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BeckyD@RodgersChevrolet 10-13-2009 09:44 PM

Are you a Chevy Enthusiast? What's your best Chevy story?
We're all Camaro fans, that's a given. But what about the rest of the Chevy lineup? With it's rich, storied heritage there must be some very interesting stories to share. Like the pickup that goes 500,000 miles. Your first date in a Chevy. Your first child (remember the big back seats) So give it up. Let's hear it.:chevy::thumbup:

Got any pictures?.....put them in, let's see those Chevy's!

01pewterz28 10-13-2009 10:36 PM

Mine started back in 1992 when I was looking for my 1st ride my father worked for a local Chevrolet dealership I started to look for cars and trucks I had my eye on a 92 Blazer, and a S-10 extended cab. I had saved up $7k my parents said they would match what ever I saved one afternoon as I walked off the school bus I started to walk towards my driveway and I notice a black car parked in the driveway as I got closer I saw that it was a Camaro Z/28 at that time it never crossed my mind that I would not mind having a Camaro as my 1st car. When walked in the house my parents said surprise and what a feeling from that point forward I was ALL GM for me :) As time passed I went on to pick up a white 94 Z/28, a Black 94 Z/28, 97 WS6,99 TA’s, and a 2001 Z/28.

Fast forward to December 2003 I saw a rather attractive blond girl at a local car show come to find out she was friends with some of my friends. One evening we all went over to her place to hang out and what do I see in the garage but a black 2000 Camaro I figured it was her fathers but Nope it was hers  a few minutes later her father opened up the 2nd garage and sitting all alone was a factory original 1969 Z/28 fathom green w/ white stripes. Two years later we would get married and our love (or my love :) for Chevy’s and the Camaro would continue. We have been married for five years this November we have owned a 05 Trailblazer EXT, 06 Silverado 1500CC Vmax, 07 Suburban, 09 Malibu 2LT, and a 2010 Camaro 2LT/RS (the Trailblazer and Silverado are no longer with us, both the Y2k Camaro, and 01 Z/28 we still own as well)

My Chevy/Camaro story

mike25 10-13-2009 10:40 PM

Chevy cobalt ss was my first chevy. 50,000 miles and counting with only a thermostat needing replaced. Had my first wreck in her, my first speeding ticket, broke the back seat in ;) . I love that car..did all my cruising in her and turned alot of heads. The camaro will be my next chevy here this week. Filled my cobalt up for the last time the other day and I've been reminiscing this week as the camaro will be ready for pickup the next few days.

For me chevy was a no brainer... Dads only ever owned gm old s10, Sierra extd cab, moms envoy and various chevy vans, my sisters sunfires and an aveo, my grandads owned cadillacs, chevys, and fmc's and so forth. My next car that I buy will
be a vette!

dannkimmel 10-13-2009 11:01 PM

many chevys...funniest story.
1978 stepside...headers, intake holly ,recurved ign.
a dodge power wagon trys to pass me.....
no way is this gonna happen!!!we must have gone a mile side by side
(out in the middle of country)smoke starts to come out from under his hood and all of a sudden a mass of steam and blue smoke ..
he pulls over i slow down to take a look.
i see its my best friend from school!!!
hadent seen each other in months......we laugh about it to this day!!!

WOMPUS 10-13-2009 11:09 PM

Back in 1973, I gave a girl a ride in my wagon, She crawled in and took control, she was tired 'cause her mind was a-draggin'. I said, get some sleep and dream of rock and roll.

'Cause like a princess she was layin' there, Moonlight dancin' off her hair, She woke up and took me by the hand, She's gonna love me in my Chevy van, And that's all right with me.

Wait a minute, that never happened to me...Damn!

BeckyD@RodgersChevrolet 10-13-2009 11:18 PM


Originally Posted by WOMPUS (Post 1041654)
Back in 1973, I gave a girl a ride in my wagon, She crawled in and took control, she was tired 'cause her mind was a-draggin'. I said, get some sleep and dream of rock and roll.

'Cause like a princess she was layin' there, Moonlight dancin' off her hair, She woke up and took me by the hand, She's gonna love me in my Chevy van, And that's all right with me.

Wait a minute, that never happened to me...Damn!

What was the last song they wrote about a Toyota? Let me think.....Never! :chevy: But there sure are alot of songs with a Chevy in it!

alfie43 10-13-2009 11:21 PM

I have had a lot of experiences with GM performance cars. Back in “the day”, my everyday cars for going to work and driving my kids to school were what we now call classic muscle; I had a ’64 GTO, a ’66 GTO, and a ‘68 Camaro (one at a time, of course). Each one ordered and built to my liking with a big motor and a 4 speed tranny. Giving away my age now, the new ’64 GTO was my first car. In addition, I used to drag race Chevys, both small block and rat motors. I built and raced a 302 ’57 Chevy Nomad that ran in the mid to low 12s and a Hillborn injected 454 big block B/Altered that ran in the mid 10s.

As time wore on, I eventually sold everything and gave it all up. I spent the next 25 years living quietly in the “burbs” of Metro-Detroit, driving in the slow lane in 3.0 liter minivans, focusing on my career, raising my family and occupying myself with other interests and hobbies. Life has been good.

One day this past year I experienced moment of reckoning and awakening: I was driving in the area of the GM Technical Center when the most drop-dead gorgeous car I have ever seen pulled up along side of me. It was a 2010 “Bumble Bee” SS Camaro, wearing the telltale manufacture’s plate that we often see around Metro-Detroit.

I freaked out and almost drove off the road. I had missed the Concept Camaro at the Detroit Auto Show, but I had heard about it. So there was no doubt what this thing was. “Oh, Ma Gawd”, I screamed at my wife, “Look at that…that's gotta be the new Camaro”.

As it slowed down to turn into the Tech Center, I looked back at it thru my rear view mirror. One look into those beautiful haloed eyes…err…headlights, and I was toast. Right then and there, I knew that I had to have one.

"That’s my story and I’m stickin' to it"

Alfie - Metro-Detroit

RMGee 10-13-2009 11:27 PM

Hmmm... Ive always wanted someone to really define "enthusiast"

alfie43 10-13-2009 11:29 PM


Originally Posted by RMGee (Post 1041724)
Hmmm... Ive always wanted someone to really define "enthusiast"

Main Entry: en·thu·si·ast
Pronunciation: \-ˌast, -əst\
Function: noun
Date: 1570

: a person filled with enthusiasm: as a : one who is ardently attached to a cause, object, or pursuit <a car enthusiast> b : one who tends to become ardently absorbed in an interest.


Iroczlover 10-13-2009 11:30 PM

well with me I have several pieces of history. My first vehicle was my truck it was a early 60s Chevy pick up. no engine, lots of rust. I spent hours working on it sanding it down. only to come to find out that the person that sold it to me didnt have title & I had to turn it back over to him, (well his soon to be ex wife).

but my second story is meeting someone, rich in GM history. it was the day I met Scott Settlemire for the first time. Everyone in our camaro club had talked about someone from GM coming to our show & bringing toys for us to check out.

We were at the track, & low & behold here comes a cop car, with lights a going, :facepalm: I kind of rolled my eyes & just walked away. But got dragged back over to be introduced to him. (he still owes me a race) anyways it started raining (like normal we live in washington state) & they closed down the track. My husband & I were invited to go hang out & have dinner with this man from GM. Only to come to find out, he loves his job & loves being involved with both the people who work for GM & the people like us, who just go out & buy the cars & love them.

Pics of when we first met him,
Hes the guy in the blue closes to the Camaro, Zhawk is standing beside him & I am the only woman in the pic

BeckyD@RodgersChevrolet 10-13-2009 11:33 PM


Originally Posted by RMGee (Post 1041724)
Hmmm... Ive always wanted someone to really define "enthusiast"

I'll give you my definition, kinda long but I think sums it up....

Tough, gets the job done...
Is functional, but inspiring...
Fun, energetic....
Designed to inspire...
Pure adrenaline - ignites the heart....
Creates lasting memories...

If it has that...that creates an enthusiast.... :chevy:

BumbleDs 10-13-2009 11:39 PM

I was sitting in my grandmothers house, and father pulls in a 1974 Monte Carlo, white with a red top, red pin stripes down the classic Rolls Royce style fenders, and a beautiful red interior. (By red its actually a blood red-or maroon). At that point it had a 400 2bbl and a 2:73. The Turbo 350 always slipped, but I was only 13, and fell in love. It was my 2nd car-first car Ive ever drove around in. Ive torn it apart two or three times now-its now a 4bbl with around 400 horse and a 373, no more red top and grey primer. A buddy borrowed a set of my American Racing wheels and never got them as he sold it with his 74 Monte :paddle: But to this day-shes my pride in joy. My first project car-one of two I have not completed. Had it for 6 years and about 16 cars in between. If it wasnt for that car-I would have never been a car guy. I remember going to the store and getting the model car. Getting video games,books, magazines-nothing with a 1974 Monte Carlo-so I kept searching, searching, learning about other cars, looking for more articles on them and everything I could. Its now known around town as the BEAST! The factory duals have long since rotted through, and with the High Performance cam-she does more then rumble-it makes Anubis cry. One personal actually reffered to as Pandora once. "Its like,Pandoras Box-you open her up and all hell breaks loose!" Well said. Thanks for readin!

Sterling 10-13-2009 11:54 PM

The only vehicle my Dad owned for my entire life was his 64 Chevy 3/4 ton step side pick-up. It was only 2 wheel drive and had granny gears. You had to start out in second unless you were pulling something. One time he pulled a tractor trailer out of the mud with it. It didn't have any seat belts and when I was really little I would get to sit on his lap and steer. When I got a little bigger I'd sit in the middle of that bench seat and got to shift the gears. I ground them a lot back then, but it was soooo much fun! Just riding around in that old truck with him was a real bonding experience. My mother sold it after he died... for a long time when I would visit the old hometown, I'd see it sitting in a guy's back yard. It was like seeing an old friend. I'd give it a wave as I drove by... I haven't seen it in about 10 years now. I wonder where it might be now... I miss that old truck!

Morepwr 10-14-2009 12:17 AM

First car.....a 1971 Nova SS 4 speed. I owned that car for 20 years before selling it to a friend of mine with the agreement that I could buy it back anytime I wanted.

Drove it in high school. Learned about it in auto shop. Cruised it. Raced it. Both street and track. Took dates out in it. I put 4 different engines in it over the years and 2 different transmissions. (it still has the six speed manual in it from a 94 Z28) Lots of good memories in that car for me and my friends.

Camaro-wise I have had 4. 3 different 70 camaros ranging from a stocker to a big block drag car and a 94 Z28 daily driver.

Yup. Chevy is very much in my blood.:chevy:

BumbleDs 10-14-2009 12:18 AM

:chevy:Youre never fully dressed without a bowtie!!!:chevy:

rowerybo 10-14-2009 12:32 AM

Silverado, best truck out there. At the boat ramps, a dodge ram could not get the boat out due to slime, just kept spinning. We took a tow rope and tied the Chevy to the dodge then pulled truck and boat out at the same time. The Dodge owner said his next truck would be nothing but a chevy.

daphatgrant 10-14-2009 01:33 AM

I'm excited about the possible comeback of the Chevy Caprice. My first car was a dark green, 4-door, 1980 Chevy Caprice Classic, absolutely awesome car :D. When I sold it it had 298K miles on it. I stopped driving it at the beginning of December (I live in upstate NY so it gets cold!) and when the guy came to buy it it was the end of January so it sat in the dead of winter for almost 2 months, untouched. When the guy showed up to pick her up I got in, sat down, put the key in, and turned her over. That car with 298K miles on it that just sat for 2 months in the dead of winter turned over like she had been sitting there idling for an hour and a half and had just been shut off. I have a lot of fond memories of that car and always will, a true beast of a car. Can't wait to see her re-honored :).

All these old car stories are making me really miss my old car :(.

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