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Pharmaro 12-16-2013 09:45 PM

Carbon - My 2011 CGM 2SS/RS [COTW 4/21/14]
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I really don't know why I've waited this long to do this, but I'm certainly kicking myself now because of the backlog of photo's I've done.

In January of 2011 my daily driver, a 2003 Honda Civic SI, was "reverse rear-ended" by a tank of an early 2000's Acura. I was driving to work in the wee hours of the morning and I came to a stop behind this car which was stopped behind another car. All of sudden I see reverse lights and before I can react theres an Acura laying on top of my hood. She told the responding police officer that she had seen a movie the previous weekend where the main characters were carjacked a similar way and she was just trying to escape. :facepalm:

Anyway, the hunt for a new car was on and it was my WIFE's suggestion to look at a Camaro as she knew I had always wanted an American muscle car.

It was love at first sight......

Here is Carbon on the day she became mine. As to why she's Carbon, well, you'll see.

Attachment 583368

Attachment 583369


Roto-Fab CAI
Magnaflow Competition Series Catback w/ Truflow X-pipe
1 7/8" Pfadt Tri-Y Headers
Comp Cams Boost Friendly Custom Grind Cam
Hardened Pushrods, BT Valve Springs, Timing Chain, Melling Oil Pump
VMAX Ported TB
Apex Scoop w/ washer bottle delete
Tuned by CincySpeed
471/425 rwhp/tq


20" Matte Black Forgestar F14's 9 in front 10 in rear
BMR Trailing Arms
BMR Sway Bars
BMR Toe Rods
BMR Full Bushing Replacement
BMR Endlinks
BMR 1" Lowering Springs
BMR Strut Tower Brace
DBa Slotted Rotors
Hawks Ceramic Pads
BF Goodrich Stainless Steel brake lines
Installed by Raymond's Performance


DJ Grilles "Hawkeye" Grille - Matte Black
VIS Terminator Hood - Carbon Fiber
Seibon ST-style Deck Lid - Carbon Fiber
Street Scene Splitter - Carbon Fiber
RideSkinz Side Skirts - Carbon Fiber
CarbonFibre Works Mirror Covers - Carbon Fiber
AAC Ghosted Side Markers
AAC Plasma DRLs
AAC Afterburners
JDP Colorshift Halos
RPI Carbon Fiber Gills
EmblemPros Hydrodipped Carbon Fiber Taillight/Fog Light Bezels

Engine Bay
CarbonFibre Works plenum cover, fuse box cover, master cylinder cover, radiator shroud, fender trim - Carbon Fiber
Billet Custom AC port, hood cylinder rod, relay cover, heat sink cover, oil dipstick cover, pulley covers - Satin Finish
EmblemPros - custom stainless steel hood liner - Satin/Carbon Fiber
VMS Engine Cap Covers - Gunmetal
Apex Motorsports Catch Can
Holley Big Block Coil Pack Covers - Red
JDP Heater Hose Relocate
Braided Nylon Split Loom Wire Cover

Remin Carbon Fiber Trim Kit
Custom Carbon Fiber Sill Trim and Armrest
ACS Rear Deck Lid - CGM/Carbon Fiber
SRP Pedals

Recent Photos

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Attachment 583382
Attachment 583383
Attachment 583384

Pharmaro 12-16-2013 09:52 PM

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My first round of mods included some AAC Plasma DRL's to match the headlight, carbon fiber mirror covers, carbon fiber gills, a Roto-Fab CAI with hydrographic finish, and custom license plate!

Attachment 583385
Attachment 583386
Attachment 583387
Attachment 583388
Attachment 583389

Pharmaro 12-16-2013 09:59 PM

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I then decided to get some AAC Afterburners, a Remin Carbon Fiber trim kit, some hydrodipped foglight/taillight bezels from Roger at EmblemPros, and a carbon fiber radiator shroud cover from Carbon by Design.

Attachment 583390

Attachment 583391

Attachment 583392

Attachment 583393

Attachment 583394

Attachment 583395

Attachment 583396

Pharmaro 12-16-2013 10:08 PM

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I decided to work on the exterior some more with a Vis Terminator Hood and Seibon ST-Style rear deck lid, both carbon fiber of course, and a phantom grille. I also plastidipped my rims, painted my calipers red, and worked on my engine bay with a JDP heater hose relocate, holley big block covers, and some carbon fiber.

Attachment 583397

Attachment 583398

Attachment 583399

Attachment 583400

Pharmaro 12-16-2013 10:21 PM

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I was tired of doing strictly cosmetic mods so for Christmas I called up Chase at Apex (who happens to be a sponsor of our local Camaro club) and Tony and Deviate Motoring to have these show up.

Attachment 583402

Attachment 583403

Around the same time I was part of the initial group buy for the DJ Grilles Hawkeye.

Attachment 583404

Attachment 583405

After a trip to Raymond's Performance and some cold days in the driveway installing the grille, I entered the car into a Carl Casper's Custom Auto Show and ended up with a first in class trophy!

Attachment 583406

Attachment 583407

Attachment 583408

Pharmaro 12-17-2013 10:09 PM

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I was approached by Chase and Paul at Apex Motorsports to participate in a photoshoot with them. It was awesome! It was neat to see how they set up the background and lighting to capture the silhoutte of the car. O
h and Apex Amanda and Morgan were pretty sweet too.

Attachment 583668

Attachment 583669

Attachment 583670

Attachment 583671

Attachment 583672

Attachment 583673

lbheat 12-19-2013 12:07 PM

My hats off to you man. That is one sweet ride

aquablueL99 12-19-2013 01:37 PM

I have your car in my garage....lookin' great!!

Kurt ABL99...:chevy:

Vengeance Graphix 12-19-2013 11:01 PM

sweet ride you have there!

Behic2320 12-20-2013 01:36 PM

very cool build love the photo shoot set up

camaro500 12-20-2013 02:05 PM

congrats beautiful car and wow the carbon fibre is awesome

Misfit1 12-20-2013 04:09 PM

1 Attachment(s)
What no carbon fiber bowties??? Looks awsome!!! how do you like that grill?? Fitment?

Pharmaro 12-20-2013 10:46 PM


Originally Posted by lbheat (Post 7271869)
My hats off to you man. That is one sweet ride

Thanks! I appreciate it, it has been a work in progress!


Originally Posted by aquablueL99 (Post 7272124)
I have your car in my garage....lookin' great!!

Kurt ABL99...:chevy:

I was really excited when I found out that Chase and Paul at Apex selected my car for their poster this year.


Originally Posted by xVengeancex28 (Post 7273496)
sweet ride you have there!



Originally Posted by Behic2320 (Post 7274597)
very cool build love the photo shoot set up

Thanks! It was a pretty cool experience to see how they manipulated everything to get a silhoutte on a black background with a dark car.


Originally Posted by camaro500 (Post 7274676)
congrats beautiful car and wow the carbon fibre is awesome

Thanks! It is a bit of an obsession and is certainly not for everybody.


Originally Posted by Misfit1 (Post 7274974)
What no carbon fiber bowties??? Looks awsome!!! how do you like that grill?? Fitment?

Haha, actually, I only have the rear bowtie and it is carbon fiber with a matte black surround.

I love the grille because nobody has it around here. It was a big gamble for me because I did the install myself and it was such a new product. I was lucky enough to get it for a price that is nowhere near the current retail price and to date, customer service with DJ grilles has been excellent, if not slow. In terms of fitment, I did do the install myself so it wasn't done professionally. There is a little bit of open space at the portion above the doors. Fortunately, it isn't too noticable unless you're crouched down and up close.

Pharmaro 12-20-2013 11:31 PM

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While the engine bay had a bunch of cosmetic work to it, I haven't always been happy with the underside of my VIS Terminator hood. It has a smooth finish for the most part, but the cowl portion has a rougher texture to it. I am lucky to live an hour away from EmblemPros and had been in contact with Roger about developing an underhood liner to spruce things up a bit.

We came up with an idea to do a brushed stainless piece with "CARBON" Camaro fender-style lettering and a bowtie cutout with carbon fiber backing. It took about 5 trips to get the template correct but the end result turned out great.

Attachment 584397
Attachment 584398

I had also picked up an ACS rear deck liner painted CGM at this past year's Camaro5Fest and instead of purchasing the carbon fiber vinyl and chrome fender lettering, I met with Roger again and he came up with the carbon fiber pieces and some brushed stainless lettering.

Attachment 584399
Attachment 584400

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