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littlecammi 10-26-2008 12:17 AM

Anyone seen photo of actual rally stripes?
I'm trying to visualize rally stripes on a Camaro SS and I'm a little bit worried. I haven't seen any pictures of a Camaro with the actual rally stripes - just photoshops people have done. And I've read somewhere here on Camaro5 that the rally stripes do NOT extend onto the front fascia at all. The production rally stripes will not be like the stripes on the Bumblebee movie car. And most people doing photoshops extend them onto the fascia, which will not be like actual production. The first gen Camaro Z/28 stripes extended all the way to the nose of the car. And the second gen Z/28 stripes carried onto the fascia (my hugger orange '70-1/2 Z/28 had black stripes like that). I know it will be easier to install the stripes (both at the factory and at various dealers) if they don't have to mess with the gap between the hood and front fascia or the "mail slot" non-functional scoop in the fascia of the SS. But I'm afraid that they made the decision to limit the stripes to the hood (and rear decklid) for those reasons, and the stripes won't look as good as they would have if they were more like the second gen Z/28 stripes. I'm guessing that the few people who order their Camaros without stripes and then have them painted on will extend the stripes onto the front fascia because it will look better. What do you think?

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