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RedRyder 04-03-2010 08:06 PM

RedRyder's 2010 VR 2SS/RS M6 Camaro


Well I thought I'd start a journal page to log my beloved camaro. I'll try to keep this updated as things are added to the car. It's going to be a slow process since I'm in college and funds for my car are very limited.

I go to school in Georgia but purchased the camaro in Florida's just a better state :laugh: no emissions, better tint laws, etc.. My previous car was a Vortech supercharged 2005 eclipse which I dearly loved and worked many, many nights on. The 3rd gen eclipses don't have an eighth of the support this community has which is such a relief. Unfortunately, in Decmeber of 2009 it was involved in an accident and was totaled.

So.. in February 2010 I ordered this beautiful camaro and just picked it up a couple days ago.

Some completely stock photos:

I love this thing, there's always a huge smile on my face when I drive it :)

So here's what I've done so far. I added a radar detector that was from my last car and I decided to mount it using BlendMount's mount. Well worth the money because it rocks! So clean:

Hardwired my Garmin nuvi. I actually used a separate cigarette lighter plug and wired it into the one by the 4 pack gauge cluster and plugged the nuvi into there. That way I'd be able to use the FM traffic. I used the ProClips Mounts and it is wonderful, a clean install :)

I also got some LEDs from, 1. Front Turn Signals, 2. Dome/Trunk Lights, 3. License Plate Lights. They are much brighter and better.

Lastly, I painted a bunch of interior plastics:

1. Front strip
2. Speedometer trim
3. Random top vents
4. Steering Wheel Trim
5. Trim around gauges and shifter

That's all I got for now. Future mods include black tail light trim and a bunch of stickers :laugh:


Just took the 10 hour drive up to Georgia, man was it tiring :thumbdown: Anyways, I got my windows tinted today! Looks good, 20% all around. None on the windshield. They washed the car too although since it's pollen season here it was filled up again with pollen in about 20 min so excuse the dirtiness.

My vinyl should be coming in in a few days and then my showstopper LED mirrors next week so I'm waiting in anticipation. :drool: Also discovered I had bought the right resistors just wired them wrong...pshh directions... :facepalm: Probably going to paint my tail light bezels black when the vinyl gets here so I can have it all matched. Updating soon :cool:


I was able to install some blackout stuff as well as paint my tail light bezels black :w00t: I did mess up on trying to put the gills on though :( so I suppose I'm going to have to order another set lol here's how they turned out. I also bought a 160GB iPod Classic for the car since my iPod Touch doesn't seem to work great with the stock iPod integration.

Blacked out bowties, tail light bezels, reverse lights, turn signals and DRLs:

Showstopper LED mirrors should be in sometime soon. Also my AAC LED sidemarkers will ship out according to them next week. Probably going to buy another set of gills :facepalm: Afterwards I'll be getting a Roto-Fab CAI and probably going to lower it with some nice Pfadt lowering springs. That'll be fun :thumbup:


Got my ShowStopper LED Mirrors on! They're pretty sweeet, thanks to Pete at Showstopper for an awesome product :thumbup:

Almost done with the exterior stuff, I'm thinking about going to a local shop and getting the trunk blacked out. I'm weighing the idea.


It's been a little while but I have a new addition! AAC Painted LED Side Markers!

Decided to leave the gills out, at least for now. Also I'm putting the springs on hold because I'm slowly remembering how driving a lowered car in Atlanta can be a huge pain (Although could be worth it).

Next up when funds allow will be either a trunk blackout or the Rotofab CAI. But first, I gotta pay for a big dent I put in the side of the camaro :facepalm:


I got my gill inserts (from emblempros) and my hash marks (from autotrimdesign) installed and they're awesome.

Soon I'll be putting on some new badging from emblem pros and then comes the drop and then the CAI.


Well, I say it's about time for an update.

First, I used a few wires from AAC and made it so my halos stay on at all times (Hooray for no more switching them on/off when I get in/out of the car :)) Also, I replaced the rear bulbs with red LEDs so they come instant on with the 3rd brake light (I know, OCD).

There was a meet at Vengeance Racing a little while ago and I got to meet some C5 members around the area and check out Vengeance's facilities. It was a good time and I got to run my completely stock car on the dyno.

I got 353 rwhp 340 rwtq which was good since it was literally 100 degrees and other members were saying the dyno at Vengeance at the time was reading 20rwhp lower than what MTI's dyno read. I'll just be using it for a baseline so I can see what I've gained as I add more power :cool:

I added a few new exterior things which are as follows:
-Rear Trunk Black Out
-EmblemPros Black CAMARO Fender Badges
-EmblemPros Black LS3 Hood Badges
-Custom Red/Black SS Badges
-Gary's Custom Bumblebee Style Bowties
-Red/Black SS Tire Stem Caps

Car looks hot with all of the new little things :cool:

I also put on a Flowmaster American Thunder Cat Back Exhaust System but I didn't want the chrome tips so I painted them black with high-heat paint. The exhaust itself sounds amazing. I love driving around and hearing it.

As for the interior, I acquired some new goodies as well:
-EmblemPros Dash Plaque
-Red SS Embroidered Headrests
-DSV Customs Leather E-Brake Boot
-BilletAnything Black Billet Pedals

I really like the pedals, they are perfect and feel like they should have always been there.

You can see all the new stuff in the following pics.

That's all for now. I'll begin to focus on performance now that it looks exactly how I want it to (minus a drop). Stay tuned for more to come!


Just thought I would take some pics of some new toys :)

Installed the Halltech Yellow Jacket CAI with an Elite Engineering Catch Can and switched out my stock throttle body with a Semi-Gloss Black Painted VMAX CNC Ported Throttle Body. I bought the ADM Race Scoop for the Yellow Jacket but never got around it installing it. It's going to go in soon. Also upgraded my radar detector to a Beltronics Escort Redline. The new performance mods feel good to the butt dyno.

I also installed a ******** Integrated Amp/Sub/Stealth Enclosure with a Kicker ZX400.1 Mono Amplifier and a Kicker 12" CompVR Subwoofer. In addition I replaced the factory amp thanks to the ******** Factory Amp Replacement Kit with a JL Audio XD400/4 4-Channel Amplifier.

I ended up taking all of the black paint off of my exhaust tips due to some peeling. I kind of like it with it anyway.

Next to go on are some awesome engine bay accessories from Showstopper, LSR, and Ohio-Speed.



For Memorial Day Weekend I decided to start putting in some items that have been slowly collecting in my living room. I took out the engine cover and put on the Mast Motorsports Black Label LS3 Fuel Rails; Showstopper Premium Under Hood Bowtie, ABS Controller Cover, Master Cylinder Cover, Fuse Box Cover, and Black Wire Harness Cover; Billet Custom Black Anodized Billet Idler Pulley, AC Fittings, Oil Cap, Master Brake Cylinder Cap, Battery Post Cover, Radiator Cap, Radiator Overflow Cap; LSR Performance Black Anodized Billet Strut Tower Caps; and TechAFX EVAP Hider Hose.

I also painted my oil dipstick handle black and relocated my heater hoses. Some more pics:

I put on my first suspension mod as well, the Hotchkis Max Chassis Brace, car feels a bit better on the turns.

Up next is to finally install the ADM race scoop and my new washer fluid bag. Then, to Vengeance Racing for headers and a tune!


Just a quick update, I got around to installing my ADM race scoop/windshield washer bag and I also got my TSP underdrive pulley and TSP long tube headers installed and dyno tuned by the friendly folks at Vengeance Racing and here are the results :

As you can see it might not have been the best day for the tune since my baseline which had my catback, cai, race scoop, and ported throttle body on it came out 8hp less than my stock dyno :iono:

Anyway, that's quite the gain for headers, ud pulley, and a tune.


Got around to putting on these cool new plug wires from Taylor. They're thick (10.4 mm) and the red matches perfectly with my car's Victory Red color. You can also see my new TSP headers have turned a nice bronze color as I've been breaking them in.

Next I'll be recovering money in preparation for a short shifter and some BMR Suspension parts. :cool:


It's been a long time since I've updated this page so I figured I'd show everything I've put into this car over the last year or so.

In the suspension department, I've added a slew of BMR parts that you can find in my mod list including their 1" lowering springs. Love the stance.

I put on new Showstopper LED side markers which have replaced my AAC LED side markers. To those interested, I'd highly recommend the Showstoppers over the AACs. Superior build quality, they match my LED turn signal mirrors, and I've had them for about a year in which no LEDs went out unlike the multitude of times the AACs have gone out.

In the engine bay, I added an RX breather to the valve cover and drove up to Vengeance Racing to put in their Koatic Cam, along with their dual spring kit and other accompanying parts. After a retune, the cam put down 470 rwhp & 439 rwtq!

All the brake dust this thing has from the stock brakes was killing me so I wanted some new brakes. I went with a DBA slotted 5000/4000 series split for the front and back rotors, upgraded my lines to Goodridge SS lines and changed my pads to Hawk ceramics. I took this combo to Road Atlanta for a weekend and they performed splendedly. I also changed the rear tires to a set of Nitto Invo's which have been working well for me so far.

I redid my audio system by putting in a Scosche dash kit with a Kenwood DNX-9990HD headunit. Feels so good to have a full headunit back. Here's some pics of the new interior.

Added a Lloyd Mat embroidered trunk mat to the trunk. I needed something to make it look better since I did a piss poor job at cutting the stock trunk carpetting for my sub. It's nice and sturdy.

I decided that I really wanted a HUD in my car so I took some time and using Ofer's (2SSRS's) directions, retrofitted the Camaro HUD into my car. At the same time, I added ambient lighting to my dash. I think it came out great and the new HUD was totally worth the work.

I really like where the car is right now. I think the only thing left before stepping up to FI (if I decide to do so) is to get some better gearing in. I'm thinking of upgrading to the ZL1 rear drivetrain to get a strong rear end plus 3.73 gears.

Leave some comments and/or suggestions for my ride! :chevy:

RedRyder 04-06-2010 01:04 PM


Here is a running modifications list:


  • Halltech Yellow Jacket Cold Air Intake
  • ADM Performance Cold Air Intake Race Scoop
  • Black VMAX CNC Ported Throttle Body
  • Texas Speed & Performance Under Drive Pulley
  • RX Performance Billet Overdrive Alternator Pulley
  • Barton Industries Short Throw Shifter
  • Flowmaster American Thunder Cat Back Exhaust System
  • Texas Speed & Performance 1 7/8" Long Tube Headers
  • Vengeance Racing Kaotik Camshaft
  • Vengeance Racing Dual Spring Kit
  • Comp 5/16th Hardened Pushrods
  • Comp Trunion Kit for Stock Rockers
  • Melling Hi Volume Oil Pump
  • Katech C5R Timing Chain
  • LS7 Timing Gear
  • ARP Cam Bolts
  • Vengeance Racing Tune


  • BMR Suspension Front & Rear Sway Bars
  • BMR Suspension Sway Bar End Links
  • BMR Suspension 1" Lowering Springs
  • BMR Suspension Trailing Arms
  • BMR Suspension Outer Trailing Arm Bushings
  • BMR Suspension Toe Rods
  • BMR Suspension Driveshaft Safety Loop
  • Hotchkis Chassis Max Brace
  • DBA 5000 Series Slotted Front Rotors
  • DBA 4000 Series Slotted Rear Rotors
  • Hawk Performance Ceramic Brake Pads
  • Goodridge Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  • Nitto Motivo 245/45-20 Front Tires
  • Nitto Invo 275/40-20 Rear Tires


  • OEM HUD Retrofit
  • Metra Double Din Dash Kit
  • Kenwood DNX-9990HD Head Unit
  • JL Audio XD400/4 4-Channel Amplifier
  • Kicker ZX400.1 Mono Amplifier
  • Kicker 12" CompVR Sub-woofer
  • Sub Thump Integrated Amp/Sub/Stealth Enclosure
  • Palmer Performance DashLogic
  • Advanced Keys Smart Entry & Push Button Start System
  • XpressKit DBALL2 Bypass

Engine Bay Accessories

  • Red Taylor 409 Pro Race Spark Plug Wires
  • Mast Motorsports Black Label LS3 Fuel Rails
  • Black Anodized Fuel Rail Fittings
  • Elite Engineering Oil Catch Can
  • Showstopper Accessories Premium Under Hood Bowtie
  • Showstopper Accessories Premium ABS Controller Cover
  • Showstopper Accessories Premium Master Cylinder Cover
  • Showstopper Accessories Premium Fuse Box Cover
  • Showstopper Accessories Black Wire Harness Cover
  • Billet Custom Black Anodized Billet Idler Pulley
  • Billet Custom Black Anodized Billet Oil Dip Stick Cover
  • Billet Custom Black Anodized Billet AC Fittings
  • Billet Custom Black Anodized Billet Master Brake Cylinder Cap
  • Billet Custom Black Anodized Billet Battery Post Cover
  • Billet Custom Black Anodized Billet Radiator Cap
  • Billet Custom Black Anodized Billet Radiator Overflow Cap
  • Billet Custom Black Anodized Billet Oil Cap
  • LSR Performance Black Anodized Billet Strut Tower Caps
  • PCM of NC Evap Relocation
  • Custom Heater Hose Relocation


  • 20% Sides and Rear Tint
  • Halos Always On Mod
  • Gary's Custom Bumblebee Style Bowties
  • Black Painted Tail Light Bezel
  • Blacked Out Bowties
  • Blacked Out Reverse Lights
  • Blacked Out Amber LED Turn Signals
  • Blacked Out Daytime Running Lights
  • White LED License Plate Lights
  • Showstopper Accessories Tinted LED Side Mirrors
  • Showstopper Accessories LED Side Markers
  • Red LED's in Tail Lights
  • EmblemPros Gill Inserts
  • Driver Side Gloss Black Vinyl Hash Marks
  • Rear Trunk Black Out
  • EmblemPros Black "CAMARO" Fender Badges
  • EmblemPros Black LS3 Hood Badges
  • Custom Red/Black SS Badges
  • Red/Black SS Tire Stem Caps


  • Victory Red Painted Interior Trim
  • White LED Dome Light
  • White LED Trunk Light
  • Custom Dash ABL
  • Red SS Embroidered Headrests
  • DSV Customs Leather E-Brake Boot
  • BilletAnything Black Billet Pedals
  • Lloyd Mats Ultimat Embroidered Trunk Mat

~Coming Soon~

  • ECS Novi 1500 Supercharger Kit
  • LPE Twin Fuel Pump Modu​le
  • Monst​er LT1-​SC Twin Disc Clut​ch
  • ZL1 Rear End Drivetrain
  • MGW Shor​t Thro​w Shif​ter

ljustin293 04-06-2010 01:08 PM

wow....PM coming about the painted interior...

RedRyder 04-06-2010 01:29 PM


Originally Posted by ljustin293 (Post 1682416)
wow....PM coming about the painted interior...

2 coats of adhesion promoter
3 coats of Victory Red from
3 coats of high gloss clear coat

Pretty simple and looks amazing


adub4185 04-06-2010 02:21 PM

looks great! did you take apart the steering wheel to do the silver piece on there? I'd like to do this myself in black. I wonder if I have the patience...

Mojave 04-06-2010 04:05 PM

Looks great ! Love the idea of painting those pieces? How did you keep them dust free while painting and drying?

RedRyder 04-06-2010 04:18 PM


Originally Posted by adub4185 (Post 1682819)
looks great! did you take apart the steering wheel to do the silver piece on there? I'd like to do this myself in black. I wonder if I have the patience...

Just have to pop off the airbag and the trim will come off with a flat-head screw driver


Originally Posted by Mojave (Post 1683384)
Looks great ! Love the idea of painting those pieces? How did you keep them dust free while painting and drying?

I didn't go that intense. Just did it in my screened off pool area lol

RedRyder 04-10-2010 02:59 PM

Updated 4/10/2010. I took off some unneeded pics to make the post smaller.

showstopper 04-11-2010 05:11 PM

We will be shipping your LED mirrors out this week. You will be very happy.

RedRyder 04-12-2010 11:21 AM


tgdtown 04-12-2010 04:49 PM

How did you hide the power to the Beltronics, show pics please...

RedRyder 04-12-2010 06:09 PM

I used this DIY thread:

DIY - V-1 Radar Detector Installed to Rear View Mirror

Best way to mount a radar in these cars imo :chevy:

RedRyder 04-20-2010 04:01 PM

Updated 04/20/2010 :)

RedRyder 06-02-2010 07:19 AM

Little bit of an update - 06/02/2010

Roto-fab 1 06-02-2010 08:38 AM

Nice Ride!:thumbup: We do stock the powder coat VR air box as well as red coupling hoses. Our new red hoses match the car very well! You can also go with the CF finish inlet elbow which looks really good with the red hoses.:thumbsup:
Let us know if you have any questions about our products.

RedRyder 06-02-2010 01:37 PM


Originally Posted by Roto-fab 1 (Post 1935248)
Nice Ride!:thumbup: We do stock the powder coat VR air box as well as red coupling hoses. Our new red hoses match the car very well! You can also go with the CF finish inlet elbow which looks really good with the red hoses.:thumbsup:
Let us know if you have any questions about our products.

Thanks! That was exactly what I had planned, though I would go with the normal black elbow. I'll let you know when I'm ready to order one :cool:

2010 SSRS 06-02-2010 03:05 PM

looks awesome

SILVER BULLITT 06-02-2010 03:58 PM

:headbang:looks good . I like your mirrors

RedRyder 06-19-2010 04:51 PM

Updated today with some nice pics

RedRyder 12-02-2010 04:03 PM

Just updated with lots of new goodies :chevy:

It's been a while since I updated, mostly because I was rear ended a while back and was out a car for a full month and then had to get (another) new rear bowtie painted from Gary's Customs. Could have been worse though...look at the other car...

camaro2lt 12-03-2010 02:31 PM

car looks good soory to hear about the crash nice color also

Roto-fab 1 12-06-2010 08:22 PM

Ouch! That's a real bummer. I hope all of the repairs were to your satisfaction. It looks like you pay great attention to detail.

AuSStinVRCamaro 03-20-2011 06:03 PM

Where did you get your rear trunk blackout from??

RedRyder 03-24-2011 11:03 AM

Got it from mustang(unfortunately)

Here's a link:

AuSStinVRCamaro 03-24-2011 07:27 PM


Originally Posted by RedRyder (Post 3004075)
Got it from mustang(unfortunately)

Here's a link:

How do you like the magnetic blackout?

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