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headpunter 10-31-2008 02:28 AM

Prepare to get Pissed (NSFW)
im at a loss for words.....


Originally Posted by Motortrend December 2008 Letters from readers
I hate to say it the 2010 Camaro is the right car at the wrong time. It is 6 years too late and should have been out in the spring of 2003 replacing the then outgoing fourth generation Camaro when gas was still affordable. Now it’s symbolic for Detroit. A once good idea is not necessarily a good one today. The 1960’s looking body and exterior was cool and new 40 years ago, but today all it means is a lack of imagination or new ideas. Any enthusiast will like a 420 hp 6.2 liter v8. But with gas at $4 /gallon and maybe 20mpg from the big v8, the resulting economic realities can dampen the enthusiasm. Also where is the practical hatchback and folding seats that made the previous Camaro so useful? Sadly gone. Good luck, GM.

1. Why is Chevy so proud it can outrun a four year old mustang design, especially since that was exactly what it is set out to do? The mustang is supposed to be a bargain bin muscle car, what is so awe inspiring about strapping a corvette engine into a four seater and saying it can go faster than the ‘stang.
2. Why does the new Camaro, which is supposed to evoke the cars glory days (I’m assuming 1967-1969, not the “mullet era”.) look more like a 1969 mustang then a 1969 Camaro. Pointed nose, straight lines on the front fenders, the raised edging on the rear fenders, that flat deck- in what world did a 1967-1969 Camaro have a pointed nose? If you can’t beat them join ‘em, Chevy
3. Has Chevy finally designed an interior that won’t shake and rattle when performing dangerous driving maneuvers like entering a parking lot at five mph?
4. Why didn’t the Chevy team learn that speed isn’t everything and apply that knowledge when it built this car? The old z/28 and SS Camaros of the late 1990’s and 2000’s were certainly faster than their contemporary mustang gts but last time I checked they were still discontinued

After reading your September feature on the new Camaro, it strikes me that Al Oppenheiser should be up for the next “Constipation of the Mind, Diarrhea of the Mouth” award. No wonder American auto companies are languishing. Apparently, Oppenheiser hasn’t figured out that his real competition is the next mustang update-not its six-year old design. He should have been reprimanded for wasting GM’s development money if it required more than one competitive ride to figure out hose to make a good pony car. And if he really understood the mustang’s Philosophy (a mustang for everyone) he would appreciate why mustang survived when the Camaro didn’t and wouldn’t be waving his narrow-focus flag. (Making the last Camaro look like an outdated spaceship with a buckboard ride narrowed the customer base to a few wannabe males who didn’t have the bread for a corvette.) It looks like Oppenheiser is just the guy to do for the Camaro what Bob Lutz did for the GTO. Oppenheiser seems to overlook the fact that there’s only one reason there’s going to be a new Camano- the success of the mustang. He should send ford a personal thank you for giving him a job

Milk 1027 10-31-2008 02:33 AM

Doesn't bother me. Fanboys will always be fanboys.

Jamestwilliams 10-31-2008 02:33 AM

As if Fbodfather isn't pissed enough at that other thread. But I don't think any one is arguing that they didn't want the camaro to ever leave but I'd bet this jack ass didn't say one negative comment about the camaro being discontinued in the first place. When the economy comes back and it will this article will look foolish.

headpunter 10-31-2008 02:35 AM

the one thing i guess is that we know the competition is scared.

Jamestwilliams 10-31-2008 02:36 AM

I didn't couldn't read through the whole thing at first this is just a group of sad little mustang fan boys. Who attack the camaro by stating how shitty the 'stang is.

zebra 10-31-2008 02:42 AM

i think his girlfriend just dumped him & he wanted something to gripe about. the mustang & challenger are in the same boat as far as thirsty power in a low economy & redesigned old looks. he's also wrong on some things, too. the rear seats do fold & this car was designed with the NEW mustang in mind. it also ain't GM's fault that Ford didn't have a better car to yank the engine from (except the GT to GT500 - 1 limited model).

off my soap box & into bed

camaro5 10-31-2008 03:06 AM

Why validate one Motor Trend reader's opinion. There's plenty of people trash talking every car.

headpunter 10-31-2008 03:07 AM

i just was so mad at the time i thought i would get a place to vent

Shaggy 10-31-2008 03:09 AM

Wasn't this posted before? Anyways, who cares what one persons says. I sure don't. I am still getting my camaro ;)

camaro5 10-31-2008 03:10 AM

It's OK, he's just some guy who read Motor Trend. There's always haters. Ignore them if possible.

headpunter 10-31-2008 03:16 AM


Originally Posted by Shaggy (Post 177105)
Wasn't this posted before? Anyways, who cares what one persons says. I sure don't. I am still getting my camaro ;)

i sure didnt know it was a repost (dont think it was)

Shaggy 10-31-2008 03:18 AM


Originally Posted by headpunter (Post 177111)
i sure didnt know it was a repost (dont think it was)

Well it looks familiar, but I really don't want to look for it now. :bonk:

Supermans 10-31-2008 03:54 AM

Well, I am sure glad GM did not listen to this guys styling cues about the new Camaro.. To me it looks better than a Lambo..

playhard67 10-31-2008 07:11 AM

f#^k 'em

Fast1 10-31-2008 08:08 AM

That makes me want the Camaro even more.

Beau Tie 10-31-2008 08:10 AM

$4.00 a gallon gas? Serious? How long was it $4.00 a gallon? a couple months? Highest we had where I live is $4.09. Today, it's $2.19.

Get a grip, and enjoy your 4 year old Mustang. :)

GOLDDOG 10-31-2008 08:21 AM

Opinions are like a**holes, everybody has one!!!

Shifty 6 10-31-2008 08:24 AM

I hear you guys, it frustrates me too. It sounds like those guys are trying to create their our reality. I honestly don't mind when people dump on the camaro (or anything I like really even myself) all I ask is it be factual. Please don't make ridiculous statements like "yeah and since when did the camaro design ever incorporate round tires, I mean c'mon". The car coming out 4 years ago thing I understand. Who didn't want the car to come out 4 years ago, but it didn't, and it is here now. And, it is a great car by todays standard. But like Beau Tie said, it was $2.19 for him yesterday!! Why are we still talking about $4 gas?

Crowley 10-31-2008 08:37 AM


Originally Posted by headpunter (Post 177088)
the one thing i guess is that we know the competition is scared.

LOL ..

rayhawk 10-31-2008 08:40 AM

These type of people will always exist. I mean, some people hate the fact that some people are enthusiasts, and not everybody likes the same type of car. I think this car appeals to a broad market and the Camaro was killed by a lack of a full update in '98 due to a focus on trucks and suv's. At the time it could be argued to be a good business decision and GM certainly has some of the best trucks out there now. Look at the japanese and how much they spent to try and catch up to this (up until very recently) extremely profitable segment.

But I think I already wasted too much energy responding to someone's opinion that probably would'nt have been happy unless GM came out with a solar powered hybrid camaro that plants trees on the side of the road while it drives.

fbodfather 10-31-2008 08:40 AM

Once again we have an 'armchair quarterback' that hasn't a clue as to what he's talking about.

He evidently thinks that those in a place of power are fools and that he has the answers -- if ONLY we'd listen to his wisdom. (....'wisdom' meaning misguided yearnings.....)

There are so many things wrong with what he proclaims that I don't have the time to respond other than to say " go learn something before you speak..."

As has been said many times before: '....You can't fix stupid........'

CWI 10-31-2008 08:56 AM

:fighting0030: :fighting0072:

srtclg1007 10-31-2008 09:26 AM

So what I got from that was that the Camaro is gonna have way more power than a stang, has retro looks, and we all know with IRS its gonna handle much better than than one. Wow, I made the right choice by ordering. I love these threads! keep 'em coming.

Supermans 10-31-2008 09:43 AM

My current Stang has been a great performer for over ten years. I am glad to pass the mantle over to a Chevy Camaro that will be superior in every way to my car (almost double the horsepower of the 1998 GT) and have IRS to boot... I plan on keeping it for as long as I am alive. If the engine dies out of warranty, I'll replace it with something better at the time.. By then I'll be 40 so perhaps a new generation Camaro will be in order...

StuMac 10-31-2008 09:52 AM

Oh no, someone wrote something bad about the Camaro! :suicide:

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