieNsky 07-18-2009 05:44 PM

Stainless Works has my auto V6, dropped it off last Monday. They will be offering headers and exhaust for our Camaros.

Germann 07-18-2009 05:54 PM

Glad to see this thread!

Mojave 07-18-2009 06:02 PM

Great thread ! Thank you

scrming 07-18-2009 06:27 PM

Ok... I have cleaned up my original experiment thread as was suggested... thanks! So the better link to my setup is the original one:

I will still take any questions... LOL

KMPrenger 07-18-2009 06:44 PM

Can't wait to see some Corsa and Stainless Works posts...thanks guys!

Silver Surfer 07-19-2009 11:14 AM

i like the Magnaflow system

Karnage541 07-19-2009 04:22 PM

I think the best sounding one on this thread so far is deff scrming's. Great job scrming!!!:respekt:

Jericho 07-21-2009 12:48 AM

Does anyone have any information on the stainless headers yet?

Karnage541 07-21-2009 05:29 AM


Originally Posted by cnofear (Post 703881)
I have to disagree but I think the one camaro with the gmpp exhaust for the v6 sounds a little better . But thats what I like and would put that in mine when I get it ( soon I hope ).

Im not putting any of them on mine. Im waiting on the stainless as of right now. I liked there V6 challenger alot so thats what im waiting for.

cjh1505 07-21-2009 03:16 PM

scrmings or the gmpp. think i am going with scrms since ill be broke after i get my baby lol

ZeeTwentyFour 07-22-2009 09:29 PM

here is my 3.1 V6 cavalier with flowmaster Delta 40. Its an older GM V6 but its still a 60 degree V6 none the less. I will try to get a better video one day.

bond2 07-22-2009 10:33 PM

I dropped off my car again tonight at Corsa for final fitting and sound testing. They had basically the final exhaust on Ladyinblue's Auto car. Jim fired up her car for me and it has a really nice, powerful sound to it, definitely lower and deeper than stock(not V8 low, but nice). We then fired up my car for a direct comparison. We revved them both a little and the Corsa sounds much cleaner and more muscular than stock, but it's not nearly as whiny as some of the other aftermarket exhausts I've been hearing. While cruising at 50 mph the car sounds actually quieter than stock inside, which in my opinion is great. But when you give it a little gas you get that nice performance sound. I didn't bring my camcorder b/c I figured I'd just be dropping the car off and heading out since it was so late. They are having a car show on Sunday and I will for sure get some video and sound then unless they beat me to it this week. My apologies for no video, but soon very soon. I'd wait this one out b/c the Corsa exhaust is gonna please alot of folks and it looks and sounds fantastic.

KMPrenger 07-22-2009 10:50 PM

Thanks bond2..awsome! Cant wait for that! Honestly, I'm torn between the GMPP, the Magnaflows, and the Borla Pro Xs that Derin has on his car. GMPPs sound good, but not entirely different from stock..just a tad lower. (I guess if they got even better over time they might just be perfect for me?) Borla Pro Xs sound mean, but I'd like to hear them at just cruising/neighborhood speeds as well. Same goes for the Magnaflows, although they sound a bit more whiny..but not too bad! I did email the camaro5 member JDP Motorsports about the other Magnaflow muffler he has listed (part #16584), but no sound file for. He said they would probably sound a bit lower (which might be perfect) but wouldn't get quite the performance as the other of course. He also said he is waiting on a sound file for them.

Now if those Corsas sound as you described, they just might be my new favorites!

camaro guy 07-23-2009 06:05 PM

im gonna wait till more axle back kits are out. currently borla $709 , magnaflow $673, and GMPP have kits out but waiting on corsa, stainless works, flowmaster, and possibly bassani, if not others. i want to hear them on other cars so i can make the best choice before i spend my $$$.

Karnage541 07-23-2009 11:39 PM


Originally Posted by camaro guy (Post 715579)
im gonna wait till more axle back kits are out. currently borla $709 , magnaflow $673, and GMPP have kits out but waiting on corsa, stainless works, flowmaster, and possibly bassani, if not others. i want to hear them on other cars so i can make the best choice before i spend my $$$.


camaro guy 07-24-2009 04:46 PM

slp has their v6 versions (3) almost ready to buy and have videos of them on their website.

bond2 07-24-2009 11:07 PM

Corsa Exhaust Thread with pics and sound:

CamaroBarbie 07-28-2009 02:50 PM

I have magnaflows on mine and I love the sound I have. Although I do like the corsa a little bit better.

h22prelude 07-28-2009 11:57 PM

since i will be getting a 2lt/rs hopefully soon, i have been looking at different performance upgrades. and was thinking, since the 3.6 DI is the same engine as in the current CTS, wouldnt this custom magnaflow exhaust sound exactly the same on the v6 camaro?

this sounds amazing...

bond2 07-29-2009 07:49 AM


Originally Posted by h22prelude (Post 733723)
since i will be getting a 2lt/rs hopefully soon, i have been looking at different performance upgrades. and was thinking, since the 3.6 DI is the same engine as in the current CTS, wouldnt this custom magnaflow exhaust sound exactly the same on the v6 camaro?

this sounds amazing...

That was a 2007 CTS with the non DI 3.6 engine. DI may change the sound a bit.

drivingincamaro 08-07-2009 03:15 PM

the stainless works exhaust :iono:

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